5 Tips On How To Feel Feminine With A Pixie Cut

Do you feel a bit boyish with that short hair of yours? Here’s how to bring back that feminine glow and how to feel feminine with a pixie cut!

As someone with a very short pixie cut (think Emma Watson, as we all do), I know better than anyone that it can make you feel rather masculine in quite a few situations.

You totally can rock that pixie with no problem—you look fantastic—but sometimes you just want to have those long, luscious locks do all the feminine work for you. However, now’s the time to feel great and show off that cute crop of yours. Here’s a few ways to give yourself a kickstart!

1. Focus on your face


Your hair isn’t supposed to dominate your overall appearance unless you want it to! The beauty of having a pixie cut is that you don’t have to spend a good few hours blow-drying and curling until your biceps double in size.

Just a quick ruffle in the morning will suffice! This means that you have perhaps double the time to do an amazing makeup look or really pamper your skin.

Find a feature on your face and accentuate it—it will look even more striking without the hair to get in the way! A really good tip is to have a bold eye-look. This will draw attention to your facial features and less towards your short hair if you’re feeling slightly self-conscious about your cow-licks!

2. Feel proud of your hairdo

No matter how much makeup you wear or how amazing your clothes are, it means nothing if you don’t have the confidence to go with it. Someone who is proud to show off who they are is someone who is going places!

how to feel feminine with a pixie cut

What some women struggle with when they have a pixie cut is the concept that there is no long hair to hide behind. Your whole appearance and who you are is open and out there for the whole world to see, without that curtain of hair to linger behind.

You will instantly feel sexy, fabulous and cute with your pixie cut when you feel proud of it. Femininity pours out with confidence, so work it, girl.

3. Choose a feminine statement piece

feel feminine with a pixie cut

Many women who take the leap of getting a pixie cut tend to find that, at first, you can feel like a boy in whatever outfit you wear.

This is especially true on a lazy day of jeans and a t-shirt. However, trust me on this: you are not a boy. You’re a gorgeous girl with an amazing hairdo to be proud of. These are two completely different things!

To make you feel more feminine with a pixie cut when you’re out and about, choose a statement piece of clothing, an accessory or bag that will make you feel like shouting, “Yeah, I’m fabulous!” from the rooftops. For me, a bold, chunky necklace is a winner to make me feel feisty yet feminine all in one go.

4. Don’t always worry about your hair


When you think about it, how important is the hair on the top of our heads truly? Have you ever disliked somebody because of where their parting is or whether they have a fringe?

Nobody is that shallow at the end of the day, so when you’re first flaunting that gorgeous crop of yours, the worry may set in that makes it feel like everyone is staring at your hair and you feel awkward.

In reality, though, it’s not that big a deal at all. By not sweating it too much, you can move on and let it simply become a part of you.

5. Stay elegant and classy


You will feel feminine with a pixie cut.  Sometimes, when you’re trying on a new dress with your pixie cut, you look in the mirror and think, “I look like a boy in this.” The panic may set in to wear something as low-cut and fitted as possible, something that screams look at me, I’m a woman! However, this is the last thing you should try to do.

By wearing clothes that make you feel sexy and, most importantly, comfortable, you will feel twice as confident about your new hair! Keeping it elegant and classic is the best way to rocking that short crop. Think Audrey Hepburn, and you’re away!

There you have it. Throw away those pixie-cut woes and welcome in that sexy confidence you’ve always wanted with your lovely short locks. It takes strength to cut it all off in the first place, so always take pride in how you look, and feel confident in your own skin! Go on: feel amazing in that pixie of yours….

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  • The only problem with my pixie cut is that I’m 13 and not allowed to wear makeup. I prefer masculine clothing as that’s the only thing that looks good with my haircut

  • I’m 13 too and being mistaken as a boy really bothers me! This article did give me a bit of a confidence boost but sometimes you just want to go to the shops in baggy jeans and a jumper and not feel like everyone has assumed you’re a boy. I don’t want to have to make a huge effort everywhere I go.