8 Breathtaking Places You Must See in Egypt

Egypt has been on my bucket list for years. Think of all the things that lie in its sands waiting for you to explore them! Here are 8 amazing places to see in Egypt.

I’ve always wanted to see Egypt. Having said that, I’m the first to admit that the political situation there does make me nervous about visiting.

I normally prefer wandering around on my own or with a traveling companion but some places, like Egypt and other parts of Africa are perhaps safer with a guide and tour group, particularly for a woman traveling alone.

All travelers, regardless of age and sex, should be careful of pickpockets and thieves. Like all busy tourist spots, there are lots of crooks out to take advantage of distracted tourists. When purchasing souvenirs, it pays to haggle.

There are several Mediterranean cruises that stop in Egypt for those who want a quick stop but there is so much to see there that I doubt that would be long enough for me. An increasingly popular travel option that makes a lot of sense to me, is to take a Nile river cruise.

There are short cruises in traditional Felucca boats. There are also longer cruises that are on more traditional cruise ships with all the amenities. The most popular route goes from Aswan to Luxor.

Cruises usually last three nights to a week and stop at a number of the most popular tourist sites. You’ll likely want to tack on a few days in Cairo or Alexandria (or both) as well, but the cruise is a great place to start.

Regardless of how you get there, you will want to see the following places while you are in Egypt.

#1: Giza – The Pyramids and The Sphinx

Blonde female turist takin picture of the Sphinx and the pyramids of Khafre

Okay, they are probably Egypt’s number one tourist spot but that makes them no less impressive.

They are the only remaining wonder of the ancient world and if you aren’t blown away by the accomplishments of a civilization that was around 4600 years ago, then nothing is going to impress you.

Many of the pyramids are lit up at night and Giza is no exception. Consider taking a horse or camel ride up the hill so you can get a great overview of the pyramids and the area in general.

#2: Saqqara

Saqqara, also known as Sakkara, isn’t as popular as Giza but it still has a number of excellent pyramids to explore. You can go in some of the pyramids and explore further.

Some tours will combine Giza and Saqqara for a very reasonable price. Saqqara is also home to a carpentry school that offers tours of Egyptians learning to create the very expensive (and beautiful) carpets.

Souvenirs are plentiful and somewhat cheaper than what is offered at Giza.

#3: Egyptian Museum


Located in Cairo, the Egyptian Museum holds the world’s largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts – over 100,000 items dating from as far back as 3500 BC. You can easily spend the whole day exploring the museum.

There are extras available if you wish to spend a little more. Exhibits that require extra payment include the King Tut exhibit that contains his burial mask and various items from his tomb including the gold innermost casket.

You could also see the Mummy exhibit which features a number of the pharaohs including Ramses II, one Egypt’s most famous pharaohs.

#4: Valley of the Kings & Queens

This valley is the burial location of over 160 royal family members including Kings, Queens, and royal children. Near Luxor, this is where King Tut’s tomb is located, although most of the treasures from his tomb have been removed to the Egyptian museum.

The tombs are well-preserved and worth seeing. The pharaohs knew the value of appearances, even in death.

A few words for explorers, the valley and tombs can be stiflingly hot. Plan on bringing water, a good hat, sunblock, and all of your camera equipment. Although all of these things can be purchased in the valley, you will pay a small fortune for them.

To get the most out of your trip, join a tour so that someone provides you with the history of the individual tombs. It is better to see a few tombs in detail than to try to cram too many into your journey.

Although King Tut’s tomb is a popular stop, consider giving it a pass if you intend to visit the Egyptian museum.

#5: Temple of Karnak at Luxor


This is the largest temple ever built anywhere. It took several generations to build and actually consists of two large temples as well as several smaller ones, forming a huge complex covering over 247 acres.

These ruins have not been maintained as well as some of the others but they still have plenty to offer in terms of sites to see and you won’t manage to see it all.

There is an open air museum which offers a history lesson and an impressive sound and light show. Also at Luxor are the Luxor temple and more museums.

#6: Aswan Market

For those who love to shop, the Aswan market will be a joy. Think of the market in the Disney movie Aladdin and you will begin to imagine what it is like.

There are many great bargains to be had. Remember to watch your wallet and haggle over prices. You should expect to pay 30-50% of the asking price if you’re any good at haggling.

The locals shop here as well as tourists so there is a real variety including the normal souvenirs as well as large bags of spice and pigments, jewellery and clothing.

#7: Mount Sinai


This is the famed mountain from the bible. You can climb it by foot or camel. It is a difficult climb and the less athletically inclined may prefer the camel. Try to climb it early in the morning so you can watch the sunrise from the peak.

St. Catherines Monastery is located at the foot of Mount Sinai. You can see the well where Moses met his wife, see distant relatives of the burning bush and a cage of monk skulls.

There are temples and amphitheatres along the climb and at the peak. It’s a little off the beaten path but worth the side trip.

#8: Snorkel in the Red Sea

Egypt is a popular destination for Europeans looking for a hot vacation, in the same manner that North Americans go to the Caribbean. There are a number of resorts you can stop at for some downtime if desired.

If you do, make a point of snorkeling in the Red Sea. It is considered to be some of the best snorkeling in the world. The water is home to a fringing reef and a wide variety of species of fish and coral and the water is delightfully clear.

Regardless of where you choose to go in Egypt, be sensible and safe. World wonders are worth seeing and Egypt remains a place I plan on visiting in the next few years.

There are few countries that offer the same historical opportunities as Egypt, it would be a shame to miss them.

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