How to Get a Deal on New York City Broadway Show Tickets

No trip to NYC is complete without seeing at least one Broadway show! Tickets can be very pricey, so keep reading to learn how to get a good deal and buy your Broadway show tickets for a reasonable price.

When planning a trip to New York City, there are many things that may be on a traveler’s list. From eating a Nathan’s hot dog from a street vendor to visiting the Statue of Liberty, the list can be pretty varied. The city is quite large and you could go back again and again and never have the same experience or do the same things each time.

One thing that’s for sure is that no trip to The Big Apple is complete without seeing a Broadway show. Of course, Broadway tickets can be exorbitant and can take you way over your vacation budget. Who has an extra $130 per ticket that they can spend on a two-hour show? You’d think that doing six to eight shows a week to a packed house would be reason to lower the price just a tad.

I suppose that’s the number one thing you learn when it comes to supply and demand, but it’s frustrating for those of us that want to see quality shows that people have raved about, but can’t afford the ticket prices. If you also want to eat and do some sightseeing, you may think you need to pass on the show until you can make a return trip, but let’s face it, that may not be anytime soon, especially if you like to visit different destinations every year. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get a deal on Broadway show tickets.

Discount tickets in advance

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If you’re like me, you like to plan out your whole trip ahead of time, so you know what you’re doing and when you’re doing it. It also helps to make sure you do the must-do things on your list, because you have already booked or paid for those things in advance. For you strict travel planners, there are a number of options to find deals on tickets before you leave for your trip.

  • Hit up and find discount codes for a long list of performances, on and off Broadway. In some cases you can save over half off and in others you can get what amounts to a free dinner when you purchase a discount package. View seating charts and full price tickets for every showing. You can’t book anything directly through BroadwayBox, but you can click through the links provided and use the promo codes to book your shows at much lower prices.
  • Purchase your Broadway tickets for a matinee instead of an evening show and save. Not everyone is thrilled to go to a noon show, since the traditional theater-going experience includes getting dressed up, having a fancy dinner and then seeing a show. The show will be the same if you go during the daytime, plus you can get a better deal on fancy restaurants if you have lunch there instead of dinner. That’s two discounts in one!
  • has a comprehensive listing of all shows and frequently offers last-minute deals on their website. This is also a great way to purchase souvenirs after the fact. It can be easy to get swept up in the excitement of a show and spend too much money in the lobby on merchandise that you don’t need or have room for in your luggage. Order affordable branded items through their online store, without having to fight the crowds.

Last-minute discounts

If you like to go with the flow or just aren’t that into planning out every hour of your vacation, then you may be able to get a rock-bottom deal on your show tickets. Most of the time, long-run shows don’t sell out or tickets aren’t picked up. You can capitalize on the box office’s yen to fill as many seats as possible.

  • If you wait until the day of the show, you can buy tickets for any available seats for up to 50% off. Visit the TKTS Booth in Times Square to find out which tickets are on sale that day. This is a great way to snap up some open seats if you weren’t really thinking about seeing a show until you get to New York. Of course, unless you’re incredibly lucky, you may not be getting any front row center views, but the staff member can help you find the best of those available.
  • If you haven’t walked all day and can handle standing for an entire performance, look into purchasing standing room only tickets. They sell for a fraction of the cost, because they are not as desirable and also more limited. You can expect to pay $25 per ticket for them. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring cash, as often credit cards are not accepted for these tickets.
  • Get close to the action and save up to two-thirds off regular ticket prices by purchasing seats on stage. While not available for all shows, these seats can be very popular, so they also go fast. Call the box office to find of if they are available and how you can go about getting some.
  • If you are a student, you are eligible for rush tickets. Ranging between $20 and $25 per seat, show up at the box office when it opens and flash your student ID. You may get a great seat at a great price. 

Don’t get scammed

When it comes to shows on Broadway in New York, there are bound to be some con artists trying to capitalize off unwitting tourists. Make sure you protect yourself and don’t buy Broadway tickets from scalpers (that’s illegal!), questionable sources on eBay or strangers on Craigslist. You are more likely to get a good deal to a real performance on resellers like StubHub, but it makes more sense to pay a little extra in order to know that you have genuine theater tickets in your possession.

There are many scams out there to part you from your money, which many tourists fall for in order to save a buck or two. While discounts can be hard to come by for other aspects of your trip, there are plenty legitimate ones to be had for Broadway performances. With a little bit of planning, you can get excellent prices on several of your top choices and if you aren’t picky and are willing to take a chance by waiting until the day of, you can save an even greater amount.

Why Broadway?


From musicals, like Rock of Ages and Wicked, to classics like Shakespeare’s Macbeth, New York offers something for every visitor and usually with an all-star cast. This may be the closest you’ll get to your favorite celebs, many of which work on Broadway during their time off from doing movies or television shows. When else will you have the chance to be in the same room with the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, Christina Applegate, George Wendt and Scarlett Johansson.

These top-notch theatrical performances, for some, can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but you want to make sure you can do more on your trip than just see that one show. When you save a large amount of money on this one aspect of your vacation, you can splurge elsewhere, stay in a hotel that’s a little better or eat out at a few nicer restaurants. You definitely won’t ever be sorry that you spent less on something if you could, because it helps your travel budget go just a little bit further than you thought.

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