Why Catfishing Your Boyfriend Can Damage Your Relationship

Catfishing your boyfriend may seem like the right thing to do, but it will only ruin things. Read on to learn why you shouldn’t catfish your boyfriend ever!

Since social media and the internet are such big parts of everyone’s daily lives, it also transpires into relationships. In some cases, this is a very good thing.

You can post those cute and romantic photos of your boyfriend and yourself, that express your love for each other online. However, unless you and your boyfriend share the social media accounts (which is something no one does), then that also means you have no idea what he is doing, who he is talking to, or what he is looking at.

Thankfully, you trust your partner and know that they won’t cheat or do anything that goes against any unspoken, spoken, or just naturally known but never spoken about rules.

Despite that last statement about trust being something that many girlfriends firmly believe in, (after all trust is crucial in relationships). There are still lots of girlfriends out there who don’t trust their boyfriend or just want to test their loyalty and devotion to them.

This is a big issue and one which is more common than you think. Many girlfriends chose to catfish their boyfriend to test them and see if their boyfriend will stray, and continue to flirtatiously message the attractive and seductive girl they are posing to be.

However, catfishing is something that should not be done. That’s right, no matter how insecure or doubting you are, you cannot catfish your boyfriend.

To those girlfriends who do catfish their boyfriends, or the girlfriends who are contemplating doing this, read on to learn why you shouldn’t catfish your boyfriend.

What is catfishing your boyfriend?

Catfishing Your Boyfriend

In normal cases of catfishing when you are not dating the person, the definition for a catfish, is a person who pretends to be someone other than who they are.

They use fake names, images, likes, and interests to pursue people online. They gear the fake images, interests, and likes to suit the person they are trying to catfish.

However, in this case, since you and your boyfriend are already dating, the definition of catfishing is a little different. The definition mentioned above is still generally what happens.

However, when girlfriends catfish their boyfriend, they create a different account that is designed in certain ways that they know their boyfriend will be drawn to.

Usually, they use a very sexy picture of another woman and have all of the interests that their boyfriend will be interested in, just to draw him in.

After doing that they then add their boyfriend and start talking with him via social media.

As they continue to message online, the girlfriend, through the fake account, then starts making sexual advances to see how the boyfriend will react.

Typically, what the girlfriend looks for in his responses are to see if he denies being in a relationship, if he lies and says it’s a horrible one, if he lies about the traits of his girlfriend, if he flirts and tries to seduce her, and if he wants to meet up to have sex.

Although testing your boyfriend’s loyalty to you by doing this may seem safe because you know that this woman isn’t real because it is secretly you, it is still a very dangerous game to play. There is so much that can go wrong by doing this, and there is so much wrong about doing this.

Why you shouldn’t catfish your boyfriend

No matter if your boyfriend passes or fails your traps there will be lots of damage if you catfish your boyfriend.

Obviously, in the end, the main reasons as to why you shouldn’t catfish your boyfriend is trust. However, there are also other reasons aside from that, which do revolve around trust but are also separate entities too.

He is trust worthy, you aren’t

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After you have catfished your boyfriend, if he doesn’t find out, it means he was loyal to you. That is obviously awesome. However, what isn’t awesome is the fact that you had to check up on your boyfriend because you don’t trust him.

Now comes a very hard part. Since your boyfriend doesn’t know that you did this, and he was also very loyal to you and your relationship, you now have some guilt.

Think about it this way, you didn’t trust your partner, so you tested him, he passed the test with flying colors, and now he doesn’t know that you had doubts about him.

Meaning, what you did is very hypocritical. You did something that makes you untrustworthy and he doesn’t even know that you had done it to him.

Yet, you thought he was the untrustworthy one so you put him to the test to see if he would cheat. Meanwhile you were the one who was sneaking around.

Come clean

In the end, it is best to come clean and be completely honest with your boyfriend about what you had done. This will definitely cause some issues in your relationship, or it may even break the two of you up.

However, no matter what result you think will happen, you need to own up to what you did, or else it will always be something that will make you feel guilty.

Additionally, you should tell him that you catfished him because complete honesty and communication is required for a healthy, loving, amazing, and long term relationship.

In this case, the reason as to why you shouldn’t catfish your boyfriend is because it will make you the untrustworthy one in the relationship. In turn, this will harm what the two of you share together as he will always doubt if you trust him and if he can trust you.

What else have you been doing?

When looking at this reason for why you shouldn’t catfish your boyfriend, it usually means he once again didn’t fall for the trap you had created.

Instead, in this scenario, he found out what you had done and is now not only doubting you but is also wondering what else you have been lying about.

Additionally, your boyfriend may also be wondering if you are guilty of cheating, and thought that if you were cheating, he might also be cheating.

An important thing to remember here is that you cannot get mad at your boyfriend. Instead, you need to be completely honest about everything and be willing to answer all of his questions with detail, in hopes that you and him will not break up. You will also need to spend lots of time regaining his trust if you two do stay together.

He’s busted

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You should never catfish your boyfriend even if he ends up being guilty of cheating and falling for the trap.

Of course, if you caught him cheating, you should end things in your relationship because you deserve better than someone who cheats on you.

However, that still doesn’t mean you should have catfished him as it is something that is also very lacking in the trust department.

Additionally, once a woman has catfished their boyfriend and has found out that he would cheat, they then move on to another boyfriend.

However, some women then have this feeling that their new boyfriend may cheat. Meaning, they decide to catfish their new boyfriend to test if he will.

A go-to method of testing trust

This strategy becomes a go-to method of testing trust for the girlfriend to use.

This then leads to the girlfriend having trust issues, which will lead to a vicious cycle of not trusting their boyfriend. In this cycle, she will fall for the addictive, easy, and tempting to use the test that is catfishing, and then see if she can trust her boyfriend.

The only problem is that she will probably tell him, or see that he is cheating, and then date someone else and repeat the same cycle.

Without trust, you have nothing to hold on to

Although winning trust can be challenging, losing it is by far far simpler. In order for it to form, stay strong, and develop, it must also be recognized and fed through acts.

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If you can think of any other reasons as to why you shouldn’t catfish your boyfriend feel free to share!

So, say no to catfishing your boyfriend.


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  • Does it make a difference if your boyfriend has given you reason not to trust him already, and you’re doing so to find out the complete truth about his actions?

  • You do realize girls who resort to this have been given reasons to doubt their partners right ? simply talking about issues will not resolve them if the person is disingenuous and manipulative. He may say one thing to your face and do something differently behind your back. As a result, it’s not ‘Why cat fishing Your Bf can damage your relationship’, the relationship was already damaged to push someone to that extent. If he doesn’t fall for it and remains loyal as he should be, then it may strengthen her trust in him and feel more secure in the relationship; thus catfishing can help to salvage a relationship that could be on the rocks.