7 Trendy Nail Designs to Brighten Up a Cloudy Day

Are you bored with beige? Do your nails scream at you to liven them up? If so, then try one of these 7 trendy nail designs. They’re guaranteed to look pretty and brighten up a cloudy day.

I’m a painter (albeit not a very good one) and everything is a potential canvas in my eyes. Nails are no exception. Sometimes I look at my fingers and think “wow, I should really do something with these nails”. Or sometimes I just feel down and need a quick pick me up.

Nail art is a very quick and easy pick me up that you can do yourself at home. That’s’ right, you don’t have to be a professional to try these nail tricks and you don’t have to spend tons of money at the salon. Here are 7 quick nail makeovers for you to try at home.

#1: Galaxy


I saw this on Pinterest and I had to try it! This sparkly, multi-colored nail design is going to make you feel out of this world beautiful! of course, this one has a long list of supplies so get ready. First, you’re going to need different nail polish colors. Black, dark blue, gold, green, orange, and glitter polish (with different sized glitter) are the best choices. You’re also going to need a thick make-up sponge.

Begin by painting your nails black and letting them dry. Once they’re dry, tear the make-up sponge in the middle and use the textured edge to blot the other colors on your nails. It’s best to paint each color on the make-up sponge a little heavy with the brush and then dab it over the black paint, one color at a time.

This is going to look messy at first, but then you’ll see it finally coming together. Blot the orange, then the gold and then the green and the blue over your nails and let it dry. Once it’s dry, put a coat of the glitter polish over your nails. See? You’re wearing the galaxy! Beware: This design chips easily.

#2: Tentacles

If you’re in for something a little more monster movie, or just some good ol’ Kraken fun, then paint tentacles on your nails. This is a lot easier than the galaxy. Us a base color (such as blue) to paint your nails. Then, using another contrasting color, such as pink, paint a brush stroke from your cuticle to the tip, letting the brush stroke get thinner as you go. This is your tentacle.

Next, use a third color, such as purple, and taking a toothpick make little dots along one edge of your tentacle. This is your suction cups. Do that on each nail and you have yourself an under the sea world of fun at your fingertips.

#3: Jewels


If you’re not quite confident in your abilities to paint tentacles (don’t worry, it took me a while to build up the nerve as well), then a simple and elegant (and still so pretty!) trendy design you can do at home calls for little stick on jewels. You can actually purchase these little nail jewels at almost any retail store or pharmacy (Revlon makes some great nail jewelry and nail art you can apply yourself).

If you’re feeling a little spunky and looking for something uniquely yours to brighten your cloudy day, take a trip to your local arts and crafts store and buy some pretty fake jewels or pearls with a flat back that you can press onto your nails. All you have to do is pick the jewels you like, paint your base coat nail color, then use nail glue to stick the pretty jewels on. Ta-da!

#4: Colorful french manicure

If you are like me and wash a lot of dishes, then nail jewelry isn’t always the best plan. That’s’ okay. You can still make your nails gorgeous without the hassle of losing a fake pearl down the drain. This is a take on the classic French Manicure. Paint your base coat nail color and then choose the same color just a few shades lighter to tip your nails.

You can also use silver tips on blue polish or gold tips on white or cream colored polish. Use your imagination and go with colors you really enjoy.

#5: Make each nail a different color


One of the things I do to brighten up a cloudy day is to paint each one of my fingernails a different color. Of course, you only need five colors because you’re going to make your hands identical. There are a couple of ways you can go about this.

First, you can choose five colors in the same family. Different shades of red or different shades of blue work great together. The other way you can do this is to make your nails a rainbow of colors. This is a really great idea if you don’t have the time (or patience) to change your nail polish every day and you want something to coordinate with all your outfits.

#6: XOXO

The XOXO is an easy trick for those who want to do something cute and fun, but don’t want to have to run to the store or put a lot of time into it. This is a quick pick me up. Pick a color, any color. Paint your base coat on your nails. Now, choose another color that you like (it doesn’t even matter if it coordinates, you’re doing this to have fun).

On each of your nails make a large X and and O alternately. Your nails now look like they have little hugs and kisses on them. Who wouldn’t smile at that? If the X’s and O’s are giving you trouble, use a toothpick and dot little polka dots on your nails. Polka dots are always trendy and fun, too.

#7: Googley eyes


Another quick idea if you’re really feeling blue, is to paint your nails a pretty color (something you enjoy looking at) and then nail glue little craft Googley eyes on them. This is tons of fun! When you move your hands or type, the eyes moves around. I dare you not to smile.

Making yourself feel pretty is essential to your mental health. These quick and fun nail ideas are a trendy way to brighten up a cloudy day (or a good way to spend a rainy afternoon). All you need is a little imagination and some nail polish.

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