Top 7 Places to Go on Holiday in June

Most of us would rather choose July or August to go on our holidays. However, a holiday in June can bring you less crowd, less heat and lower prices. Check out the top 7 places to go on holiday in June. I’d like to present you a couple of options – a beach holiday, adventurous holiday, a festival holiday etc. In any case, you will definitely find at least one of these places that suit you. Here they are.

1. Iceland

Godafoss beautiful Icelandic waterfall

Words cannot explain my fascination with Iceland. I am completely in love with this place and I believe that everyone should see it at least once in a lifetime. Iceland offers wonderful nature, amazing volcanoes and beautiful hot springs.

Why visit it in June? June is the month when the “white nights” start. This means that sun will not set for 24 hours. There will be no night, only day. Although this could cause you some troubles with your sleep, it is certainly worth seeing.

2. Scandinavian Cruise

Cruise ship in Geiranger fjord

Most girls dream about a luxury Caribbean cruise, but it costs a lot of money. On the other hand, there is a perfectly affordable, yet still beautiful cruise you could go to this June. Take a Scandinavian cruise.

There are cruises from all capitals and many big cities in Scandinavia. You can choose for example a short Stockholm – Tallinn cruise. It is a weekend cruise, the prices are as low as 40$ and the boats are more than just good.

If you’re into something longer, you can opt for a 7 or 11 day cruise through Scandinavia and the coast of Russia. The prices start from around 650$ and you will certainly find the one you like. Find more information about Scandinavian cruises on this link.

3. Gloucestershire, England

row of cotswold cottages on a river

Ok, most of you would probably visit London if you decide to go to England. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but for all you who are looking for something different – I’d say visit Gloucestershire this June.

You may have heard about this place because it is the home of the famous cheese race. Yes, you’ve heard it right. It is an event when huge wheels of cheese are rolled down the hill and people chase them. Sound ridiculous? It probably is a bit, but it is also fun.

4. Honolulu, Oahu

Honolulu on the island of Oahu is the largest city in Hawaii. It is the place of beautiful girls carrying floral garlands to welcome you to the island. See Honolulu this June.

Traveling in June is perfect for Honolulu. Generally speaking the best time to visit Hawaii is from April to mid June. Traveling in early June brings less crowds, and more affordable prices, while traveling in late June might just give you a chance to see one of many whales.

5. Istanbul, Turkey

blue mosque istanbul

Turkey is a land of many diversities, good food and nice beaches. But there is one thing that all girls would love and that is Istanbul shopping.

Generally speaking, shopping in Istanbul will bring you a great experience in any time of the year. However, it has just gotten better. In June 2012 the Shopping Festival in Istanbul opens. This means that the stores will be open for 24 hours a day for 40 days and there will be a lot of discounts. Which girl would not love that?

Here’s our article on relaxing things to do in Istanbul.

6. St. Tropez, France

Now this is one place I believe every girl would love to see. What more could you ask for than a Mediterranean climate, food and people. Well, the prices could be a bit more reasonable. Hence the advice to visit St. Tropes in June.

The peak of the season in St. Tropes is in July and August. June is the beginning of the season and, of course, it brings lower prices and fewer crowds. If you’ve always wanted to see the French Riviera, head out to St. Tropez this June.

7. Orkney Islands, Scotland

beautiful beach on the orkney islands

Would you like to spend some time in beautiful nature, with wind in your hair and maybe even some bird watching? If the answer is yes then Orkney Islands are the place for you.

Orkney Islands are a group of more than 70 islands located north of Scotland. The islands are largely uninhabited, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy the purity of the nature unspoiled by men. The weather however is not very great; it can get really windy and quite cold. June is the best month to visit, because the weather is the best, the birds come to nest on the islands and the St. Magnus Art Festival begins.

So, have you already chosen? One of these 7 places is certainly a good idea for your holiday in June. Have a wonderful time!

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