Balayage – The Most Popular Hair Trend In 2016

Balayage has been making its way across the women and has become the most popular hair trend this year. Read on to find out why you should try it as well!

Hairstyles change over time. In the past years, it’s everywhere from dark and pin straight to blonde and voluminous. Ombre made its way through the trend and has slowly died out, only to be replaced by balayage.

Many people have a difficult time differentiating ombre from balayage, but it’s not too complicated. Ombre is a more drastic change from a person’s natural hair color straight into a light blonde, or whatever color people choose.

1. It’s universal


There is not a woman I know who would look bad having this hairstyle. It’s not too drastic of a change because only half of the hair is really being changed.

So many women have it but can make it have their own little twist to make it different from the other. Even if people have the same shades, they can make it look completely different from one another.

It’s popular, but it’s not a hairstyle that will be drawn out or overdone. Not everyone has it right now, and that’s something that can make it new and exciting now, even if the trend isn’t new.

2. It’s not chunky

Unlike ombre, balayage doesn’t look chunky with people’s hair. Ombre is done by having a set point to where the hair is going to change colors. The way the dye is applied with balayage is different than the application of an ombre.

With a balayage, the hair stylist will apply the dye horizontally across hair, by smaller pieces, rather than applying it vertically. Applying the dye this way ensures a more natural looking difference between light and dark hair.

3. It’s not as harmful to your hair


It doesn’t require nearly as much bleach as an ombre would or just completely bleaching your hair. Balayage is supposed to look as natural as possible, so your stylist should ensure that it does not drastically change from your natural hair color to a lighter shade.

4. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance

Since you’re not adding color to your roots, it does not require as much work (or money) as any other dye job would include. Usually, when you dye your hair regularly, you see your roots pretty quickly and feel the need to go back just so your roots match the rest of your hair. It requires a lot of time and effort to keep up with hair like this, no matter what color it is. Roots are the devil.

With balayage, you never have to worry about your roots because there is nothing being done to them. All of the work was done at the ends of your hair, so you don’t need to constantly go back in for touch ups unless you’re getting your ends chopped off because of the damage from bleach.

5. It’s not all-or-nothing


As I’ve been saying, the best part of this is that you’re not dying your entire head of hair (unless you want to. If then, go for it). So if you’re worried about having too much of a commitment or you don’t want to change the color of your hair, then this is the perfect way to go.

You don’t have to worry about not liking it anymore because it’s not your entire head. If you really don’t like it anymore, you could easily either chop off the lightened ends or you can dye them back to your natural hair color. It’s all simple and easy.

6. It’s timeless

This isn’t a hair fad that will be “out” in a couple of months, Celebrities and people alike have been doing this to their hair for years now, just without all of the hype about the one hair style. It doesn’t have to be dramatic, going from dark brown to platinum blonde, either.

It can be as drastic or subtle as you’d like it to be. There are no expectations about how it should turn out because it’s always going to be different depending on people’s preferences about their hair.

7. It looks good even if it’s not done


Thanks to balayage, you can be lazy and do nothing to your hair in the morning, yet have it still look amazing. A great thing about this hair trend is that there is no “certain” way it’s supposed to be.

It can be curled, straight, frizzy, whatever you name it. There isn’t one hair style that makes it look better or worse. It can easily spruce up an outfit (or lazy day) just because the color makes it look like it was supposed to be whichever way it looks like.

8. You can have it in any season

It’s not one of those “blonde is for summer, brown is for winter” things because it really is the best of both worlds. Since it combines two different colors, no one can tell you that you are out of season.

It won’t wash you out, no matter what your skin tone is. If you’re tanner in the summer or more pale in the winter, it will still look amazing. You can either dress it up for the winter holidays or dress it down for the summer pool parties. It’s very versatile.

9. It’s something new


We all get to that point where we are tired of what our hair looks like, even if we are in love with the style or color. It’s just what happens. We either get bored or need a sudden change after something (eh hem, a breakup?) happens.

It makes you feel like a whole new, exciting person because of the risks you take. It’s the perfect “new” thing in your life because it’s not so drastic like chopping all of your hair off or going from one extreme to another. It’s just right and it’s always beautiful.

Balayage is the perfect hair trend because of how versatile it is for everyone. You don’t have to have a certain “look” to be able to pull it off. It is definitely the best hair trend of 2016, and hopefully well into 2017.

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