Diving Into Street Food

It truly takes the brave of heart to embark on street food. There are some obvious concerns of freshness and cleanliness when obtaining your meal from anything with wheels. However, if you can get past the Russian roulette of the food world, you're almost always in for something truly delicious.

One average about 2.5 billion people eat street food on a daily basis.

There’s something more intimate and exotic to the experience, compared to your average trip to a drive-through. Thousands of tourists take the trip annually to experience Food Vendor Alley in Nanchang, China. Here hundreds upon hundreds of street vendors gather in one location selling everything from noodles to deep fried crickets. The experience is loud, and chaotic but certainly one for the culinary bucket list.

Another incredible vendor experience? Travel to almost any part of Mexico and you’ll discover that finding a great meal doesn’t always involve your eyes, or your nose, but your ears. Street vendors in Mexico are unique in the way that they announce themselves through horns, flutes, and bells. It comes to the point where locals know exactly what food is nearby based on the sound that they hear. Travelers simply need to follow the sound of a squeaking horn to experience some of the freshest baked bread available.


All in all, it’s worth the risk.

Most of these meals were prepared at home, in someone’s kitchen, using very traditional cooking techniques, which is why it usually has the “momma’s cooking” feel. While many restaurants will offer whatever they believe tourists will enjoy, food vendors offer meals that are more traditional for their culture. So if your plan is to fully immerse yourself, bite the bullet and enjoy some street food. You can thank us later.

Gourmet Food Truck gatherings

If you’re looking for something a bit more gourmet, check out the dozens of Gourmet Food Truck gatherings happening in some cities. San Francisco offers a food truck tasting experience every day of the week with “Off the Grid”. Simply go to the website and track exactly where the gathering will take place depending on the day of the week. The food is eclectic from sushi to insect-covered tostadas.

In Prospect Park, New York there’s a similar event that takes place every third Sunday in June through October. Some of the city’s finest food trucks show up at this event so if you are searching for the perfect New York hot dog, this is the place to be.


If you are in Chicago, check out the Food Truck Food Court in Grant Park. New Trucks are added to the scene nearly every week, so you’re sure to always find something new.

Indulge in your risky foodie side, and experience something great for your wallet and your taste buds. You’ll love being the only one of your friends to know where to find the best Thai noodles in town. Then share the experience with them!

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