Top 6 Organic Food Tips for Pregnant Women

From the moment we wake up till the moment we hit the sheets, we are forced to make compromises. But there is something so incredibly precious that we should never ever compromise about. Our child. When a woman becomes pregnant her hormonal balance becomes as stable as an unattended nuclear reactor. The last thing you need is – more hormones. Or antibiotics. Or pesticides.

Unfortunately, most of those are contained inside that one thing a pregnant woman (or any other woman for that matter) can’t live without – food.

So, is there a solution? Here are six.

1. Potatoes

Healthy diet can get monotonous, and it can be tricky for a mommy to be, to reinvent her entire cookbook. Luckily there are easy ways to prepare potatoes, and by choosing organic potatoes, you get some healthy food, very fast.

2. Beef

For all you beef fans out there, here’s something you should know – the beef you usually buy is so rich in hormones that, according to recent studies, it can actually cause fertility problems to your children. As it turns out – by switching to organic beef you are not only helping yourself and your child but also increasing possibility of grandchildren. Now that’s what I call a meal.

3. Apples

pregnant woman with apples

Apples are healthy. Or, are they? Sure, if you don’t mind eating the pesticides that come along with them. Apparently, the good old apple, if not organic, contains chemicals that influence memory and intelligence in kids. And later on, it may cause lifelong hormonal issues. So, – an organic apple a day keeps the doctor away.

4. Milk

pregnant woman drinking milk

When most of us think of the origins of milk, we see a dairy cow peacefully grazing on a beautiful green pasture. What we don’t see are the antibiotics, hidden in the milk we serve our families. When a woman is with child, everything she eats or drinks can influence breast feeding, so the earlier you start drinking healthy milk, the better it is for the baby that will drink yours.

5. Soy

A powerful ingredient in many diets, soy, offers a variety of benefits. For those mums who prefer to go veg, or simply enjoy the taste, behold – the bad news. Although we tend to affiliate soy with diet and healthy lifestyle in general, most soy is not organic. In fact, it is kind of difficult to find the right kind of soy. According to Dr. Alan Greene, the author of ‘Raising Baby Green’ „in recent years soy has been the domestic crop most contaminated with organophosphate pesticides.“ And that leads us to…

6. Check the Labels

Always check the labels. Double check them, if you can. And, while in life adding labels to people should be avoided, here it should be mandatory. After all, there’s no point in paying for something that is not, or not completely, what you’re looking for. After all, it’s about you and your child, and that remains priceless.

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