Color Therapy – The Power of Orange

How many times have you enjoyed watching a bowl full of oranges and tangerines? How many times in your life have you experienced feelings of happiness and joy just by watching an amazingly beautiful orange sunset?

I know, not everybody likes orange and it is definitely not an easy color to wear. But trust me, it is a fabulous color that has numerous wonderful aspects, and I have also learned to love it only recently. Read below to learn more about the power of orange and you will certainly start loving this color as much as I do!

Why Orange is a Powerful Color?

The color orange is believed to have several effects on the mind and body. It is thought to be an energizing color that can stimulate mental and physical activity. Orange is also associated with creativity and is believed to promote emotional balance, particularly in relation to sexuality and sensuality. It can promote feelings of happiness and joy and is often used in social spaces to encourage communication and interaction.


Color Therapy – The Power of Orange

The Effects of the Power of Orange  on the Mind and Body

This is a  high-energy color and is often used to symbolize vitality, enthusiasm, and excitement. It is often associated with the sun and with heat. It can symbolize warmth, comfort, and coziness.

Orange is also used to represent sociability, communication, and interaction. It is often associated with creativity and is used to represent artistic expression, innovation, and originality.

Orange is associated with the Sacral (or Spleen) chakra, which stimulates the thyroid gland and governs sex, urinary organs, kidneys, circulation and metabolism. Its endocrine glands are the ovaries and testes.

The Sacral chakra and the color orange are related to self-respect, but orange is also the color of energy, optimism, creativity, happiness and joyousness. It increases sexual potency and improves the immune system.

Complementary Color

The complementary color of orange is blue.

Orange for Physical Disorders

1. Orange increases the activity of the thyroid gland and is very good for spleen, pancreas, stomach, intestines and adrenal disorders.

2. Orange helps with food assimilation and aids in calcium metabolism.

3. Orange has an antispasmodic effect and relieves all kinds of cramping, including menstrual cramps.

4. Orange stimulates the milk production in the mother’s breast.

5. Orange increases the heart rate without increasing the blood pressure.

6. Orange is a cleanser, a refreshener, and it reduces bloating.

7. It is good for both male and female sexual health.

Orange for Psychological Problems

The Power of Orange

Orange stimulates feelings of communication and sociableness. It is therefore extremely useful for people who suffer from emotional paralysis, as it enhances emotional health and encourages cheerfulness and a sense of well-being.

Orange revitalizes the physical and the spiritual body, and enlivens emotions.

Use and wear orange when:

1. When you want to socialize with other people, be cheerful and have fun;

2. When you want stimulate your creativity and constructiveness;

3. When you want to enliven your emotions, and motivate and lift up your spirit;

Do not use or wear orange under the following conditions:

1. If you feel restless, angry, uneasy and unquiet, and if you have high blood pressure;

2. If you have nausea;

3. If you need to rest or relax;

Remember also that orange is very playful, and it may diminish your concentration when working on a difficult task!

Overdose of Orange

Too much orange can cause restlessness, fatigue, pessimism and lead to confusion. It can make you prone to addictions and affect your sexual life.

Excess orange may also contribute to being self-centered and arrogant, or frivol and without true intellectual values.

Using blue and green will help balance these negative effects.

Attraction and Aversion to Orange

Maybe  you need to unlock your creativity or that you are in search of more energy in your life.

It may represent your desire for sensuality, sexuality, intimacy, and sociability.

People who have an aversion to orange are usually persons who suppress their sexual desires and urges.

Color Therapy and the Power of Orange in Your Everyday Life

Orange is the color that promotes cheerfulness and is therefore useful for lifting up the spirit and reducing depression, apathy and negativity. It stimulates creativity, relieves repressions and increases sexual desire.

1. It can be used in any creative area or activity room, but it is not a good color for bedrooms, as it is very stimulating. You should also avoid using orange in spaces overloaded with stress.

2. Orange is an appetite stimulant and is therefore a good color for dining rooms and kitchens.

3. If you are feeling depressed or unmotivated, orange is a great color to wear. If you don’t like orange clothes, just put on an orange scarf or adorn yourself with any orange accessory. It will cheer you up for sure!

4. Having fresh orange flowers in your house, such as orange butterfly weed, marigolds, gerbera, or orange daises will add a splash of life to your rooms, enhance your mood and make you feel more enthusiastic and playful.

5. Another way to experience the vibrating power of orange is to wear or keep in your house orange gemstones, such as orange sapphire, corundum, Mexican fire opal, garnet, and orange chalcedony.

6. Eating orange fruits and vegetables (carrots, orange peppers, pumpkins, oranges, tangerines, persimmon, etc) will also greatly replenish your energy levels and increase your self-confidence and joyfulness.

Well, isn’t orange just a great color? If you have any “orange experiences”, please let me know about them in the comment section below!

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