Quiz: Where Should I Live?

where should i live
Where should I live, and do I even belong where I am now, would I be happier somewhere else? Take this quiz to find out where you should make your happy home!

I’m no good in the South. I love the food and the accents are cute, but I can’t handle the slow pace of life and the laid back nature of it all. I’m also not good in tropical weather, sand is not my friend and I’m terrified of storms.

It’s also not in my nature to be out in the wilderness, or stuck in the rain.

This leaves very few places on this planet I would be completely happy living in. I’ve narrowed it down to New England.

My family, however, thinks I’m crazy and would love to live somewhere in Louisiana where life’s slower and simpler.

I’ll take the bustling city with weekends at the beach any day.

How about you? Where should you really live? Not sure?

Take this quiz and find out exactly where your heart truly lies, and then start planning your big move!

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