8 Tips to Fix Greasy Hair In a Flash

If you’re still struggling with greasy hair, it’s time to make a change. Check out our 8 awesome tips to learn how to fix greasy hair in a flash!

We’d like to believe that our hair always looks as perfect as it does in the conditioner commercials, but the fact is everything from the weather to a sweaty workout can transform even the most gorgeous locks into a limp and greasy mess. Whether you’re genetically prone to oily hair (we feel you, sister!) or you just want to know how to last even longer between washes, take a look at our top 8 tricks to stop greasy hair in its tracks.

Quick Fixes For Greasy Hair

It doesn’t matter whether you have dry, oily or combination hair – none of us are totally immune from the occasional mortifying grease slick. Make sure you’re prepared with these quick fixes for greasy hair when you’re out and about.

#1 Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a must have for girls on the go. Even if you don’t routinely suffer from oily hair, an intense workout or even THAT time of the month can wreak unexpected havoc on your hair. Make sure you’re prepared at all times by keeping a bottle of dry shampoo in your handbag. Whenever your locks start to look limp, just spritz a little dry shampoo onto your roots from approximately 30 centimetres away – don’t overdo it or you’ll weigh down your hair. Brush the product carefully through your hair and voilá – the oil is gone. Some dry shampoos even come in different scents to help with that fresh feeling!

#2 Powder


If you’re checking your hair between classes or meetings and find you’re faced with an oily messy, don’t panic. If you haven’t got your trusty dry shampoo stashed away in your bag, you can substitute it for baby powder, face powder or even generic talc. This will temporarily blot out the oil, but be sure to brush the powder in completely or you’ll get a few odd looks!

#3 Paper Towels

What if you’ve just come off the dance floor only to catch sight of your greasy hair in the club mirror? If you’re travelling light and don’t have any powder or dry shampoo on you, there is one other option: Paper towels. Just grab a few from the restroom and use them to blot the oil from the greasiest parts of your scalp and tresses. If you’ve got thick hair, section it off into four to six different parts first, then place a paper towel beneath each layer of hair like you would a highlighting foil. Use a second towel to press down against each section to absorb the oil. It’s not a long-lasting or elegant solution, but it’ll definitely work in a jam!

Long-term Fixes For Greasy Hair

Short term fixes for greasy hair are great in a pinch, but we’ve also got some awesome tips for how to stop greasy hair for good.

#1 Stop Over-Washing Your Hair


When you’ve got oily or greasy hair, you should wash it every day, right? Wrong! Believe it or not, over-washing your hair can actually cause it to produce more oil to compensate for the natural oils you strip away. At most, you should be washing your hair every other day. If it starts to look limp by day two, refresh it with your dry shampoo.

#2 Don’t Condition Your Roots

Do you despair over your oily roots and dry ends? Instead of applying conditioner all over your hair, just apply it to the bottom 3/4ths. This will let your drier ends soak up all the product they need to look lush without drowning your already oily roots. This simple fix will make a world of difference when it comes to how long your luscious locks can go between washes.

#3 Wash Thoroughly

When we’re in a rush, sometimes we don’t take the time to wash out our shampoo or condition properly. If you’ve ever washed your hair only to find a whole section still has that wet look a day later, the chances are, you didn’t wash out the products thoroughly enough. Spend a minimum of 45 seconds rinsing your hair after both shampoo and conditioner. Where possible, also try to rinse your hair in cool or lukewarm water, as hot water can stimulate the sebum glands and create excess oil, while cool water closes the cuticles for sleeker looking hair.

#4 Use Clarifying Shampoo

Even if you do take the time to wash your shampoo and conditioner out meticulously, some products can still leave nasty residue that’ll weigh down your hair over time. Get rid of all the built up oil and grease by giving your hair a clarifying shampoo treatment twice at least twice a month.

#5 Keep Your Hands Off


Finally, try to keep your hands out of your hair. Almost all of us are guilty of playing with our hair, whether we’re just bored or sitting opposite the hottie we desperately want to ask out. However, the more that you touch or brush your hair throughout the day, the more oil it will produce. To have less greasy hair, just don’t touch it!

And there you have it, ladies. If you’re still suffering from oily hair, just adopt these 8 quick and easy fixes to stop greasy hair in its tracks.

What’s your best tip for banishing oily hair?

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