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Cheap Wedding Ideas for Summer

by Nella |

When we think about weddings we rarely do just that – think. We fantasize, direct our own fairytales and imagine perfect ballroom scenarios. Lavishly decorated and perfectly planned weddings are priceless, but only in our memories.

Eventually that priceless wedding will result with a check. YouQueen will show you how to have a wonderful, summertime wedding that will take forever to forget, but not forever to pay off.


You are getting married. Hear that world? You are getting married! Your desire to shout it from the rooftops, although awesome, is not quite practical. You’ll need invitations. There are some shamelessly expensive ones, and I bid you ignore them. I know they are stylish, I know they seem adorable, just keep walking. If you do, you’ll find an array of really beautiful wedding invitations from very cheap suppliers. Wasting half of your budget on a stylish piece of paper might look good, but it can be used for something better.

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Store

I know. Brides to be hate this part, but before you start screaming about the wedding being about the bride, and the bride being about the dress, and the dress needing the blah, blah. Who said anything about the bad looking dress? Yes it is an extremely important dress, but it is still a dress! Remember when you found that super fitting pair of jeans online? It is possible. A lot of future brides met their husbands online, I’m pretty sure it’s a lot easier to find a dress.

Wedding Decorations

So, you’ve found the one, you’ve invited guests and you have the dress, but now you need to pick decorations. Decorations often look luxurious, and so does the cost. Luckily, you already have all the necessary ingredients for a perfect decoration, you only need a quick look around you. Paper lanterns, candles, fruit, and unavoidable rose petals are not only affordable but also – utterly adorable. Choosing to cut the prices of décor, gives you a unique chance to do just that – create something truly unique. Since the summertime is here – use it. An outdoor wedding is an excellent idea. When it comes to venues – ask around. Start looking for a venue as soon as possible to avoid choosing in the nick of time. Do not be shy about asking about the cost of the extras as they can be an unpleasant surprise later on.

Wedding Favors

Ok, ladies, do yourselves a favor – don’t choose a tacky favor. In this case a lot depends on the wedding itself. If you are into flowers, choose, for example, a nicely wrapped flower seed. Or, if you’re into poetry pick a box of whatever and insert your favorite verse to surprise the guests. You can always use an economic compromise and pick some favors made for couples, thus reducing some of the cost.

Wedding Cakes

Oh, sweet, sweet cake! Or why not – a cupcake? Or a smaller, charming cake? How about a personally made, classic? There are a lot of cheap wedding cakes out there for your enjoyment, and, believe me, as for the rest of the wedding ideas, whatever you choose it will be a sweet choice, indeed!

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