5 Great Back Massage Tips

Every girl loves a massage, right? Nothing can be as soothing and relaxing as a massage and yet, you don’t really have the time to go to regular massage treatments. With these 5 great tips and some help from your boyfriend or your husband, you can now have a perfect massage at the comfort of your own home.
5 Great Back Massage Tips

With these great back tips and some help from your partner you can now have a perfect massage at the comfort of your own home.

1. Hot Shower Before

It is ideal to take a hot shower before you get a massage. The warmth of the water will soothe, relax you and prepare you for a complete relaxation treatment.

Use a relaxing shower gel, something like ylang-ylang. Make sure that water is not too hot. Don’t use any exfoliating products because the additional friction of the massage can cause some redness and damage to the exfoliated skin.

2. Set up a Relaxing Atmosphere

Great Back Massage Tips

You can recreate the atmosphere of the massage parlor at your home. You just need a couple of things like scented candles and soothing music.

Light up a couple of scented candles or incense sticks. Make sure that the scent is not too strong or irritating, you need to be relaxed not annoyed. Put on some relaxing music and heat up the room. You will be naked during the massage and relaxation will cause you to lose some body heat.

3. Tips for Your Masseur

You may think that a relaxing massage is all about slow and relaxing moves. That’s not entirely true. The combination of slow and light and fast and strong moves is the key to a great massage. So, here are some great back massage tips for your masseur,

Every back massage should start from the neck and slowly progress to the lower back. Apply light pressure and make your movements long and slow. Increase the pressure as you progress to the shoulder area because this is where we accumulate all of the tension.

The shoulders can hold a lot of tension, so spend some time massaging this area. Use your fingers and knuckles to apply pressure to any tight spots.

Use massage oil or lotion to make the massage smoother and more enjoyable. You can use a scented oil for aromatherapy benefits.

Continue the massage by moving slowly down the spine; penetrate those tense muscles with a combination of long gentle strokes and strong high pressure movements.

Long strokes with high pressure are particularly beneficial. Finish with a light head massage for full relaxation.

4. Half an Hour Rest

Back Massage Tips

You should take a half an hour rest after every massage. Just stay in the position you were in, take deep breaths, clear your mind and relax.

This is actually crucial for any massage to take an effect. If you stand up and start working right after a massage, you might have as well not taken one in the first place. Plus, you increase the risk of pulling a muscle and hurting yourself because your muscles will be very relaxed. Getting up fast can hurt you.

Try not to do anything demanding after a massage like; cleaning, doing the dishes or anything similar. It’s best if you can have your massage in the evening and just go to sleep after it.

5. Short Massage in Front of TV

It’s not really like you can afford a long and soothing massage every day. On the other hand, you absolutely can afford a short massage, with your clothes on, in front of the TV.

Take turns with your boyfriend or husband and give each other a short massage. Sit in front of the couch and let your man give you a back massage. He can easily cover your neck and your shoulders and, if you bend a bit further, even your lower back.

Of course, this is not nearly as beneficial as the full back massage but it will still be relaxing and help you feel better. Even a short massage is better than no massage at all.

Now that you have the back massage tips, don’t forget that you talked your man into doing this by promising to take turns. You can’t just take and not give. Establish a weekly routine that will be very beneficial for both of you.

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