Top 10 Summer 2014 Hairstyles to Make You Look Chic and Stylish

Getting ready for those hot summer days relaxing by the beach? Don't even think about welcoming the summer season without checking out these hot hairstyles you SHOULD be rocking this summer 2014!

Hot sunny days and warm summer nights can only mean one thing: trips to the pool in our favorite bikinis and bonfires on the beach. And while you wouldn’t strut into your friend’s parties without rocking the latest trends, you wouldn’t want to leave your hair a stylish mishap either. Check out this summer’s hottest hairstyle trends from simple waves to gorgeous updos!

#1 Mermaid Waves


Mermaid waves are an absolute must for summer 2014. These gorgeous, natural looking waves make you look like you’ve just washed up onto the shore, giving you that real ‘beachy’ look. Why wouldn’t it be a huge hit for the summertime? To achieve this style (if you weren’t blessed with naturally messy waves) you may use a hair crimper or curler.

#2 Bedhead


You know those days where you woke up, rolled out of bed, and wished you could just leave the house with your messy bedhead? Well we’re definitely in luck this upcoming summer season! The bedhead messy hair look is one of the top summer hairstyles for 2014 and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Throw out your brushes and rock that enticing bedhead ‘do!

#3 Buns

Buns are, undoubtedly, one of the hottest hair trends of 2014. You can switch up the look any way you please- as long as you’re sporting some type of bun hairstyle, you’ll surely be in style. Try a cute topknot bun, an adorable and feminine ballet bun, or switch it up with a loose and elegant side bun. Leave some hair loose for a messier look or add braids leading back to your bun for a really trendy style.

#4 Greaser

Slicked back hairstyles are totally in season this summer 2014, which is great for those of us who like mess-free styling. All that’s needed to achieve this look is a generous amount of gel to slick down your locks. And when we say slick down your locks, we mean it- really gel down that style so your hair shimmers and appears wet, like you’ve just stepped out from the pool.

#5 Serious Side Parts


We all know how incredibly popular side bangs are. But while most of us usually part our bangs and not the rest of our hair, this year it’s time to take it all the way back. Don’t be afraid to part your hair practically on the side of your head. That’s where it should be. This hairstyle is totally hot and gives you that rugged and sassy look that works well with leather jackets and red lipstick.

#6 Pixie Haircuts


Runner-up to the immensely popular bun hairstyle is the pixie cut. Pixies are seriously trendy this year, and if you’ve never felt bold enough in the past to chop your locks, we greatly suggest you to give it a try. You can cut it short with layers for a longer, messy pixie, or buzz cut it incredibly short for the ‘boy’ look that’s also really stylish this summer. Dress your pixie up with some bleach and hair accessories for an on-trend style that rocks.

#7 Braids

Braids. We seriously CAN’T get enough of them! It seems like braids are popping out every which way, from adorable front braids to fishtail braids, milkmaid braids to braided buns. There is really endless possibilities and styles when it comes to braids, and their supreme femininity and elegance make them casual enough for trips to the park and classy enough for Red Carpet events. Not to mention they are pretty easy to put together yet appear so complicated and dimensional. Read our tips on 2014’s best braided hairstyles.

#8 Sporty Chic


Finally- the tomboy look is acceptable- and extremely popular- for summer 2014. (We know some of your ladies out there let out a sigh of relief and excitement!). Feel free to walk out of the gym and leave your hair in that cute low ponytail for the rest of the day- totally carefree, mind you!

#9 Bobs

If you’re not feeling daring enough to go for the full-on pixie haircut, we suggest trying a bob instead. It’s longer than a pixie yet still gives you that short and funky haircut that is totally hot this year.

#10 Ombre Hair Color


You’ve probably seen it everywhere: the ombre hair color. This incredibly trendy style combines to shades of color to the hair, usually light on the top and dark on the bottom. This hair color trend was seen in 2013, but there is really no end in sight for this style. Go simple with a light blonde, dark blonde combo or try a more risky look with platinum blonde leading to bright pink. There’s really an endless number of color combinations and you’ll love the uniqueness of this hair color trend.

There you have it! From simple low ponytails to fishtail braids, pixie cuts to edged bobs, summer’s full of exciting and stylish hairstyles that we can’t wait to try. What’s your favorite hairstyle for summer 2014? 

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