5 Ways to Be Comfortable and Chic on a Long Flight

You’re finally going on your long-awaited holiday, but you’re dreading the long flight. Here are some tips on how to stay comfortable and chic on your flight.

So, you’re going on a holiday! You can’t wait to get to that beach so that you can lie in the sand with a drink in your hand and the sun on your face… Before you start fantasying about your imminent trip, we need to remember the long-as-hell flight you’re going to have to take to get to your dream destination.

Long flights are an incredible pain in the behind! Take it from someone who knows. Although we can’t forgo the plane ride, what we can do is make ourselves comfortable while also looking really cute and chic.

1. Wear Flats

airport fashion flat shoes

You’re going to have to keep taking them on and off through the airport security check points. You’re also going to be taking them off during the plane ride to rest your ankles and maybe even to bring your feet up onto the seat.

When I traveled, I spent my entire trip to Thailand in flip-flops (or thongs, as I call them), but I was traveling from summer to even more summer.

If you’re going from winter to summer, then some stylish yet simple ballet flats will do the trick perfectly. Another tip would be to take some compression socks with you; they will help with circulation and you only have to put them on once you’re on the plane.

2. Comfortable Pants

Make sure that you’re wearing loose and comfortable pants. I made the mistake of traveling on an 8-hour flight wearing jeans and let me tell you, the back of my knees still hurt. Plus, it was really uncomfortable to sleep because I would try to rest my chin on my knees, a position I find really comfortable, but I couldn’t do it because my jeans wouldn’t let me.

I have never felt so much hatred to something as I did then. On the way back home, I opted for some harem pants instead, and it’s the smartest thing I’ve ever done. You can even wear yoga pants or some loose chinos. Try to avoid wearing sweat pants if you’re trying to look stylish when you get off the plane.

3. Comfortable Shirt

airport fashion styles

Wear a loose top to match your pants. The shirt will really allow you to be comfortable and it will be easier to get the top to stop clinging to your back when the flight finally ends, or even when you’re making a trip to the bathroom.

You can style the shirt by tucking the front of it into your pants and letting the rest hang out. This only works if you’re not wearing loose pants, like yoga pants. Alternatively you could wear a fitted shirt that’s made of stretch, breathable fabric. These shirts are also comfortable and they go well with loose pants.

4. Don a Scarf

Wear a wide scarf that can double over as an additional blanket; planes are notoriously cold. You could wear a bright scarf if you’re wearing dark clothes to give your look a bit of pizzaz.

For a more exotic and stylish look, fold the scarf so that it’s really long and skinny then you can tie it as a head band. This also takes care of the messy state your hair will be in when you land.

Alternatively, you could use a pair of sunglasses as a headband; this look will also make you look beach and summer ready while pairing them with a small summer scarf will look chic.

Or, you could just use the sunglasses to hide your red eyes. It’s a good idea to take some clothes with you in your hand luggage—that way you can use your large scarf on the plane and your smaller scarf for when you’re ready to disembark. You can put them all in a tote bag.

5. Choose Your Bra Wisely

airport bra fashion styles

Your bra will be an issue, as we all know how uncomfortable they can be. The best thing to do is wear a bra without underwire, but make sure that the bra still gives you the amount of support you want and need.

Alternatively, you could just take it off when you’re about to sleep and use that large scarf we were talking about before to prevent any pointy nipples from showing through your clothes.

I wouldn’t worry too much about that though—everyone else will be tired as well and only focusing on their tv or sleeping, plus it will be dark when it’s time to sleep. Just put it back on when the flight is over.

Do you have any other tips to increase your comfort on long flights while still looking chic? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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