8 Signs Your Husband Is Cheating With Your Friend

Do you suspect something is not quite right in your marriage? Is your man acting differently? Here are 8 signs your husband is cheating with your friend. It can happen to anyone. As much as we’re aware of the fact that cheating is wrong and simply not acceptable, life happens to all of us which […]

Do you suspect something is not quite right in your marriage? Is your man acting differently? Here are 8 signs your husband is cheating with your friend.

It can happen to anyone. As much as we’re aware of the fact that cheating is wrong and simply not acceptable, life happens to all of us which may lead to your partner seeking a different kind of stimulation.

It may be a simple act of getting physical satisfaction if his normal routine becomes too boring or even non-existent.

On the contrary, it could be a simple act of getting emotional stimulation in an area of his life which doesn’t require him to add all the craziness of his normal life into the situation.

Whilst it would be better if your husband cheats on you with a complete stranger, it unfortunately usually involves your friend who has easy access to him.

Regardless of the reason for cheating, it’s important to spot the obvious signs of your husband cheating with your friend; especially when it involves your own dignity and happiness.

1. His sexual appetite changes

Sexually attractive beautiful housemaid holding tie of handsome man and looking at him while flirting on the bed

As a married woman, you get sued to your husband’s preferences and sexual activities. In fact, you have the ability to notice straight away when something changes; especially if it’s for the worse.

One of the signs that your husband is cheating with your friend is the fact that his sexual appetite changes overnight. You may not have had the best sex life before, but now you can barely call it a sex life. In fact, if he even touches you intimately, it’s an event to remember.

As the cheating husband, he’s more likely to spend that energy on your friend. Pay close attention to her overall mood. You can definitely tell when a woman is getting some extra love and attention simply by her ‘glow”.

2. He starts dressing differently

Your husband has been dressing the same way for years. In fact, you can pretty much predict what he’s going to wear to work on a daily basis, what he smells like, and how neat he chooses to be.

However, cheating husbands tend to spend a little bit more time in the mirror, changing his look ever so slightly in order to fit in with her lifestyle.

He wants to impress his “fling”, so he’s going to do whatever it takes to look more attractive. If you see him purchasing new socks or underwear, be alert!

3. He pays more attention to his appearance

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Your husband may have only shaved twice a week in the past. Perhaps he only used to visit the barber once a month. However, lately, he seems to keep his beard short and his sideburns trimmed.

To you it looks sexy, but is he really trying to impress you? If you’re trying to identify the signs your husband is cheating with your friend, always keep an eye on what he chooses to do with his appearance after many years of marriage.

It could be that he’s hitting a mid-life crisis wanting to look younger again, or you’re potentially dealing with a cheating spouse.

4. He avoids family gatherings and friend hangouts

Your husband may not have been all that keen on visiting with your friends or family, but these days, he couldn’t be bothered at all. In fact, you have to bed him, which leads to an argument, which gives him the opportunity to leave the house. Who knows where he’s going to?

Remember, a man in love with you will attend family gatherings even if he doesn’t really want to, just to make you happy. If he stopped trying to make you happy, you have to wonder if he’s trying to make someone else happy instead?

5. You start hearing less from your friend

As your friend, it’s normal to see each other on a weekly basis. Sure, life gets in the way and schedules don’t always align. However, recently, you’ve noticed that your friend hardly ever has time for you.

Is it because she’s extremely busy or is it because she feels guilty looking you in the eyes while she’s having an affair with your husband?

With so many questions to answer, it’s no wonder that you may become a little obsessed with finding out whether your husband is cheating on you with your friend or not.

6. He’s more defensive and irritable

signs your husband is cheating with your friend

Do you find yourself asking your husband a perfectly rational question regarding his whereabouts only to get a defensive response? Perhaps he seems a little bit more irritable when trying to have a conversation with you.

Remember, a man who’s innocent will act quite different to a man who’s trying to hide something. When looking for signs your husband is cheating with your friend, always evaluate his response to some personal questions.

He may be confused for having to answer a simple question or he may become defensive.

7. Your husband and friend seem uncomfortable around you

Apart from the fact that you may see your friend less than usual and your husband seems preoccupied (enough to spend less time with you) when you do finally get them together in once space, they seem somewhat uncomfortable and nervous.

This, however, is only true if they have some sort of remorse for what’s happening. Remember, it’s important to remember that it’s not your fault. They made the decision to cheat, not you.

8. He starts spending longer hours at “the office”

It may be that your husband has more work and plenty more responsibilities; especially if he’s been promoted recently. However, if he starts spending longer hours at the office when nothing much has changed at work, it may be time to investigate further.

Unless he’s secretly going for dance lessons after work or spending “alone time” at the movies, there really isn’t any other excuse as to why your husband is working more. Remember, the signs your husband is cheating with your friend may be subtle, or they could be age old indicators of infidelity.

Bonus tip: Your husband seems more affectionate towards your friend

signs your husband is cheating with your friend

It’s one thing when your husband is nice to your friend on the rare occasion that they see each other, but it’s a whole different story when they come across as flirtatious.

We all make mistakes, but it’s never a mistake when it’s done more than once. Remember, cheaters never change, regardless of how desperate you are to believe that he will. Sometimes, you have to accept the facts or choose to move on.

What’s worse about your husband cheating is your husband cheating with your friend. Not only do you risk losing your husband, but your friendship is completely ruined.

However, the one thing to remember if you do find out that they’re spending some time together in the sack is to realize that it isn’t your fault.

How To Catch A Cheater?

Your spouse may be hiding something if they are visibly struggling to look you in the eye.

A very significant indicator that someone is making up their tale is if it varies or has parts that simply don’t make sense.

They’re probably the cause of their strange behavior if they’re acting that way. Some people genuinely exhibit a nervous tic when they lie.

Here’s how to get the truth out of your husband and, eventually, catch a cheater.

The obvious signs that your husband is cheating with your friend may not be as obvious as you’d like to believe. Sometimes, we get so caught up in daily life that the signs completely surpass us.

Unless you’re completely aware of what’s going on in your home, you could miss the signs your husband is cheating with your friend. Don’t worry.

The truth always comes out when you least expect it. However, if you do suspect something is off, don’t forget to take the above-mentioned tips into consideration.


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