5 Braids for an Awesome Autumn Look!

Autumn, here we come! It’s time for new clothes, shoes, makeup and, you got it, hairstyles.

Got something new to try out? Got your best clothes ready and boots set out? The only thing missing is an awesome braid to go with your cool and breezy outfit!

Here are 5 easy and quick braids to wear this season.

You will need: a comb or brush, bobby pins, hairbands, ribbon, and hairspray/gel/mousse.

1. Messy Side French Up-Do


This is a side braid and messy bun all-in-one!

First, divide you hair down the middle. You need more hair on the right side than the left. Pin or tie the hair on the right side of your head so that it’s not in the way.

Next, French-braid the hair on the left side of your head near from the front and work your way down. Make sure the braid falls behind your left ear. When the braid is level with the bottom of your ear, fasten it with a hairband. Leave the last piece unbraided.

Then, loosen the hair on the right side of your head and divide it into two sections, one at the crown and one on the right side. Take the middle section and pin it. Loosely braid the right side from the front, down behind the ear and sideways towards the other braid on the left side.

When you reach the first braid, tie the two ends together with a hairband. Now, take the hair in the middle and lay it over the hairband. Take the ends of your braids with the loose hair and wind it, behind your left ear, into a bun at the back and pin it down. Finally, spray your hair with some hairspray so it keeps its form.

2. Swept Mermaid Side Braid


Put all your hair over one shoulder and start braiding a small section of hair from the front. Then, add a little piece from the top of your head into the braid, giving a French braid look at first. Don’t braid it too tightly.

Keep the braid coming down the side of your head and behind your ear, going down as you braid. Add a little strand of hair from the top of your head to every third loop.

When you get to the side of your face and the end of the braid is at your neck, start adding strands from the other side of your head. The strands will come over your loose hair and into the braid.

There will be a piece of hair not included in the braid; this is fine—do not worry about this now. Do this as far down as you can then tie your hair and spray it to hold.

3. Topsy Tail Braid


Separate a section of hair at the back of your head, dividing the top from the bottom, above your crown and tie it with a small white or clear rubber band. You will now have a ponytail above your crown made from the top section of your hair.

Now, split the hair just above the rubber band to make a small gap, then take the ponytail and push it through the hole, looping it. Allow the ponytail to lay down on the hair again. This is the topsy tail.

Next, take a strand from each side of the topsy tail, as you would when making a French braid, and tie them with another rubber band over the other ponytail, not together. It must lay just under the first one. Repeat the looping, thus creating another topsy tail.

Repeat the step for two more topsy tails, giving you a total of four layers of topsy tails. Now, take the remaining hair, create another topsy tail and tie the hair up with a fifth topsy tail. If you can make more topsy tails, do so until all your hair is done.

Finally, start pulling on each topsy tail, bringing the hair out of the rubber band for a fuller look. You can spray your hair with hairspray so it keeps its shape as well.

4. Infinity Braid


Divide your hair into three sections: one large and two small sections. The large section must be from the front of your head to your crown on one side of your head. French-braid this larger section.

Similarly, French-braid the other two sections separately and fasten them with a hairband. Then, take the middle braid and wrap it into a bun; use bobby pins to pin it up. Take one French-braided strand and wrap it under and around the bun and pin it down.

Finally, take the last braid and wrap it around the middle of your bun then pin it tight. Spray with hairspray so the hair stays firmly in place.

5. 4-Strand Braid with a Ribbon


First, tie your hair into a ponytail. Then, take a ribbon and tie it in a knot, ensuring that the ribbon covers the rubber band. Divide your hair into three sections, then add the ribbon so that it is in the third section of hair. If it is not in the third section, the ribbon effect won’t work.

Next, take the left strand and put it over the second strand and under the third. Then, take the last strand under the third and over the second strand. Repeat this over under, under over braid until you have braided all your hair then fasten it with a hair band.

We hope you enjoy these awesome braids and have an amazing autumn. If you have any other great autumn braids that look good and are easy to do, please do share them with our readers.

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