9 Sexy Ideas for Your Long Hair

If you would ask men what kind of hair they prefer, most of them would tell you long. It’s true; guys love long hair more than short. So, if you have healthy hair, here are 9 sexy ideas for your long hair.

Sexy hairdo doesn’t necessary need to take hours of your time. Sometimes, the simple things work better and simple hairdos can be incredibly sexy. Find out how.

1. Romantic Waves

Sexy Ideas for Long Hair

Yes, girls usually associate wavy hair to romance and consider this hair style to be a romantic one. Still, that doesn’t mean it can’t be a sexy one, right?

If your hair is naturally wavy – you’re good to go. Just let it lose and hit the town. If your hair is straight, you’ll need a curling iron or a wide brush. Make soft, big waves and fix them with some hair mousse.

2. Naughty Curls

Even sexier than the waves, curls on a long hair look amazing. However, they need to be really neat, because there is nothing pretty about hair that is neither curly, nor straight.

The best idea would be to visit your hair dresser and let him do the work for you. If you decide to make the hairstyle yourself, take those thin foam hair rollers and roll your whole hair in them. It’s best to do this in the evening and sleep with the rollers in your hair. The next morning, you will have the hottest curls ever.

Extra advice: let one or two thin curls fall across your face. Guys love to touch women’s hair and this is a clear invitation for them to do exactly that.

3. What about the Straight Hair?

Long straight hair can be hot too, don’t worry. Here’s an idea.

Give yourself a layered haircut and let the hair stylist style your hair straight. Part it on the side and let it cover your face just a little bit. It is enough that it covers the corner of your eye – you still need to see where you’re walking. This hair style is intriguing, a bit mysterious and very very hot.

4. Middle Ponytail

Believe it or not, the simple ponytail can be a very sexy hair style. Remember the look of Evangeline Lilly in Lost? That’s what you’re looking for.

So, two thin face-framing hair sections reaching your cheekbones and the rest of the hair gathered in a ponytail at the middle of your head. That’s all!

5. Loose Bun


I personally believe this to be one of the hottest hair styles ever. The neat bun can look very strict and professional while the loose bun shows a completely different image.

Leave your face – framing hair sections and gather the rest of your hair in a loose low bun. Secure with bobby pins. It should be a bit messy – a couple of sections sticking out of the bun are quite desirable.

6. Loose Half Up Half Down

Generally speaking, loose styles are the winners of sexy hair. There is something about hair that’s a bit messy that makes guys love it.

You could try Jessica Biel’s loose half up half down style. It’s actually very easy to make. You simply have to run a bit of hair mousse through your hair, take a couple of sections on each side of your face and loosely secure them with bobby pins behind your ears. As simple as that.

7. Pumped Up Side Ponytail

Sexy Ideas for Long Hair

Before I give you the instructions on how to make this hairstyle, I have to advise you to make sure that pumped up styles look good on you. A lot of girls are wearing them, but unfortunately only the few look good with them.

So, to get back on the hairstyle – tie a looser ponytail at one side, right behind your ear. Pump up the hair at the top of your head using a comb and hair spray. Curl the side ponytail. Combine with big drop earrings and you’re in for the win.

8. Wind in Your Hair

Wind in Your Hair

This hairstyle resembles those pictures in the magazines where girls stand in front of big fans and their hair is all around, blown by the wind. That’s super hot, but you can’t stand in front of a big fan, can you? However, you can make it look like that.

First, apply some hair mousse to wet hair. Take a wide round brush and while blow drying your hair, take one small section of the hair framing your face at a time and pull it away from your face with the brush. You should end up with a bit messy style that looks like you’re standing in the wind.

9. Head scarf up do

Purchase one or two quirky stretchy headbands (look for cool prints), wrap them over your head, and then tuck your hair inside.

The head scarf may help hold your hair in place.

This is a fairly easy method to use to remove hair from your neck, and it looks wonderful when worn with a head scarf as an accent and with some of the designs or colors showing through the hair. Although a little daring, I assure you that it is great.

If you are looking for more, check out our infographic!

These are in my opinion the hottest hairstyles for your long hair. Remember that you need to have a “sexy attitude” if you want a sexy hairstyle. If you have an extra idea to share, please do so in the comment section below. And let that hair show you that you indeed are a hot girl!

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