8 Reasons Why Pisces Are Hard To Understand

Pisces are known to be the most sensitive zodiac sign and they tend to hide a lot. Here's why Pisces are hard to understand (and how to try to understand them).

Pisces are known for being sensitive, there’s no getting around that. They wear their hearts on their sleeve and they don’t always know how to handle themselves. As a Pisces myself, I can tell you that we don’t fully understand ourselves at times, which is why it can be hard for other people to try to understand us. Here are some reasons why Pisces are hard to understand.

1. We’re the last sign in the zodiac

why Pisces are hard to understand

This may not seem like a big deal, but it makes a difference. Other signs have characteristics that they are solely known for, while Pisces has a mix of many other zodiacs’ characteristics. This means that we aren’t always sure of our own identity because there are parts of us that could be linked to other signs. We’re the mutt of the zodiac, so we tend to have to figure out how we’re feeling ourselves. This can really make it hard for other people to try to figure us out, too.

2. We’re incredibly indecisive

I can tell you from experience that I am the most annoying person to try to figure stuff out with. Anything as simple as where I want to eat is a decision I do not want to make because I cannot decide. Figuring out what I want from the menu is a whole other story. Even with the smallest decisions, it takes a good while before we can even try to figure out what we want.

3. We’re open-minded

We are always willing to try something new. It may freak us out, but we want to have the experience. We don’t like to judge. We know how awful it feels to feel like someone is judging you, so we make it a point to make sure everyone is included and okay.

We will be friends with anyone because we want people around us who think differently than we do. We want people around us who we can have conversations with about the world, and see how other people think.

4. We put others before ourselves

sad woman crying to a man

We tend to have a hard time saying no to people, which can prove to be a major setback at times. Sometimes we give all of ourselves to make sure that other people are okay that we forget to make sure that we’re okay, too.

We care so deeply about people that we put ourselves in other people’s shoes too easily. I don’t know about you, but I will cry at the drop of a hat while watching a movie if I think about how that one character must be feeling. This also happens in real life situations, which can be hard for us to step away from.

5. We think, a lot

Pisces overanalyze everything. It doesn’t matter how small it may seem to someone else, it’s huge to us. We will worry for days about something that happened or something that we could’ve done differently. Pisces tend to have a lot of anxiety.

Why Pisces are hard to understand? We will worry about anything we can. We often try to keep our minds distracted because it’s healthier for us to do that than it is to constantly be replaying situations in our minds.

6. We fantasize often

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Why Pisces are hard to understand? Pisces often find themselves zoning out. We can be sitting in the middle of class, paying attention, and then suddenly find ourselves coming back to reality, realizing that we thought we were paying attention but were actually thinking about other things for a good five minutes.

I often do this in class when I can still hear a professor talking, so I assume that I’m understanding what they’re saying, but then realizing that I didn’t catch a word they said because I was too busy thinking about all of the things I had to do later on that day.

We love to think about what our future is going to look like. We know what we want, and how we want to get there, but it can often change. We have so many goals, but then we realize that it was never what we really wanted to do, and we find a new passion.

7. We love to help

This goes along with another point, but it has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Most Pisces will do anything to help out our friends.

We want as best for them as we would want for ourselves. We want people to be happy and have everything they deserve. We are always there for our friends and will go out of our ways to make sure that people know they have someone to count on.

When it comes to ourselves, we tend to ignore our emotions because we don’t have time to deal with them. We can get very overwhelmed with our own emotions when we let ourselves feel them so that when we do let ourselves feel the emotion, we tend not to know how to deal with it.

8. We’re introverted

Pisces are hard to understand

We love to be around people and feel included, but we need our time alone or else we’re going to go crazy. Being introverted does not mean that we are antisocial.

It just means that we need time to recharge before we can be around people and be constantly “there.” Pisces tend to be on autopilot most of the time when it involves social interactions. We know what we need to do or say, but our heads are usually somewhere else.

We love to be alone. There is nothing wrong with sitting around all day watching movies alone. It’s so calm and peaceful for a Pisces. Pisces also find it hard to connect with everyone. There are some people we just aren’t going to get along with, and that’s okay. We fully accept that.

When we do find people whom we like, we want to really get to know them. We don’t have time for small talk. We want to talk about life and the world with people.

We ask questions that we know will evoke a great response or great story. If we aren’t talking, then it means that we probably don’t feel comfortable enough with the people around us to talk or we just don’t have anything good to add to the conversation.

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Pisces are complex people, we can’t hide our emotions. We like to think we aren’t open books, but we totally are. We can be sensitive at times, but it’s only people we truly care. I’m biased, but if you have a Pisces in your life, then you’re a pretty special person.

So, that’s why Pisces are hard to understand. If you liked this article, then please like and share it! If you have any thoughts you’d like to share, then leave them in the comments section below!


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  • Good morning ! Myranda, girl you’re right on point about our sign, from one Pisces ♓ sister to another ? I love ❤ ur style! Continue to shine!! Look forward to reading more thanks again. God-Bless you Always.Carla Peace ✌

  • I completely agree with your article. As I am also a complete Pisces! There are a few things I would say that are a little different about me, but all in all, you’re right on the money.
    Pisces are a different breed all together. My boyfriend tells me constantly that I’m different than any other women he’s ever known. I am both a gift and a curse at the same time.