Find Out What Men Think is the Perfect Body

What is the shape and size that men find the most attractive? Here are some aspects of the female body that drive guys wild.

It’s not the stick figure in the fashion mag, it’s not the silicone-stuffed, bleached porn actress with the orange tan. Women’s bodies that look natural, well kept and pampered are what men find really sexy.

The Hip-to-waist Curve

The hourglass figure or the “Coke bottle” shape, whatever you call it, we all know the old pantomime for the female body. Some studies have proven that men find an exact hip-to-waist ratio irresistible. Take the measuring tape and do your math. Your waist should be 70 percent of your hip measurement, or less. Work on those love handles if it’s over that, to get a figure that will turn guys’ heads. Accentuate this curve with your outfit, and don’t make the mistake of hiding your waist with a baggy top.

The Tummy

The female tummy is naturally softer and a bit rounder than a man’s. Most guys love a fit belly on a girl, so work on toning your abs, but don’t go for the washboard six-pack of a bodubuilder. Your tummy should be soft and inviting to the touch, with a hint of muscle underneath to show that you are active and you like to take care of yourself. Hey, let’s face it, you wouldn’t want a guy with a flabby gut, so why should his expectations be any lower?


woman with big breasts and angels wings

Whole books can be (and probably have been) written on the topic of boobs – which size do men like the most? This, like many other things, is highly individual. Some guys like a handful, some like more than that. Whatever size you have, know that your cleveage WILL draw mens’ attention. Work with what you’ve got, and never show too much skin to avoid being tacky and looking cheap. Small and perky or fuller, guys just love boobs, fullstop.


Same as with the tummy, it’s always nice to see toned legs. Thighs that are a little fuller but firm, smooth knees and a shapely calf, with a tapering ankle and a well-manicured foot in a nice shoe… Work the treadmill for the extra attention, it will pay off.


woman in jeans from the side

See “Cleveage”. Guys just love a girl’s behind, so find that perfect pair of jeans that will show what you’ve got. A round, firm butt in a great pair of pants is one of the sexiest sights for them. Do exercises that will shape and lift your behind, as most guys don’t like a flat butt, but a nice, round shape.


Did you know that some men would rather see your back, than a “here’s all I’ve got” cleveage? Show the curve of your spine, your summer tan and smooth skin with a back-baring top, and you can be sure that the guys will be watching.


beautiful brunette  with tanned skin

Maybe this is one of the most important features of a woman’s body. Doesn’t matter if your backside is kinda flat or your boobs smaller or bigger than you would like, the feel and smell of a woman’s skin is what will make any part of your body sexy. A light tan, exfoliated, smooth and pampered skin will make you inviting to the touch… and everything else that will follow.

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  • No offense to the author, but this article is vague and wouldn’t send a good message to a young, impressionable girl. The underlying message for all of this is “Work out to have a perfect ___ and boys will like you.” Personally, I am 5’6, 182 pounds, and while yes I do have a nice butt and more than a handful of breasts, I also have lovehandles, cellulite, thick thighs that touch when I walk, and a chubby tummy. However, I’m dating a fit, athletic guy who loves my body, no he doesn’t tolerate it because he loves my personality, he checked me out before he knew me. I still turn heads. Instead of an article saying “Change this to make it look like that,” maybe there should be more articles about fashion tips to accentuate the parts of your body that you love. Not every single guy likes an hourglass figure. A lot of guys aren’t even picky, because if you are confident and have a sparkle in your eyes & an alluring personality, you will spark interest in many.

    • Jess, you are wonderful! I am surfing online and thats the only thing I saw which made sense!

      Men do not really look for any of these. They look for a passionate woman with whome they can spend quality time. Your look is secondary and a SMILE is the best make up you can ever put on your face.

      If you want to be a desired woman work on your hobbies more instead of how you look. Spend your money for your hobbies instead of wasting them on make up products…

      Then you will become the woman every men wants in their live.

  • I just love, love this article :* I am exercsing regularly and I follow diet to lose my weight. I just wanna be a model in my area ;) Thanks for this lovely article. It motivates me a lot more :)

  • I do agree with most of the comments.not all of them. the way men are raised and because of our media i think most men do what the hourglass figure, or more or less kim kardashian….. it is very frustrating. most realistic men do prefer a woman who is well proportioned.

    • There are not many women with an hourglass figure. That’s unrealistic. It’s the same also in men. Not many of them are Magic Mike either. So, if they think that they’re the only picky ones on Earth, they haven’t been out of their caves.

  • I agree with Jess I have a really voluptuous body, and my fiance can’t wait until we get married. I attracted him with my sparkling eyes, my full plump lips and my plumpish butt and I do have some cellulite on my butt but that is probably because it sticks out so far, my body isn’t perfect like a photoshopped Sex Bot, but it is close and he loves everything about it, he loves me the inside of me and the outside, I workout, and we are inside each other, he checked out my body and was really attracted to me, he says he loves my legs and butt and smallish waist, but I have a butt without putting fat injections in it. It has enough fat naturally thank God. I thought that was a great comment, Jess. It comes down to the soft skin that my James touches the way we look into each other’s eyes, the way we kiss each other.

  • The skin things seems a bit narrow, just a light tan? What about people with dark skin or those who just burn and can’t tan… I agree on an average people probably prefer clear soft skin but I don’t think colour should come into it.