Where to Go for a Detox Weekend

A weekend getaway is the perfect way to get on track to a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’ve fallen off the wagon since your New Year’s resolution or simply had a recent epiphany urging you to pursue a healthier lifestyle, taking a detox weekend to get back or stay on track is a relaxing and encouraging way to do so.

Submerging yourself in an environment where healthy choices are abundant and unhealthy villains are null can help you to learn more about a healthy lifestyle and its positive effects on your mind and body.

Your overall well-being is improved after spending a weekend away detoxifying yourself from the toxins of your daily routine, so why not supercharge with a stress-free weekend and no temptations?

The only debate that lies ahead of you when opting to spend a weekend detoxing is in choosing where to go! Location is obviously key, especially when it comes to such a short weekend break away from home.

Priorities are convenience and quality, so we at You Queen have decided to create a quick and useful guide to booking your detox weekend, as well as a few recommendations.


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As with any weekend holiday (or extended trip for that matter), location is probably at the number one spot on our list when it comes to choosing where to gallivant to. Remote locations on an island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific, while great, are definitely not the way to go for a quick excursion.

Pick somewhere that is located close to the nearest airport, or somewhere that is located within easy reach of several airports. Better yet, choose a destination within driving distance. There are no risks of missed or delayed flights, and schedule flexibility is more available.


The most un-fun planning stages of any trip always include a cost factor. Determine what your budget is going to be and stick to it.

If you go outside of your price range, you may bring unnecessary stress upon yourself. These stressors will carry into your trip, disallowing you from enjoying the full benefit and beauty of the clarifying weekend.

When looking at different costs, keep in mind that every location is different. Some offer all-inclusive programs, while others may charge an extra accommodation or meal fee. These are things to definitely keep a close eye on, because the last thing you want to do is have to purchase freshly squeezed veggie juices and dip into money unintended for the trip.


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Determining what you want to get out of your detox trip is another essential factor. Many facilities offer different sorts of programs, and along with that, different dining options. There are 48-hour juice cleanses, vegetarian retreats, raw food cooking lessons, cranberry water programs and pretty much anything else that you can imagine.

Along with diet, there are other components to some detox holiday weekends. There may be yoga training or classes to attend, in addition to potential meditation sessions. There are also massage-based programs, steaming, swimming, fitness, and other healthy things to do on your weekend.

Some centers make these activities mandatory, while others offer an array of optional events. Educate yourself on these options so that you can pick the best fit.


Every individual is different, and the same goes when it comes to planning a detox weekend. There are tons of different options to choose from, so finding the right weekend spot for you is going to take a little bit of compromise.

Prioritize what is most important to you. Is it essential to have a licensed masseuse at the facility, or can you go without? How important is the accommodation set-up to you?

Figure out how much privacy from or interaction with other guests you want, as well as what sort of diet you’d like to stick to and how far away you’d like to go. Picking what you can and cannot go without will help to weed through all your choices and make the right decision.


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Now that we’ve helped you to strategize how to choose your detox weekend holiday destination, here are some recommendations on great retreats that offer a variety of different programs.

California: We Care Spa in Desert Springs is a favorite among Los Angeles’s socialites. At this retreat, guests have daily colonics and are given a liquid diet. Additional options include spas, massages, yoga, meditation and dance classes. Programs are offered depending on length of stay and health goals.

Florida: In Hallandale Beach, Regency Health Spa offers more customizable detox programs. You choose what you would like to do, and the staff will guide you to a detox weekend based on that. There are no group settings, so everything is very individualized. There are also no enemas.

Texas: For those nearby, make a trip out to Arlington to visit The Greenhouse Spa. Only women are allowed as guests here, and they can choose to do Pilates or yoga as well as take a dip at the aquatics center. In place of colonics, there are herbal body wraps which go along with the pampering environment of Greenhouse.

New York: New Age Health Spa is located in Neversink and offers its guests liquid detox programs in group settings. There are several spa treatment options to choose from. New Age has also instituted a very strict no smoking policy, with pretty substantial fines to go along with breaking it.

Colorado: Dunton Hot Springs is a five-star resort that offers many different experiences for guests, including a detox program. The surrounding picturesque landscape of the Rockies provide the perfect environment to have a relaxing and healthy weekend. They specialize in holistic and therapeutic healing, and guests can also attend yoga classes.

All of us at YouQueen cheers to a new and healthier you! Have you ever had a detox weekend? What do you look for when choosing where to spend a detox weekend away?


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