How To Look Skinnier Than You Are

You haven’t done workouts nor been on the diet for a long time, you feel uncomfortable with your body and you really don’t know what to wear or how to look skinnier than you are? Here are a few ideas on how you can look skinnier by dressing differently.

For some women the problem is their belly that’s too big, for others their hips that are over accentuated and for the rest their legs that seem too large, but what they all have in common is that nothing seems to fit them and there are no clothes that look good on them!

Don’t panic! Perhaps you don’t know it, but there are few great emergency tricks and tips to quickly camouflage your roundness and make yourself look skinnier than you are.

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1. Accentuate the Best Features of Your Body and They Will Hide the Rest

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The most important of all advice is to get to know your body and learn to love all that’s beautiful on it. By accentuating your pretty points, you will draw attention away from imperfections and greatly improve your appearance. After all, every woman tends to bring out her qualities and minimize defects!

If you have nice arms, short sleeves will show them even more, while a little bit satin body oil will perfectly illuminate them.

Don’t hide your beautiful legs because you feel uncomfortable with the rest of your body! Keep them toned and tanned in the summer, and highlight their line with nice shoes and high heels. This will definitely enhance your look and keep everybody’s eyes on your legs!

Accentuate your attractive looking bust and your pretty decoltee – don’t cover it with large tea-shirts, high neck dresses and worn out sweaters! Not too deep décolletés, open collar blouses and necklaces will enhance your appearance and minimize other imperfections.

2. Choose Colors, Fits and Patterns Wisely

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Our disappointment and dissatisfaction with our overall appearance is often the result of a wrong choice of clothes. Take a look at the following tips and find out how look better and skinnier just by paying attention to a few little things when you dress.

Choose the right colors and patterns:

  • Absolutely avoid horizontal stripes! They will enlarge your figure and make you look even fatter than you are. Wear clothes with patterns that run vertically and your body will appear longer and thinner.
  • Don’t dress like a clown! Choose single colored clothes – they will even out your figure, without accentuating bad points. If you sometimes wish to change, opt for two-color clothing or two-color patterns.
  • Black and other dark tones will always make you look skinnier, but if you find them sad, you can always add different color accessories, such as bags, scarves, gloves, belts, necklaces and earrings.

Be careful with styles and fits:

  • Avoid frills, crinkles, pleats and other similar clothing styles that create volume on your body.
  • Don’t wear extra-large sweaters. They will make look even larger than you are.
  • If your upper body is stronger and you have wide shoulders and a larger bust, or too much belly fat, wear clothes with V-neck or boat-neck openings. They will help you look slimmer.
  • Eliminate low-rise pants and skirts from your wardrobe. They will make your belly and your love handles pop out and that is extremely unaesthetic.
  • If your waist is one of the weak points of your figure, never tuck your tea-shirt or blouse into your pants. Pick tops that flow freely around your hips and that extend bellow your waistline.

3. Choose the Right Shoes

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Shoes are as important as clothes, for they can affect the appearance of your legs and of your entire figure. You should, therefore, be very careful when choosing their color and style – they must suit your legs as well as the clothes you are wearing.

  • If you have slim ankles, wear pointed shoes. They will always make your legs look thinner and longer.
  • Avoid straps around ankles that will make your legs appear fatter and shorter.
  • Wear high heels whenever you can – they will make you seem skinnier.
  • Choose dark colored boots or those that are the same color of your pants. They will have a great slimming effect on your body.
  • Wear black opaques and thick tights. You legs will look skinnier.

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  • If u have large legs and abit of a belly something like black leggings&a nice blouse but nuthing really baggy it always makes you look bigger:)