All Natural: 5 Best Essential Oils For Stunning Hair

Hair feeling brittle or looking dull? Try these all-natural essential hair oils that will improve hair conditions in a matter of just a few uses.

We’re all seeking one common goal when it comes to hair: Beautiful, luscious, stunning hair that is full of body, free of frizz and dryness, and to put it plainly – perfect. But with each of us having such different hair types (and with them, their own set of difficulties), how can we achieve the best hair possible? When it comes to perfect hair, there’s really only one person to look to: Mother Nature.

So why choose all-natural essential oils for hair?

The answer to that question is rather simple. With essential oils, you can rest assured you are giving your hair the best of the best. No added ingredients or preservatives, just all natural goodness that your hair will absorb and love.

This list of 5 best essential oils for hair have proven themselves time and time again to work wonders on locks, whether you’re struggling with dry and brittle hair that could break at any second or dandruff that just won’t quit – these oils will make your hair look stunning!

#1 Tea Tree Oil


The benefits of using tea tree oil are magnificent. There is literally so much you can do with this particular oil from treating acne to killing fungus. So why is this one of the best essential oils for perfect, silky smooth strands?

For starters, this essential oil begins by preventing bacteria and other fungal properties from growing in the hair – and, let’s just be honest, anyone could benefit from that. But if you’re struggling with lifeless, dull, and flaky hair, this next benefit is for you: Tea tree oil also has the ability to unblock and stimulate the sebaceous glands, which are really just small glands that produce oils.

With the boost in natural oil production, tea tree oil moisturizes while removing dead skin cells, leading to beautiful, rich, full-of-life locks that are well loved. Mix with other oils like peppermint and rosemary to fend off dandruff, too!

#2 Lemon Oil


Many essential oils are extremely helpful to those with dry and brittle hair, but what about those who suffer with excessively oily and greasy manes? Lemon oil is the only answer. This amazing essential oil has been used for years to treat infections and cure migraines, but is now being used to help prevent excessively oily scalps as well as dandruff. Oh, and did we mention it’s also a natural lice-killing machine? 

#3 Peppermint Oil


It’s not just the amazing scent of peppermint oil that sends everyone running to the store to pick up a batch; it’s also the amazing benefits of this particular essential oil. While it is used for many other things including soothing of the muscles and curing of headaches, it is also widely used in the hair industry as a hair growth stimulant and protector of heat damaged hair. It’s rather simple to use: Just add a few drops of peppermint oil to your shampoo or conditioner and notice an increase in hair growth and smoothness within a matter of shampoos. 

#4 Argan Oil


You’ve probably heard about Argan oil in recent news. This ‘Miracle Oil’ has surged in popularity recently, for good reason too. This powerful essential oil is undoubtedly one of the most potent and popular of the oils, with the capability of fending off heat damage while working as an intensive repair treatment for hair. Some of its amazing abilities include fighting off frizz and breakage, boosting hair growth, improving overall hair conditions for strong, luscious locks that are nowhere near dry or brittle. If you’re struggling with hair that is dry, frail, or unmanageable, Argan oil is the solution.

#5 Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is another, amazing essential hair oil that we predict will be seeing a generous rise in popularity in the upcoming years. While mainly being used in the kitchen for the last several years, women are now swearing by this sensational oil.

It’s perfect for those with oily or dry scalps, helping women to achieve the perfect balance while also giving their hair a boost in strength and shine. Oh, and did we mention that coconut oil is great for stimulating hair growth as well? Shiny, beautiful locks are only moments away with the help of coconut oil.

If you’re looking for an all-natural way to get stunningly gorgeous hair, stop looking for an answer – these 5 are, without a doubt, the best essential oils for hair you can find. You can also mix and match these hair oils (and other oils including lavender, rosemary, thyme, and sage) for an even greater boost in elasticity, smoothness, strength, and shine.

What’s your favorite all-natural essential oil for hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Hello. I want to say that I tried many o the mentioned essential oil and home remedies including honey, eggs,mayonnaise, banana, however they all made my hair feels even dryer. Any advice ??

  • Please do not confuse carrier oils (coconut, aragon) with essential oils. Their use and effects are completely different. Essential Oils and their use should be studied before used as they can cause harm.

  • I tend to use baby oil in my hair, it tends not to get so greasy. If you want use olive oil in your hair you can mix it with baby oil that also works well. If your hair is dry and knotted a tip is to use baby oil so you avoid breaking your hair. The nice thing about it is that it washes out easily.