Wolf Tattoo Meanings

As little kids, we were frightened by “a big bad wolf” in fairytales like “Little red ridding hood” or “Three little pigs.” An image of a scary, evil, wild creature has been engraved in our memory so deeply that it’s hard to see different aspects this enduring animal can represent.

Indeed, there are many interesting interpretations of the wolf tattoo meanings we should know off, so the next time we see someone wearing one, we wouldn’t be prejudiced against him.

The Nature of the Wolf

When speaking about the wolf tattoo, one must have in mind the wide range of meanings it can have.

In spite of it often being represented as a “lone wolf,” this animal is, on the contrary, a social being. Wolves live and hunt in packs, and they mate only once in a lifetime.

Hence, a wolf tattoo meaning is often connected with family, loyalty, friendliness.

Still, as in nature “a lone wolf” is a younger male who left the herd to find its own territory and mate, sometimes a wolf tattoo can have a meaning of a young man trying to find his own place in life, or a person who has stood against the usual rules. Such is Herman Hesse’s “Steppenwolf;” a portrait of a man wondering around the world trying to find his place.

Taking care of a pack, finding food and shelter from other predators requires special skills. Twyman Towery made a long survey of the wolves’ way of life and concluded that they are the best organized animals in the world, proficient in following skills: teamwork, communication, perseverance, strategy, patience, curiosity, attitude, unity through uniqueness, loyalty, play, death and survival, failure and change.

The Wolf Tattoo Meaning for Females


A special wolf tattoo meaning is reserved for women. The famous story of the she-wolf that brought up the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, is not the only one that shows the connection between a wolf and a woman.

As a representative of a wild inner nature, a she-wolf implies that every woman has a wild, instinctive, creative inner being inside her that is suppressed by society codes. A wolf tattoo meaning, when seen on a female body, reflects a wish to get out of the imposed chains and at the same time shows her struggle to get in touch with her instinctive nature and become free, fearless and accepted as such.

A story of La Lobe – the wolf woman, speaks of a woman collecting bones of wolves and singing life into them. Metaphorically speaking, the story reveals that the woman needs to find her soul (voice).

The symbolism of the wolf in different cultures

1. Native Americans

Native Americans tribes’ totems are often devoted to wolves. For Native Americans, the wolf has both positive and negative meanings; it is a sign of loyalty, protection, guidance, respect, communication. Some tribes believe the wolf to be the first creature that experienced death (a story of a Wolf star), while some others believe that a contact with the wolves brings nervous illness or death. It is often in connection with the Moon; which brings us to the:

2. Lunar Symbolism of a Wolf Tattoo

Moon meanings are in connection with the female principle (in opposition to the Sun – male principle), fertility, magic, everything dark, hidden and changeable (the Moon’s growth cycles).

The image of the wolf howling at the full Moon represents a hidden nature (an inner voice) of a person, that is trying to come to the surface, at the same time representing a “lone wolf” who communicates with the Moon, his only friend and fellow companion.

3. The Wolf in Turkish Mythology


A wolf keeps a special place in Turkish mythology; it is worshipped as Turkish people descendant.

In the legend of Asena, which explains the creation of the Turks, a Turkish baby was the only one who had survived the attack of enemies. It was nursed and raised by a she-wolf, who later on, gave birth to a half-wolf, half –human cubes, from which the Turkish people were born. It is also believed that the grey wolf showed Turkish people the way out of the legendary homeland Ergenekon.

4. The Meaning of the Wolf in Mongolian Mythology

If it is true that Turkish and Mongolian people used to be the same, then it is no wonder that Mongolians also believe that they have descended from mating of a wolf and a doe. Even now, the wolf is seen as a lucky omen in Mongolia, especially for men.

5. The Wolf Meaning in Christianity

A symbol of evil, the wolf represented the Satan in opposition to the lamb that is symbol of Jesus. Thus the Bible represented the centuries-old struggle between wolves and humans, as well as the metaphorical fight between the bad and evil, in both external and inner world. An image of a wolf and a lamb lying down together symbolizes the reconciliation of the two natures of the human being as well as representing the peace and coming of Messianic rule.


As you can see, there is more than one simple wolf tattoo meaning. If you intend to get a wolf tattoo, let us know if this text helped you find the wolf tattoo meaning that suits you best.

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  • Hello, I could not choose what kind of tattoo to do, I saw a wolf tattoo and started to show interest, I found your article, the value of wolves. Now, finally I decided to do a wolf tattoo. Very useful sense of loyalty, commitment, courage, etc. Only I have not found an appropriate image for yourself, but I believe that soon found. Probably going to do that symbolize protection or fighter. Many thanks for help deciding. goodbye

  • This article has really helped me decide what tipe of wolf ratio I want to get . Thank you

  • i just read your article and it surely helped me out a ton. I have Native American Indian blood running through my veins and my grandmother thats indian told me when i was younger that my sprit guide was a wolve and now that she has passed im going to follow her instincts and get a wolve tattoo on saterday. So that she will always be by myside and im going to get end up getting a wolve thats going to be laying down and watching and protcecting thank you for your great insight on wolves.

  • I have been looking at wolf tattoos for quite some time & reading your article has had a major influence in my decision in getting one in the near future. thank you.

  • Hi
    Thank you for all your help.
    The info & meaning of wolf given on this page is put in such a way that, i had to read the page till the end of it.
    I love wolf so much for the things they stand for & reading this page helped me undstn more about them & now i know what kind of wolf tattoo i can go for.
    Thank you so much.

  • I want a wolf tattoo (a lone wolf tattoo) when I’m old engough, but not for this meaning. My meaning of the lone wolf tattoo is that I conquer things myself and through harder times that I can pull through this. That is how I see it