3 Ways To Style Yourself Like Elsa From ‘Frozen’

Embrace the winter season with these simple ways to mimic Elsa’s ‘Frozen’ appearance.

Elsa has become an icon in the last couple of years for her strength and independence in the Disney movie ‘Frozen’. She embodies power and is a significant role model for women so who better to seek inspiration from? This article will show you how to adapt Elsa’s icy style to your image this winter.

1. Frosty Snow Queen Makeup


Elsa does not go heavy on her makeup so remember to keep the face makeup simple with the main focus remaining on the eyes. She embraces her pale skin so if you have a naturally pale complexion work with this instead of against it. Choose a foundation, concealer and powder that matches your skin tone so there will be no telling where the makeup ends.

Your face should look as smooth as possible with no harsh foundation lines so make sure your creams are well-blended. Elsa has barely any contour so only apply the tiniest bit of bronzer to your cheekbones and run this up into your temples and your hairline around your forehead.

Apply a soft, warm pink blush to your cheeks to warm your complexion. In this case, I would suggest more blusher than bronzer to create a natural rosy glow. To add an icy sheen, apply a shimmery highlight across your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and over your Cupid’s bow.

After the face makeup is complete, it is time to move on to the eyes. Dab on a cream-based lid primer to set an even base for your eyeshadow. Once this is nicely rubbed in, take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and sweep a rosy pink shadow along your crease as your transition shade. Pack on a purple eyeshadow with a pink sheen for your lid color.

To blend your lid and transition colors together, take your fluffy brush from earlier and pat it into an auburn shade. Blend this along your crease and the outer corners of your eyes in light circular and windshield motions.

To even out your eye makeup, take a flat brush and run some of that purple shade in under your bottom lashes with a little auburn along the first third of the outer corners of your eyes.

Pat a small amount of a pearly white eyeshadow to your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes to act as a highlighter and make your eyes appear more awake and open.

Since Elsa’s eyes are so big, try running a white eyeliner pencil along your waterlines to give the illusion of larger eyes. With your eyeshadow finished, apply a couple of coats of mascara to your top and bottom lashes and, if you want to add a little extra flare, try out some fluttery false lashes. False lashes will dress this look up if you want to transform the Elsa makeup from daytime to evening wear.

If you choose to add false lashes, look for some that fan out at the sides to mimic Elsa’s elongated eyes.

2. Elsa’s Voluminous Side Braid

Recreating Elsa’s famous hairstyle is much easier than you think. Start by backcombing the roots of your hair as Elsa’s hair has plenty of volume. Spritz a little hairspray to set the backcombing and smooth the front of your hair over your backcombed sections.

Select some random sections at the front of your hair and leave them to the side for later (about two inch sections). Begin plaiting a normal, three-strand braid from the top of your neck down. Once you reach the end of your hair, secure your braid with a clear hairband.


Next is the fun part: pancaking. This is where you pinch on each section of your braid and pull outwards to allow your hair to look fuller. Do this the whole way down your braid until you reach the end.

Now, lightly curl the remaining strands of hair you selected earlier, tuck them into the top of your braid and secure them in place with bobby pins. Don’t pull too tightly as you do this. The purpose of this step is to mirror Elsa’s rough appearance to her hair before it smooths out into an even braid.

You can set your hairstyle with hairspray and a couple of diamond or snowflake accessories throughout your hair for a dressier finish.

3. Frozen Ombré Nail Art:


A really simple way to style your nails over the winter is to apply the ombré shading effect. The first step to creating ombré nails is to choose a base color. Since we’re taking inspiration from Elsa, I suggest a glittery silver nail polish.

Paint two coats of this onto your nails so that they are full of color. Allow them to dry and then pour an icy blue nail polish onto a scrap piece of paper and dab a sponge into it. Dab your sponge a couple of times onto the paper to remove any excess product and then begin patting the faded blue from the tip of your nail halfway up your nail.

Do not cover all the silver with blue as this will defeat the whole shading technique. Allow for the outer tips of your nails to have most of the blue nail polish and fade the blue gradually out going up the nail so that the silver will shine through at the top. It’s that simple!

So there it is: three simple ways to embrace the winter season this year through Elsa’s simple and elegant style. Feel free to adapt any of these ideas to suit your own unique preferences and let us know how you get on!

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