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10 Tips on How to Get Over Your Ex Boyfriend

by Jason |

Getting over your ex boyfriend isn’t easy. For some people it can take months, even years to kill the negative feelings of being apart. Here are 10 tips on how you can get over him once and for all, and then continue with your life.

Did you dump him, or did he break up with you, or you both decided that it just wasn’t working anymore? It doesn’t really matter now. It’s over, and, chances are, you won’t get back together no matter what you do. There’s a reason why things didn’t work out. Sure, it’s possible to get your ex back, but that’s another story.

I’ll assume you want to get over him, turn a page and move on with your life. Here’s what you should do to repair your broken heart, and make those painful thoughts disappear.

#1 Get Busy

woman doing workjob on her laptop

Do stuff. Be active. When you have things to do (watching TV doesn’t count), you clear your mind and just don’t have the time to think about your ex. Be busy, get a hobby, work on your career, and catch up with old friends.

#2 Work out


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two bicycles

Hit the gym, or go jogging. Do some physical exercise. This will toughen up your body, mind, and soul so you’ll be less emotional and more productive. You might even meet your new love in the gym.

#3 Get out of the House

Staying at home, watching TV and checking out your ex boyfriend’s Facebook profile won’t help. Distract yourself. Get out of the house as often as you can. Don’t hang out in places that remind you of him.

#4 Don’t Get Drunk

woman looking at the bottle in the kitchen

The worse thing you can do is to drink alcohol to forget him. You’ll end up hooking up with some idiot in a club that you’ll never want to see again, the next day you’ll just feel depressed. Pull yourself together! You don’t need alcohol to get over your ex boyfriend. That’s what weak people do. Are you weak? Of course not.

#5 Don’t Go Insane, Accept Your Pain

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Do not cut him out of your life completely. He might be your ex boyfriend now, but not so long ago you used to love each other – don’t be angry at him or yourself. Forgiving him, and yourself, is the first step to peace of mind after a break up. Accept that it’s over and that life goes on. You need to be strong and able to control your pain – how? Accept it. Acceptance is the first step. Don’t try to resist it. I’m not saying you should spend time with your ex, but don’t cut him out of your life either – it’s possible to stay friends with your ex, whatever you believe right now. Give each other a chance to continue communication, that’s what cool, emotionally healthy, open-minded people do.

#6 Don’t Look for a New Guy

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You just broke up with your boyfriend and you’re trying to get over him – finding a new boyfriend after just a weak is dumb and unrealistic.

Give yourself some time, and be fair with your ex. You would feel terrible if he had a new girlfriend out of a sudden too. Have some respect for each other. Take it slow and let your heart heal. It also wouldn’t be fair towards that new guy; you’d just use him as a cheap substitute of your ex so you don’t feel like crap. That’s selfish.

Enjoy being single a bit, rethink your life, get to know yourself better. Stay strong and carry on. You don’t need anyone to be happy but yourself.

#7 Be Positive

Paulo Coelho says in one of his books, “When somebody leaves, it’s so that somebody else can arrive.” Know that just because your ex left you, this is for a reason. Maybe it’s a good thing, even if your ego is hurt and your heart broken. Look at it from a positive side.

If you didn’t break up, you would never meet that next guy that will come along. Yes – he will come along – but only if you think positively. Open up yourself to new opportunities by looking at things from the right angle. Your heart is broken because you let it be broken. You can’t get over your ex – not because of him, but because of yourself – you do not let yourself get over him. Allow yourself to move on. It’s easier than you think.

#8 Do You Enjoy the Pain?

I feel great note

Think about this for a second. Do you enjoy feeling bad? Maybe you like feeling like a victim. Maybe not. But be realistic and honest towards yourself. I know you may feel terrible right now, and you’ll keep on feeling like crap IF you decide, “I feel bad.”

Stop the negative self-talk. Wake up the next morning and shout out loud “I feel great!” then repeat this, as many times as you can until you really believe that you feel great. I know this sounds dumb – but it works! Try it.

#9 Rise Above Your Pain

forest path

The best way to get over your ex boyfriend is to rise above the pain. You are now inside of your head. Change your way of thinking.

View yourself from outside. Rise above your pain, and accept your situation. This breakup is not an end, it is merely a new beginning. New opportunities are everywhere around you. You can’t see them if you close yourself up with negativity. Open your eyes! Distance yourself from your pain; don’t let it eat you up. You are stronger than you think.

#10 Love Yourself


Life works in strange ways. Sometimes, you just don’t “click” with a guy completely. Why be in a relationship with someone who isn’t ideal for you. There’s someone for everyone, and you will find true love, sooner or later. Just open up yourself, Mr. Right could be just around the corner. Anything is possible.

Don’t put pressure on yourself. The first step to getting over your ex is acceptance. The second step is to keep walking. You have to move on in life and have a positive attitude. Love yourself and you will be loveable to the world around you.

