5 Beauty Tips You Can Steal From Your Grandma

While modern beauty products and treatments steadily make their way into the market today, there are some tried and tested beauty methods that have been used over ages, perhaps even by your mom or your grandma!

With the abundance of so many chemically laden beauty and skin care products in the market, more and more people are going back to basics and trying to go healthy and organic. Thus, we have also seen a slew of products that promise you the perfect skin, hair and body without the use of synthetic materials. These organic and natural products are rather expensive than conventional ones, but instead of spending for them, save your moolah for something else.

If you want to go simple and basic with your skin care – steal tips from your grandma. Yep, you heard it right. You can ask your mom, your grandma or that elderly neighbor who doesn’t look a day over fifty for some tips. Before beauty products became quite mainstream, many women made use of products that they could whip up in the kitchen or from their herb garden, and many of these things still work today. Here are some secret home remedies that you can steal (and definitely use) from your grandma:

#1 Beauty Woe: Thin Lips

womans lips covered with sugar

If you are searching for the perfect product to make your lips look as luscious as Angelina Jolie’s (or at least Adriana Lima or other Victoria’s Secret models), then grandma may have a helpful secret for you. Grab a pinch of ground cinnamon powder and mix it with a bit of Vaseline. Rub it on your lips for a few seconds and wipe off. Cinnamon can plump up your lips because it mildly irritates the skin and stimulates more blood to flow on to the surface, so you can say hello to beautiful, gorgeous and luscious lips. You can do this right before a big night or event when you want to make a statement with those puckers.

#2 Beauty Woe: Chapped Lips

If you are facing the eternal problem of chapped lips, always remember to bring your lip balm with you at all times. If the weather conditions are extra-harsh and your trusty lip balm can’t save you, try mixing a very small amount of almond and coconut oil. Pat the mixture gently on your lips. Leave it overnight, and repeat the process for at least two weeks. Your problem will eventually solve itself in a few days time.

#3 Beauty Woe: Lifeless, Dull Hair

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Can’t get your hair to grow long because the tips are always split and damaged? Strengthen it by grabbing some extra-virgin olive oil and massaging it onto your scalp. Wrap your hair with hot towels or a shower cap. When it’s done (it can be for as quick as two hours or as long as overnight – depends on you), shampoo the oil off and add a bit of vinegar during the final rinse. This process may be done twice a week. You can also use virgin coconut oil or Argan Oil as well. Find out how you can use Argan oil on hair.

#4 Beauty Woe: Dandruff

If you are plagued with dandruff, mix egg yolks with your EVOO and make sure to rub the mixture onto your scalp. Leave it for an hour before you shampoo it off. The plus side of it all: eggs are like nature’s conditioner – it’ll leave your hair shiny, soft and glowing.

#5 Beauty Woe: Zits

Woman in bathrobe and towel relaxing in facial mask

Some are a little blessed when it comes to pimples. They get virtually little to no zits even during that dreaded time of the month. If you are among those who happen to be a little bit unlucky, fenugreek can be your best choice to remove all those stubborn spots, unsightly blackheads and whiteheads, dry skin and wrinkles. To make the mask, mash some fenugreek leaves until it forms into a paste and slather it on your face every night. If you have sensitive skin, you can have a hydrating face mask by mixing some yogurt with avocado or other fruits that may cater to your need. Add some honey to the mix and apply it to your skin. It also helps if you refrigerate the mixture before slathering it on your skin for it to be more soothing and hydrating.

Do you have traditional beauty tips that you continuously use until today? Share it with us below in the comments.

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