African Hair Styling Tips: How To Avoid Bad Hair Days

Bad hair days happen to all of us, especially on days when you least expect it! We prepared for you some African hair styling tips that will help you on those bad hair days we all hate.

Somehow, between yesterday and today, something went drastically wrong with your hair and it decided to venture out on its own. Various factors can affect your hair, including weather changes, hormonal influences, shampoo choices and even medication. However, sometimes bad hair days just happen—even to the best of us.

You’re not alone! It’s also not the end of the world. Just remember that there are ways to save your hair when it’s in destruction mode. Here are five African hair styling tips that will help you prevent bad hair days before they happen.

1. Play around with pretty scarves

african hair styling tips

Why not make it a fashion statement by wrapping your hair in a colorful scarf for the day, especially on hot summer days. It’s an easy way to spruce up your wardrobe on a dime and be fashionable.

Regardless of the season, it’ll add some color to your already beautiful outfit!

2. Put it through the water works

african hair styling tips

It’s not advisable to wash your hair often as it dries out your hair causing damage. However, when your hair is sticking in all directions, it may be time to add a little shampoo—followed by a fine comb.

Never fine comb your hair when it’s dry! The result could be unnecessary damage and breakage, which is the last thing you want when trying to grow out your hair.

3. Deep condition once a week

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Deep conditioning prevents your hair from getting tangled and split ends and minimizes overall damage. The last thing you want is to brush kinky, curly hair—especially when it’s dry.

You’ll only cause more damage in the process while trying to make your hair look better on days when it has a mind of its own. In order to save yourself the hassle and time spent fixing your hair, deep condition it once a week to ensure your hair receives the moisture it deserves.

4. Use essential oils

Use Jojoba or coconut oil on your hair to keep it soft, rubbing the oil in from your roots to the tips. This is a preventative tip to avoid your hair from drying out and flaking, causing an unsightly bad hair day.

Also, remember to use all ingredients in moderation, especially for African hair. Products tend to be oilier than those meant for other types of hair, which is why you only need a tiny bit of product to do the job well.

5. Opt for braids


Give your hair a break from relaxers and harsh treatments by braiding it into a pretty pattern. You’ll definitely avoid bad hair days by doing so, and you’ll look as pretty as a button.

This, however, is not a permanent solution as you can damage the hair follicles, causing your hairline to move and increasing the size of your forehead. Reversing such damage takes time and a lot of patience.

6. Seek a professional


Treat yourself once a month by visiting a professional. They went to school for it, and they know the various product. They most certainly will be able to offer professional advice on damaged hair or styling tips to prevent bad hair days.

So, if you must, save your pennies until the end of the month and treat yourself by visiting a professional stylist specializing in African hair.

7. Stay away from steam

This tip applies to all hair types. Direct heat damages your hair regardless of the special precautions you may take to protect it. African hair, especially, is prone to breakage, so stay clear from any kind of methods that could damage your hair in any way. There’s nothing more beautiful than a healthy, natural hair anyway!

If you’ve been blessed with African hair, you can understand the beauty that comes with it as well as the hassle to keep it that way. Just like any type of hair, you must take care of it in order to prevent damage and embarrassing bad hair days that can follow.

It’s a woman’s pride and joy; once it’s damaged, it’ll take some time to restore it to its once former glory. Don’t make the mistake of seeking short-term beauty improvements only to end up with long-term hair damage.

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