7 Things You Must Have in Your Suitcase This Summer

You picked out the perfect destination. You picked out the perfect swimsuit. Sunscreen is already packed. Now, all you need is a perfect packing list.

I’ve been standing in front of an empty suitcase for one too many times, so I suppose you know the feeling. I want to look good, have everything I need, and maybe bring a few (all the) favorite pieces.

My philosophy is to always pack a suitcase I can carry myself for those shorter trips, so this year I finally decided to try and find that perfect formula of style and weight. Here are the 7 things you must have in your suitcase this summer and hopefully by the end of the trip you will still look good, and won’t hate to look at your clothes.

1. Button Down Shirt

Borrow one from your boyfriend, husband, brother or father, and you won’t regret it. Oversized, light cotton shirt in a pastel tone is perfect to throw over your swimsuit. It keeps you protected from the sun and it’s comfortable. And for an evening look tie the shirt around the waist, wear a high-waisted, or maxi, skirt and put on a statement necklace or big earrings.

2. Jean Shorts

beach woman sunbathing on vactions

The choice is yours: jean cutoffs, high-waisted, hot pants, with a print or color block. You know the shape of your body the best, so choose accordingly. With one or two pair of shorts that you can easily combine, you can create looks for afternoon walks along the beach or sightseeing.

3. Tops

Choose a few well-fitting tops that are easy to combine. Breton tops are a good choice, but you can also never go wrong with white. Just make sure they are made of light fabric that you can wash easily and that doesn’t wrinkle.

4. Dresses

Dresses are best for the days when you can’t be bothered with combining an outfit. Again the choices are vast, so you can go maxi or mini. Choose what’s best suited for your body type, choose a good fabric, and play with color and style.

5. Skirts

You’ll need several skirts. Make sure that every skirt goes with at least two of the tops you’ve packed. They will be great for both day and evening looks. And bring at least one maxi skirt, it’s comfortable for the day and protects you from the sun, but it’s also very elegant for the night.

6. Hat and a Scarf

a woman in a bonnet is looking at the sea

You can choose from panama to wide brimmed floppy hats, straw or cotton, any color, but you must absolutely have one. Also bring a big scarf that can serve as cover up on the beach, or on the chilly night. It can protect your hair from sun, or you can use it as a blanket on the plane.

7. Shoes

And in the end, with us girls, it all comes down to shoes. Well, comfort is the key word here, so ballet flats, flat sandals, flip flops for the beach, and maybe a pair of sneakers for the longer walks is all you need. But if you can’t live without your heels, I’m sure your feet will forgive a pair or two.

These 7 things you must have in your suitcase and you can relax and enjoy the trip. Don’t forget to add some nice lingerie, necessary toiletries, a book, and definitely a good mood. Hopefully, your suitcase is not so heavy anymore. Have a great trip!


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