3 Best Places To Visit When Traveling Alone In Europe

Having trouble deciding where to go in Europe? Here are a few ideas that will make your trip memorable when travelling solo across this continent.

1. Terme, Slovenia for a Pampering Holiday

The term “terme” means a thermal spa and there is more than one of those in Slovenia. Slovenia is a small but very friendly country in the heart of Europe, and two best spas are Terme Čatež and Terme Olimia.

Choose between varieties of wellness packages in both of these places. They offer many types of massages with essential oils that are sure to make you feel so relaxed. For more pampering, go for aromatherapy or to a sauna where you can just enjoy the steam.

If it’s still not enough try Roman – Irish baths. This is a unique 11 stages experience offered in Terme Čatež and it includes: a 3 minute shower, 15 minutes in dry Roman sauna at 70˚C, 15 minutes walk through a water path, 10 minutes of relaxation in a whirlpool at 35˚C, 15 minutes of Irish steam bath at 45˚C, 15 minutes of cooling down in the cold pool at 18˚C, 15 minutes of pampering in whirlpool at 38˚C, refreshing body peeling, 15 minutes in a pool with mineral water at 35˚C, a 3 minute shower and a 30 minutes rest on water beds. Sounds amazing right? Thermal spas in Slovenia are calling for you.

Check out the video below, and find out more about Terme Olimia.

2. “Students’ Tours” for a Touring Holiday

The so called “students’ tours” are the best choice if you want to travel alone in Europe. They are called students’ because they were initially meant to be the tours for last year college students. But they gained a lot of popularity very fast and now they are favorite tours among travelers in Europe.

What’s so great about them? Well, first of all they are always organized for large groups, so you’ll have some company and a chance to meet new people. They are also quite cheap, so you really don’t need a lot of money and you have a chance to see a lot of things. The only drawback about these trips is that they are short, which means you’ll spend most of the time in the buss, traveling from one place to another.

There are lots of different tours, but here are the two most interesting ones. The first one would be the Italy – Spain – France – Monaco tour. You can first enjoy the divine art of Venice and Barcelona, then see the fabulous Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees in Paris and finally have some great time in Monaco.

The second tour I would recommend is the Austria – Germany – Netherlands – France – Czech Republic tour. This is a great tour and  you can see so many things.

First, you’ll visit the wonderful Vienna, the wonderful City of Music and City of Dreams. You’ll get to see the famous Vienna State Opera and all the other wonderful sights of Austria’s capital.

Then you’ll travel on to Berlin, the capital of Germany and have a chance to see the great Berlin Wall, once a symbol of oppression, today a symbol of freedom and unification. From Germany you’ll continue to Netherlands and amazing Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Hague, and after that to Paris.

Your trip will end in the wonderful city of Prague, the capital of Czech Republic where you must not miss to see The Prague Castle, The Charles Bridge and The Old Town Square. You also must try the famous Czech beer – they make some of the best beer in the world.

3. Innsbruck, Austria – For an Adventurous Holiday

innsbruck austria

The capital of federate state of Tyrol, Austria, Innsbruck is the best place in Europe to travel alone if you’re looking for an adventurous holiday. Internationally known as the winter sports center and the host of 1876 Winter Olympic Games, Innsbruck is situated in the very heart of the European Alps near The Stubai Valley and is the best choice for a variety of sports and activity.

No matter the season and your preferences, you will find something interesting to do in Innsbruck. If you’re into winter sports, some of Austria’s greatest winter sport resorts are located near Innsbruck. If you like mountaineering or cycling through mountains, this is a great place for that too. And if you’re into trying something new and bold, you can choose a tandem flight on a paraglider, a hang glider or a sailplane. You’ll only need some courage and a camera to capture those memorable moments of flying.

Once you’re done with all those activities and you’re tired, you can check out local cuisine in one of the restaurants in Innsbruck. Make sure to try some of those famous sausages and beer and of course the cakes and sweets. After all Austria has given the world some of the most delicious sweets ever.

These are in my opinion best places to travel alone in Europe. Now, you only need to choose the type of holiday and a place to go.

If you’ve already been to one of these places, please share your opinions and experience.


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  • Fantastic idea, I have never been in Europe but since I am so exhausted of my work and daily life I’m thinking about a single tour somewhere, anywhere….but these ideas sound great