How Teaching Abroad Makes Me a Resounding Advocate to Educate

Teachers who teach abroad bridge gaps in their students’ education. They do so by offering alternative perspectives on life and the world around us, which makes them great advocates for education.

Traveling is a good way to get an education, but it is also a good way to educate others. Disney says, “It’s a small world after all.” And it is. The world is brought closer by teachers and volunteers who work outside of their countries, introducing different languages, traditions and culture in the process.

The enormous demand for English language instruction alone has placed native English speakers in demand in major Asian and European cities. An estimated 250,000 native English speakers teach English abroad in more than 40,000 schools and institutions around the world.

Data from the International TEFL Academy also shows that, with the increasing demand, around 100,000 teaching positions open every year. Three of the biggest markets are Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai.

Some 15,000 foreign teachers work in these three cities alone. China, in particular is very aggressive, and is estimated to have 2,000 job openings for English teachers every month in the coming years. Even England is looking to hire more teachers from overseas to fill teaching vacancies. The objective, of course, is to make the younger generation more competitive in the 21st century.

The advantages of teaching abroad range from salary and benefits to travel and experience. More importantly though is that these volunteers and teachers become advocates of education.

They are not only teaching students another language or increasing their knowledge in whatever field they were hired for. They are also preparing students globally ready and making them understand nations beyond their own.

Power of Diversity


It’s beautiful to see how different races can work towards a common goal. When a foreign teacher walks into a classroom full of students eager to learn, you can immediately feel the excitement and wonderful tension between both parties.

That’s how powerful diversity is. That’s how powerful diverse education and teaching are. Just by looking at a person of a different race, color, beliefs or values, interest, curiosity and amazement are stirred.

Introduction to Other Cultures

Foreign teachers are cultural advocates. By teaching and working with a certain group of students, foreign teachers can introduce their own countries and culture. This opens a new world of knowledge, ideas and prospects for students. If students understand other cultures better, mutual respect and admiration are easily earned.

Seeing Through Different Eyes

Foreign teachers can help students see something from a different perspective. It’s always amazing how foreigners can teach locals new things about places, practices and traditions. Foreigners who work abroad somehow make locals see what they have been missing all along.

Students of Experience


Those who teach abroad go through a lot. They have to leave their countries, families and comfort zones.

Chances are, they teach at a couple of schools before finally settling on one. In fact, statistics shows that approximately 15-20% of foreign teachers transfer to a new school or country after only one year.

You can imagine the vast experiences such teachers have after a few years abroad. A teacher can be from Australia but know a whole lot about other nations, too. Teachers are students of experience. The teachers then pass these experiences onto their students.

Global Awareness

Just having a foreign teacher makes students realize that the world is so much bigger than the confines of their classroom or local community. By the lectures and examples inspired by actual experiences in different countries, students get a glimpse of what’s out there. It’s like they are immersing themselves in other cultures.

Appreciate Peculiarities


Every culture has its own peculiarities. Foreign teachers learn to accept these peculiarities as they conquer new endeavors abroad.

Students also get the chance to witness these unique but often charming peculiarities of a certain culture through their foreign teacher. In the process, teachers are able to teach their students that being different is a beautiful thing.

Fostering Good Impressions

Oftentimes, we form our perceptions of a country by its citizens we encounter. If one American is rude to us, we tend to conclude that all Americans are the same.

Foreign teachers naturally give a better impression. They are well aware that they are representing their countries and are very careful in their actions and behavior. First impressions last and when you make a good one, an entire country can benefit.

Agents of Change


Teaching is a moral profession. It’s more than data, information and nuggets of knowledge. By teaching English abroad, for example, teachers increase a student’s chances of making it into the global arena by making them more competitive.

Teachers are agents of change in that they help students to improve their lots in life. These students (hopefully) will bring what they have learned into the world to inspire others and make the world a better place.

Dare to Inspire

People who work abroad, leaving everything familiar to them, are inspiring by themselves. Teachers are inspiring. Students have before them someone who dared to dream and go outside their comfort zone. Foreign teachers inspire students not only to learn a new language but also to go beyond their present limits.

Improve the Education Landscape


Teaching abroad equips volunteers and teachers with many skills, competencies and experiences. All of these help them to be an advocate for change in education systems around the world. A foreign teacher sees firsthand the good, the bad and the ugly. They understand students’ needs, and, especially, their dreams. They are inspired to make sure that these come true.

Teachers are not only advocates of education. They are also advocates of change and the greater good. They have the most important job of all and that is building a community of leaders, thinkers, influencers and generally good people.

Those who dare to teach abroad have an added duty–to make the world seem smaller and draw people a little bit closer regardless of race, religion and culture. They become advocates of the kind of education that seeks to widen people’s horizons and the view of the world.

Have you taught abroad? Share your experiences with our readers!

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