The Beauty of Calm: How to Adopt Calm and its Infinitely Attractive Qualities

In this age of rushing around, it is easy to forget—or never actually learn—how to be calm. Here are some soulful ways to become the serene person you deserve to be.

Calm is a way of living that allows for serenity on a daily basis regardless of the challenges we face. Calm has depth and vision and, as well as being something you adopt, it is something you become.

Your persona can be one of peace and stillness most or all of the time. Calm is a great asset that raises you above the ordinary behavior that others engage in. You can be the swan among the ducks or the dove amongst the pigeons.

The Way of Calm

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Increased ability to be calm can bring you closer to those you are dealing with as it can remove barriers and personal need for attention and validation.

When we are calm, we generally have no axe to grind and no argument to pursue, we are not holding anything much that we feel we must defend.

In calmness, we are able to be open to what is unfolding before us in a fully conscious way. Being calm is great for our health and relationships as well as for our general wellbeing.

Practice Calm

This may sound simplistic and almost silly but the truth is, to be or have something, we must ‘become’ it, practice it or adopt it.

When a person is calm, it is because they are practicing or expressing what calm is. In being calm, the nature of calm is carried throughout our being and the elements of calm are modeled in our demeanor and behavior.

Elements of calm—serenity, peacefulness, contentment—come from a source deep within that we already possess.

When I say that you can learn to be calm, what I really mean is that you can learn to access the calm that is already within you.

This is done by breathing, slowing your pace, becoming still and acknowledging—through feeling, seeing, hearing or sensing—the place of calm that you possess. Find that place. It may be hidden under over-activity, beliefs that are stressful and angry or behind a lack of interaction with the ‘self.’

Recognize Calm

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Calm is a very knowing form of expression because it comes, like most virtues, from deep within.

What you may find, when you attempt to become calm, is that the things that are preventing you from being calm grab for your attention.

The challenge is to release or side-step these, initially just for a moment and then for a longer time until you can fully dwell in your inner calm.

You do not need to create calm; it is already there. What you can do, is create the conditions to experience calm. This includes things like turning down the TV when someone wants to talk to you, or becoming still and focused so that you can give something or someone your full attention.

The Charm of Calm

Calm is polite; it listen and hears; it gives you its full attention. When we are searching for the place of inner calm, we are wise to look for the qualities of stillness, attentiveness and patience; these are the ways in which calm behaves.

Think of calm as the quiet person in the room who sits peacefully; this is the person you need to reach.

You will only reach this ‘you’ when you behave as he or she does. You will never reach this ‘you’ when you are arguing, shouting, or engaged in busy internal dialogue.

It may seem ironic, yet, to be calm, we have to be calm. This may involve ways of behavior that are new to you. Consider calm as a form of behavior that raises the bar and sets the standards for grace and elegance.

Calm is your Ally

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Sometimes, we push calm away, seeing it as a weak ally who will be unable to get things done as effectively as the fighting persona we may be used to.

There is a spiritual law called the Law of Least Effort that states that some things can be achieved through the very opposite of applying effort or hard work.

Through inner journeying to the places within us of resource that will provide the answers and guidance we require, we can achieve a great deal.

Think of any calm moment you have had, or imagine one; isn’t it just so peaceful? Like many of the things worth having, calm must be cultivated. If you visit your place of calm often and become its ally, ultimately you will reside where calm resides. You and the quality of calmness will be one.

Learning to become calm can soothe and heal your life. Calm has the power to move your demeanor and behavior from stressed to suave. Say ‘Hello’ to the calm within and know it as your best self. Life is easier with calm, and calm is on your side—your inside.

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