Top 5 Travel Apps To Download Right Now

If you belong to the globetrotting population, or are just about to set out on your first trip abroad, these are the top 5 travel apps you will want to download immediately!

What are the best travel apps? It really depends on where you are going and what you will be doing there, if you are a frequent traveler or if you need help on your first trip. Below, I have recommended top 5 travel apps that are easy to use and great for many different kinds of trips.

1. XE Currency


If you want to keep your finances in check during your trip, you need to know the value of your currency. Sometimes currencies take a sudden dip or strengthen overnight, which will ultimately affect how much money you spend during your trip.

XE Currency is one of the world’s best apps for seeing live currency rates. That’s to say, you won’t see yesterday’s rates on there.

2. Packing Pro

Do you tend to over-pack? Under-pack? Pack the wrong things? Then Packing Pro is for you. It will tell you what to pack and divide it into different categories, such as gadgets and clothes among others.

It’s perfect if you are forgetful (or in a hurry) and need to check that list of essentials on the day you leave. It’s also great if you have little ones or need to pack for your significant other and have to keep tabs on it all!


Packing isn’t just for your departure either; when you fly back, you will want to check that you haven’t forget anything on the list—you don’t want to come home without your favorite pair of jeans!

3. Tipulator


Tipping is a science. Well, sort of. Being Swedish, I would never have guessed that you have to tip hairdressers, but you do—in the US, that is. It’s not just about who you need to tip, either, but how much.

It’s also one thing to make a mistake at a restaurant where you will never go again, but at a hotel or coffee shop where you become a regular? Or, horrors, when out on a business dinner!

It’s not only the people you are paying whom you need to stay on good terms with, but also the people around you. Remember that old personality test about checking how someone treats the waiter?

Tipulator helps to avoid this.

4. Perfect Wworld Clock

Do you ever travel for business? Or, do you simply like staying in touch with friends and family back home? Perfect World Clock is a great app to install—particularly if you aren’t that great with math, and are likely to make a mistake when trying to figure out the time somewhere else.

This app tells you the time in hundreds of cities around the world. If you are a frequent traveler, you will need it at some point because not only is there a time difference, there’s also summer time and winter time in some places, so the time difference in certain cities changes depending on the time of the year.

The point is: it can get confusing—very confusing. And no one wants to miss a call from a multimillion dollar client, the hottest man on Earth or, you know, the queen….

5. TravelSafe

TravelSafe App

I almost toppled over when reading about this app because it’s like a dream come true—and blondie here never thought to check for it. Basically, TravelSafe provides emergency numbers for different countries around the globe.

When you find yourself in an emergency, it can be difficult to remember that number you read three hours ago that is nothing like the emergency number back home.

Bonus Apps

There are more than these top 5 travel apps that you might also want to have as a traveler, including:

Citymapper: if you need to get around by public transport, bike or even Uber (checks Uber coverage for you), this is the app you need. If you don’t have it already, you’ll want the Uber app, too!

The Snow Report: this is perfect if you are going skiing. You will find out if there is great snow that day, and ensure that you won’t be swallowed up by a snowstorm when heading out!

It includes trail maps, too, should you end up in trouble when out on the piste.

Duolingo: this is the app for refreshing your language skills quickly…or learning new ones.


Google Translate: you are standing in a store, desperate for some tampons but can’t find them. No worries. This app will translate—without you needing to do a charade to explain what a tampon is…

Splittr: this is a great app if you want to split a bill with someone. You can put in who paid for what and split by the end of the trip.

Tripit: this is the app to keep all your itineraries in one place. Book a car, flight and hotel, and see them all in one place. All you need to do is forward your emails to the app.

App in the Air: once you have your itineraries in Tripit, import them to App in the Air. This app will keep you updated on your flight status even without the internet (don’t ask me how; satellite?).

It will ensure you hear about delays and other problems, and that you don’t forget the time at the airport and miss your flight.

Live Trekker: this is an app that keeps track of where you go, marking it on a map. It also checks for speed and altitude, making it great if you like a bit of adventure. What’s more, you can add photos and turn it into a travel diary.

The kind of travel apps you need is dependent on the kind of journey you are going on and what you need help with the most. If you speak fluent Spanish when going to Spain, you won’t need Google Translate.

If, however, you tend to miss flights, you most certainly need App in the Air. Know your strengths and weaknesses and remember it’s better to be safe than sorry, so if heading out into the mountains, get The Snow Report and wherever you go, get TravelSafe.

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