The Most Memorable and Romantic Spots to Get Married in Italy

Whether your dream wedding takes place in a villa or by the sea, you can rest assured that romantic Italy has it covered.

Is there anywhere you’d rather spend a romantic getaway than in Italy? Our guess is no. From the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean sea to the cities of Rome and Florence, you really can’t find a more picturesque (and romantic) locale to say “I do.”

No matter what your dream wedding entails, Italy has you covered—from expansive villas overlooking the coast to small villages and even mountain views. You really can’t go wrong if you’re lucky enough to get married in Italy, but if you’re looking for some ideas… well, here are the four most romantic places in Italy to get married.

Lake Como


Lake Como is popular with celebrities and for good reason. Just half an hour from the fashion capital of Milan, you’ll find the wonderful combination of Mediterranean landscape with views of the snowy alpine peaks.

It’s so beautiful, George Clooney is said to have a home here, and other stars frequent the area as well.

The lake itself is stunning, with its deep blue waters and the mountains in the background. Boats dot the lake, adding to the ambiance of the already gorgeous area. Visitors have enjoyed Lake Como since Roman times, and Virgil called it “our greatest lake.”

On the southern shore of the lake sits the town of Bellaggio which is considered to be the most beautiful town in all of Europe. Considering the many breathtaking cities and towns on the continent, that title certainly means a lot. With cobblestone streets and breathtaking views, you really can’t go wrong with a nice little venue in Bellaggio.

There is a wide selection of reception halls on Lake Como, and you’re guaranteed to experience some spectacular local cuisine while enjoying mountain views around the lake. Venue choices include botanical gardens, villas, world-renowned museums and more.

There are also beautiful lakeside parks and gardens that are approved as wedding venues.



Who knew that such a small village could be one of the most popular wedding destinations in Italy? Well, if you’ve ever seen Portofino, the reason is obvious. Of all the Italian Riviera villages, Portofino is one of the most photographed and picturesque.

Views of the Mediterranean Sea are abundant no matter where you’re at in Portofino, and if you’re into trekking up mountains, the summit of Monte Portofino allows you to see the island of Corsica in the distance.

The harbour also provides many wonderful restaurants and cafes. Great views also come from the San Giorgio castle’s gardens, and there really isn’t anything more romantic than sailing the harbour, perhaps sipping some champagne with your betrothed.

Weddings often take place in the luxury villas and hotels where you can say “I do” with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.



Hardcore romantics will swoon at the idea of getting married in the romantic city of Verona, the famous city where Romeo and Juliet is set. Some even consider Verona to be the world’s most famous city for romance and love.

For those looking for a Romeo and Juliet themed wedding (that hopefully has a happier ending than the tale of the doomed lovers did), you can visit Juliet’s house where the famous balcony scene allegedly takes place, or even get married in front of Juliet’s tomb—something that would delight any Shakespeare fan, no doubt.

But even if you’re not into the whole star-crossed lovers idea, Verona has plenty to offer including rolling hills, hilltop villages, cypress tress, fruit orchards and vineyards. Not to mention, Lake Garda is nearby and offers stunning blue waters set against mountain peaks.

A few potential wedding venues include the Castelvecchio Bridge over the River Adige.

A night ceremony with the city lights reflecting off the water would be the epitome of romance. Or perhaps the Castel San Pietro is more your style, set on a hill overlooking the city below.

There really are so many options here in addition to local restaurants and cafes to feed you and your guests.

For a real treat, perhaps consider taking your guests to the famous Arena di Verona, a preserved Roman amphitheater that features world-famous operas. It doesn’t get classier (and romantic) than that!



When you picture Italy, perhaps one of the first places you envision is the canals of Venice.

There’s no place like it in the world, and it’s easily one of the most romantic places you’ll ever visit. There’s nothing like riding through the canals in a gondola, snuggled up with the person you love.

Venice is easily one of the most popular places in Italy, and it’s full of culture, beauty and class. Imagine capturing your wedding photos in front of the Piazza San Marco or the Basilica, and you can see why a Venice wedding appeals to so many people.

You have many options for getting married in Venice, whether you’re Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or non-religious. Palaces like a Ca’Farsetti and Palazzo Vendramin Calergi offer stunning views, and the bride can even arrive at the ceremony in a gondola.

The Palazzo Cavalli is another popular choice and has a large formal staircase. Or you can get married in a number of gorgeous cathedrals, historic synagogues, private gardens or even a former island monastery.

Sure, there are plenty more places to get married in Italy: Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany… And like we said before, you can’t go wrong in any of them. It all comes down to what you want on your special day, and no two couples are alike in that regard.

What does your Italian dream wedding look like? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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