The Harsh Struggles Free-Spirited People Face Daily

Sure, being a free-spirit means you live your life on your own terms, but there may be some drawbacks hiding behind it. Check them out.

The uprising of free-spirited people is well underway. While previous generations may have labeled us as rebels, outcasts and even slightly crazy, in today’s society, we are called free spirits.

What is a free spirit?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what exactly a free spirit is, I’ll explain us a little. Basically, a free spirit is a very independent and uninhibited person. We do as we please, and we don’t really care what other people have to say or think.

Being a free spirit nowadays is a very good thing. People associate free spirits with being unique and enjoying life without any of the hardships anyone else faces. While those are all great things to think about free spirits, they’re not all that accurate.

We face struggles in our everyday lives that other people just don’t deal with on a regular basis. Here are all the unknown downsides of being a free spirit that you might not have ever thought about before.

1. We get bored too easily

bored woman

Boredom strikes free-spirited people hard. Because we’re constantly trying new things and need that extra stimulation, we get bored really easily. We’re the type of people who need to be involved in something all the time—preferably something new.

This might seem like a positive attribute until we’re supposed to be focused on one thing at a time. And if that one thing just so happens to bore us, then we’re lost for good.

2. It’s hard for people to get to know us

We may seem like very open individuals, but we’re actually pretty closed. We have a tendency to keep all of the important things about us quiet and just let the basic things fly free.

This makes it really hard for people to get to know us—that and the fact that we don’t like staying in one place for too long. This is definitely a downside for us free spirits because it closes the doors to a lot of different opportunities with friends, jobs and even in the dating field.

3. Landing a boyfriend is never easy

Because of reasons 1 and 2, landing a boyfriend is extremely difficult for free-spirited people. Sure, we seem really appealing and finding someone to want us might not be an issue because people are generally drawn to the attitude of free spirits. However, since we tend to keep all the important parts of us quiet, not too many people can be with us.

Additionally, there are hardly enough people out there who can satiate our ravenous craving for adventure. We quickly get bored of people who can’t keep up, and we wind up leaving before things can get serious.

4. We need creativity—always


Creativity seems like something that would be a positive characteristic in a person, but too much of anything can be a bad thing. The thirst for creativity that free-spirited people have is one of those things that nothing can cure. We constantly need a creative outlet otherwise we get too wound up and stressed out.

This isn’t always a good thing because not everything in life has creativity involved. This makes it hard for us to adapt to a strict environment that has a lot of rules. So, being in school, work and even in our own homes can set us off.

5. We can’t hold a ‘typical’ job

You can forget about a 9 to 5 with a free-spirited person. That’s right. There’s no way we can conform to the duties of a typical job. Those types of jobs usually never offer creative outlet, have too many strict rules and we just get bored so easily.

A free spirit will feel hindered in such a job, and this might make it more difficult for us to make a decent living because we need unconventional jobs that might not pay enough.

6. We’re extremely emotional beings

Overly emotional—in every way. We get way too happy, way too sad and, when anger hits us, we’re basically done for. This is a definite downside of being a free spirit because people have to be able to control their emotions in a public setting and free-spirited people have many issues with that. Cue the waterworks the second an old couple walks by holding hands.

7. We require more me-time than others

happy woman

Because we’re so emotional, we require more healing time. This means that we need to spend more time by ourselves recuperating from all that life has thrown at us.

This may not seem like much of a downside from a distance, but if you’ve ever spent time with a free spirit who is overdue for their me-time, you’ll understand. We’re already emotional; deprive us of time to ourselves and all hell might break loose.

8. We live for the fantasies

I think that every young girl relies on romantic comedies to provide her with some sort of idea of how love is supposed to go. However, as we get older, we realize that these movies don’t actually depict love in real life. It’s messier and more heartbreaking than movies make it seem.

Free-spirited people struggle with realizing that even as we get older, we live for the fantasies of everything. We never quite have a hold on reality when it comes to love and life. This makes it nearly impossible for us to be truly happy with what we have.

9. We’re very impulsive

Impulsive behavior is a natural thing for free spirits. We hardly think about our actions until after something has been done. Spending more money than we should, making mistakes with significant others, and even diving headfirst into new projects, without thinking about the outcome, are all things that seem to happen often to free spirits. This is not a good thing because most of our impulsive decisions don’t have happy endings.

10. We feel misunderstood often

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Because of all the things listed above, being so different than your average person, free spirits often feel like nobody can understand them. We feel mostly alone in this world full of people who can just click with each other so easily. This makes it hard for us to confide in others and open up about our problems, which only adds to the impending loneliness we feel.

Being a free-spirited person has been wrongfully glorified in society. Many people may call themselves a free spirit, but only a true free spirit would hesitate to say so because of these unfortunate downsides in their lives.

About the author

Bella Pope

Just a small town gal fighting my way through this seemingly endless war called life. Writer. Reader. Guitar Player. Craft Enthusiast. Workout Junky. Wannabe Chef. My passion for helping others through words transcends any other aspect in my life.


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  • Basically “we are a bunch of irresponsible, selfish brats who take what they need and then move on. We are the cancer of our generation”

    What a bunch of self righteous bullsh*t. Just a different way of saying you only care about yourself. lmao

  • From a psychological point of view, it seems like these types of people suffer from personality disorders (ie. Histrionic Personality Disorder, with a possible sprinkling of Narcissistic Personality Disorder). I would love to hear what psychological issues “free-spirited” people admit to having. Being very personally private, yet extroverted in public sounds awkward and confusing. Where is the true self? Is it all a dramatic show? Everyone pays attention to how others perceive them – EVERYONE. It just sounds childish, attention seeking while feigning ignorance. I don’t buy it. I think it’s more than likely a type of narcissism than anything else.