Never forget… after the rain, the sun always comes out. It may be raining now, so take out your umbrella, keep walking, and sooner than you know, the sun will shine brighter, and will bring a smile on your face.

Jason runs a construction company, but he enjoys sharing his experiences with the opposite sex by writing about relationships in his spare time. He spends his weekends kite surfing and running on the beach.

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28 thoughts on 10 Tips on How to Get Over Your Ex Boyfriend

  1. youqueen girl illustration Ana Lorraine Aguilar

    Very helpful Jason ^_^ thank you so much for the uplifting advises.

  2. youqueen girl illustration Chingy

    This is a great article! Thank you, Jason. it is a great feeling to know that a fresh start is right in front of us if we are willing to think positively. There is nothing more important than loving ourselves :)

  3. for yrs I been looking for someone to come along and eclipse my favorite guy without success. Only thing i can do is pray to heal and just love myself.

  4. youqueen girl illustration pauline

    wow……this a very nice article that real inspired me on how to love myself and moved on! i felt so good after read this.

  5. youqueen girl illustration bharti

    Really very nice artical, thanks lot for these thoughts.

  6. youqueen girl illustration Collygrace

    Oh is now amazing dat i stil hav hope after dat nasty breakup!all tanks 2 JASON!

  7. youqueen girl illustration pauline

    Thank u jason 4dis wounderful steps. Now i know all i need is to think positive ‎​ be happy

  8. im just in the early stages of a break up and im finding it really hard to deal with things… This has help but i just want this pain to go away…. will it

  9. Thanks jason !!!!! I’ve just come out of a rough break-up and your article has given me hope !!!

  10. Thank you Jason. This article is really helpful to me. Just broke up a few days ago and i am moving on with my life.

  11. youqueen girl illustration Ashley

    Thank you so much. I recently had to break up with my boyfriend. Too many problems and I have been beating myself up about it. Your article helped me, thank you so much!!

  12. youqueen girl illustration Zaira mesa

    Nice, i wilL f0lLow this !.by the way thank you !:)

  13. youqueen girl illustration Rachel

    Thanks for this article. It really does gives me hope. I sure hope it works, because remaining attached & pathetic/insane isn’t really working out for me.

  14. youqueen girl illustration Ruthie

    It’s Amazing! those words really help me to think deeper and be happy without that person who made me sad… Thanks 5 Star!

  15. Great article, I enjoy every single points and it helped me. Thank you.

    However I don’t agree with “not cutting him off”. Yes, for some relationship, the friendship might work and it might be worth it to keep it, but I don’t see why I should keep someone who might have been abusive, constantly brushes off my feelings or constantly not take me seriously.
    I do not need someone like that in my life even as an acquaintance.

    All of my friends have been supportive, never brush of my feelings or abusive towards me, why do I need to keep someone who has not been that good to me just because we were in a relationship?

    Forgive him, sure, keeping someone like that in my life, I would need to ask why should I?

    Again, I am not saying you need to cut off all your exes, but I don’t think you should keep everyone either, it’s not a “mature” thing to do to keep someone who is and was no good for you.

    • youqueen girl illustration jrosalindmarie

      I agree with you. I have an ex who treated me the same way. When we broke up, he then decided to try to do all the right things, he should have been doing in the first place.

  16. youqueen girl illustration heebah

    Thank u jason! I think dis will really help becouse what I feel right now nobody knows and I feel everything has come to an end

  17. My previous relationship has been the most difficult thing to get over. Its been 3 yrs since we broke up. I’m better but not healed. I’ve blocked any other man from getting close to me. I feel hopeless. I’m not doing anything productive in my life. All I do is busy myself with work but I’m not living. I’m merely existing. Barely .

  18. youqueen boy illustration vinoth

    thank u so much dear, i have sever pain. help me friends to come back with ex love

  19. Thank you! I’ve been with my ex for 9 months and my ex said that he never loved me. This really help me to forget him :)

  20. youqueen girl illustration michelle

    This is really helping me get over my ex .A little effort makes it move on well .tks alot

  21. Jason thank you for your tips.my long distant boyfriend cheat me and left me without any solid reason.he just ignore me and block me in FB also.he didn’t respect me ,my character and he always blame me make me feel bad about myself.but i suffered a lot and work a lot for maintaining the relation.but one fine day he just blame about my character and just left me,i dont know why he did so.but now i just feel guilty..i feel that i had done some guilt ,he is not my right man but i took a long time to realize it.i just dont know what to do.due to guilt i can’t share this to my family or friends.can you please give me some advices to recover from this hell.

  22. youqueen girl illustration gillian

    this is the first time i read this article. .actully his my boyfriend until now. .i just want to forget him even though were still in a relationship. . i just want to prepare myself from getting hurt. coz i know to myself that if one day i lose him .. i will die thats why im preparing….

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