Top 9 Destinations for Your First Spiritual Vacation

There are many places in the world where we can go to seek our sense of spirituality or purpose. Here are the top nine destinations for your first spiritual vacation.

Spirituality is personal and sacred to each of us. At some point in our lives, many of us feel the need to become more connected to something higher than ourselves. We want to explore our inner faith and feelings.

There are many places on Earth where we can go to find peace or to feel a connection to something else. Some of these places are easier to get to than others. If you feel the need to travel and search the four corners, or to explore something greater, these are the best places to begin your journey.

#1: Pyramids of Egypt

The pyramids are one of the most spiritual places to visit. The ancient Egyptians had a very intricate belief system and the details, the mathematical applications, and, of course, the stories of these great structures are fascinating and wonderful, full of Gods and Kings.

Looking upon the pyramids reminds us that there are things we still don’t completely understand in this world, but those things do exist.

#2: Machu Picchu


Much like the Ancient Egyptians, the Incas had a very devoted spiritual life full of Gods and temples. When you think of Incas, do visions of sun sacrifices dance through your mind?

The truth is, scholars are still under debate about this fascinating spiritual city in the clouds. Some say it was a retreat for the emperor while others say it was a sacred space aligned with the stars. Whatever the reason for its origins, the truth is machu Picchu is still a place where people travel on their spiritual journey in order to feel the energy and history of this amazing site.

#3: Sistine Chapel


There are numerous places in Rome where you can go to get a spiritual experience. Because the Pope resides in this fair city, and due to its historical significance, Rome is one of the most sought after places for the spiritual traveler.

The Sistine Chapel is an excellent place to visit for your first spiritual journey. Not only is this the home of the Pope, but it is also home to some of the most well known works of art. The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo is here, as well as The Last Judgment. There are also works by Botticelli and Perugino in the Sistine Chapel. Be wowed by the spiritual feeling in the place that houses one of the most spiritual leaders in the world.

#4: Stonehenge


Some of the most spiritual places are the ones we really can’t explain. Stonehenge is one of those places. Not only do we come here to ponder over the design, but you can actually feel the electricity in the air as you stand near this sacred site. Stonehenge is an excellent place to meditate and imagine.

#5: Ayers Rock (Uluru)


One of the least thought about spiritual places is also the most sacred site for Australian Aborigines. This is the largest sandstone formation in this part of Australia.

This site is thought to be the place where those who created the Earth and its creatures still live. Even today there are sacred places at Ayers Rock where people, other than the Aborigines, are forbidden to see or photograph.

#6: Dome of the Rock


Upon first glancing at the pictures, it looks as if the Dome of the Rock at Temple Mount is a Mosque. However, this beautiful and spiritual landmark is actually a shrine and a religious symbol for Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The Dome of the Rock houses the actual rock that it is said Muhammad was standing on when he went with Gabriel to Heaven.

While there has been quite a bit of arguing throughout the years over the significance and religious ownership of the site, it is still a place where people go to experience a sense of spirituality and history. No matter what religion you happen to be, the Dome of the Rock is still a sacred historical site.

#7: Church of the Nativity


The Middle East has more sacred sites than I can possibly name here, but one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring places to visit is the Church of the Nativity. This church, in Bethlehem, is built on the location of the the place where Jesus was born.

Although the church is in desperate need of repair, the beauty and history of this sacred site is both spiritually uplifting and inspiring.

#8: The Golden Temple


The Golden Temple in India is not only unimaginably beautiful, it is also the most sacred place for those of the Sikh religion. The temple itself is stunning, with its golden top and wonderfully decorated Muslim designs. The temple also looks as if it’s floating on water. However, the idea that the Buddha visited here is enough to make anyone on a spiritual journey want to come and embrace this wonderful temple.

#9: Petra


Jordan is another country in the Middle East that has numerous spiritually historical sites, but Petra is the most beautiful of them all. Petra has a large history, however, it is thought that the original use was as a temple for pre-Islamic deities. Although standing outside and admiring the giant architecture of this cave is tempting, the rose colored stones will certainly draw you inside.

One of the most fascinating things about going on a spiritual vacation is that you can actually feel the energy around a sacred site. It’s not just about the architecture and the history. No matter which religion you are (or aren’t), there is no denying the difference in the air around sacred places.

On your first spiritual journey, remember not only to take in the sites and the history, but to feel the energy around you. That’s the thing that will make your journey meaningful and soul searching.


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  • Have already visited Golden temple(Here you get the real solace, which takes you near to GOD.),India :)
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