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9 Trending Tattoos And Their Meanings

Tattoos are becoming less taboo, and are starting to be recognized as the form of art that they truly are. Here are some trending tattoos with great meanings.


15 Awesome Celebrity Tattoos

Are you looking for a new tattoo? Wondering what the stars are wearing on their skin? Well, you’re not alone. Here are 15 awesome celebrity tattoos that will...


Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

How it’s done, does it hurt and does it work like magic? Find out all you need to know about laser tattoo removal treatment.


Wolf Tattoo Meanings

As little kids, we were frightened by “a big bad wolf” in fairytales like “Little red ridding hood” or “Three little pigs.” An image of a scary, evil, wild...


Snake Tattoo Meaning

Snake tattoos have numerous symbolic meanings. Throughout history, snakes were viewed both as a symbol of good, as well as evil, and they represented both...


Phoenix Tattoo Meaning

Phoenix is a mystical bird that has different meanings in different cultures. This colorful fiery bird is perhaps one of the most beautiful tattoo designs – it...


7 Lion Tattoo Meanings

The king of the animals and the symbol of strength and power – it is the almighty lion. No wonder why so many people choose it for their tattoo design. But...


8 Peacock Feather Tattoo Meanings

There are feather tattoos, and then there are amazing feather tattoos. Peacock feather is definitely one of the amazing ones. If you would like to have peacock...


How to Make the Tattoo Decision

Want to get a tattoo but you are having second thoughts? It’s good; it means you’re really actively thinking about it. Here are 5 steps that will help you to...