Blondes! 5 Must Know Tips For Flawless Locks

Going blonde but worried about keeping your locks looking good as new? We’ve got 5 must know tips for maintaining bleached blonde hair!

It’s no secret: Bleached blonde hair is incredibly in style and it looks marvelous on almost any woman, but it requires quite a bit of care. To keep your vibrant mane looking light and gorgeous while avoiding hair that is worn out, dried up, or brassy, you need to follow these simple 5 tips for flawless locks you can proudly wear all year long.

#1 Go Easy On The Heat


This probably goes without saying, but bleaching your hair blonde puts a lot of damage on your mane. Therefore, excessive heat can make your hair feel dry and frizzy. To avoid further damage and possibly even breakage, you want to stay away from heated styling products as much as possible.

But wait. I know a lot of you are probably saying, “That’s impossible! I need my straightener.” And I hear you loud and clear. If you need to use styling products like straighteners, blow dryers, or curling irons, try to use the least amount of heat possible and apply product before using your styling equipment that will protect your locks from heat damage.

#2 Apply Product


Before you got your hair bleached, you could have settled for a simple shampoo. But now that your hair is bright and beautiful, you’re going to have to amp up your shower routine a notch. As I said before, bleach is very damaging to your hair, so you have to take proper steps to take care of it.

One easy way to keep your hair feeling soft and smooth while resisting breakage is to apply the right products. Buy a moisturizing shampoo and always, always, always use conditioner! Use a conditioner in the shower, a leave-in conditioner, or a hair mask to give your hair the extra boost of moisture it needs and deserves.

#3 Take It Easy On The Showers

Forget what your mother told you. When it comes to bleach blonde hair, you don’t need to shower every single day. In fact, it’s best if you wait a day or two (sometimes even three) days in between showers.

This gives your hair a chance to rest and absorb some of the natural moisture before being stripped of its naturalness from shampoos and hot water. When you do finally take your shower, try not to use water that is too hot either. Warm (or better yet cold) water will do wonders for your hair, which really doesn’t need to be attacked with more heat!

#4 Special Shampoos are a Must


Want to keep your locks looking as golden and bright as the day you got them professionally done? Then I have two words for you: Special shampoos.

You should be using a purple shampoo (which is a special shampoo for blonde hair typically found in beauty shops) to keep away from the ‘brassy’ appearance that tends to appear a few weeks after bleaching.

You should also consider using a toning shampoo to make sure those perfectly bright tresses are in check. Remember only to use the purple shampoo once a week, and the toner once or twice a week. There’s really no need to go overboard as this amount will ensure the color keeps well after the bleaching is done.

#5 Cut It Out!


After many bleach sessions, you might find that the ends of your hair are frayed, dried, and distressed. To put it bluntly: They just don’t look good.

If you want beautiful, thick hair that is full, bouncy and free of dryness, get your hair cut often.

It doesn’t have to be anything drastic and you don’t have to change your look. Just get an inch or two cut off the bottom and you’ll be able to see the beautiful results that come from it.

Whether you have golden blonde hair, honey blonde, ombre or platinum, you need to take special precautions to make sure your hair looks fabulous.

Make sure you have the right products (conditioners, purple shampoo, moisturizers and toners), don’t apply too much heat, and get your hair trimmed often to ensure flawless locks year round.

What are some of your favorite ways to keep your blonde hair looking its best?

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