Top 4 Party Holiday Destinations

Wanna party holiday but don’t know where to go? Look no further – here are world’s top 4 party holiday destinations.

1. San Antonio, Ibiza


Of course you’ve heard about all the partying in Ibiza, I mean who hasn’t? And you know what? There’s a damn good reason for that, because there is no place in the world where you can party so hard.

Enjoy the sun and crystal clear waters during the day. Engage in one of many activities on the beaches, like volleyball or water skiing; you are guaranteed to have a few good laughs watching all those guys falling off the skis. Soak up the sun and get ready to party when the night comes.

Put your best dress and your best shoes on and head out. Visit the club called Space; they say it’s the best club, not only in Ibiza but in the world. In any case, whichever club you choose, Ibiza promises you a fantastic time. Get wild and go crazy because here, it’s fiesta all night long, baby!

2. Kavos, Corfu

party all the time
party all the time

Kavos on the island of Corfu is a place where party never ends. It’s got everything you could ask for – beautiful beaches, hot clubs and very reasonable prices.

All the night clubs in Kavos are located on the main strip, which means that you are never far away from a great party. Not digging the club you’re in too much? Just walk into the next one, have a drink and have fun. Just watch out for those ouzos, too many of them can give you a horrible hangover the next day.

Kavos is also famous for foam parties, pool parties and some great day activities on the beach. Try watersports, beach bars or open air day parties. Whatever you choose, this is a holiday you will remember for a long time.

3. New York City, USA

Three martinis in glasses

It’s not all about the islands and the beaches; you can have some great time close to home. Head out straight to the Big Apple – New York City.

They don’t call it The City that Never Sleeps for nothing, New York really does not sleep, and you won’t either. Not only that it offers a huge number of night clubs and some of the best partying in the world, you won’t know where to look first during the day either. Whatever you’re into – may it be shopping or culture, New York’s got something for you.

There are so many fantastic clubs in New York that I can’t even begin to name them. But I can tell you that wherever you go, you’re up for some real partying.

4. Cuba


If you want to party non – stop, from dusk till dawn, Cuba is the place for you. They’ve got the clubs, they’ve got the food and they’ve got the music. It’s everything you’ve wished for.

Cuba is packed with night clubs, bars and restaurants where atmosphere is so positive that you won’t be able to resist it. You could have had the worst day; all your troubles will be gone when the night comes, and you will dance – trust me, even if you’ve never danced before in your life. Everybody dances in Cuba so don’t be surprised if a random stranger swirls you in the middle of the street.

Don’t forget about the fantastic Cuban food, you should absolutely try anything you can. Cuba is the place for your next party holiday, trust me. Loosen your hips and shake your booty baby, ‘cause Cuba is all about dancing.

Where are you partying this summer?

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