Crazy Hair Day Ideas: Inspiration to Join In on the Crazy

Life would be very boring if we didn’t have something as wacky as a day to wear the most ridiculous hairstyles imaginable. These crazy hair day ideas will help you get some inspiration.

Charity fundraisers see kids head to school or youth club for ‘crazy hair day’ with the wildest and most imaginative styles they can think up. But it doesn’t have to be just for the young ones! Why not grab some friends or organize your own adult fundraiser at your workplace and relive your youth?

This article gives a few crazy hair day ideas that will help you turn your hair from sleek and professional to wild and wacky … and have lots of fun in the process!

First of all, don’t forget that whatever you do to your hair needs to be temporary. This isn’t the time for a permanent dye or cut job that you will regret when the mood passes!

In the same way, remember those times you back combed your hair over and over again or sprayed it with some cheap hairsprays for Halloween, and it just wouldn’t brush or wash out? Go for good quality products and try for something easy to manage afterwards and regain normality pretty quickly.

But all this doesn’t mean you have to be boring either. Enjoy styling your locks with freedom and originality; just be sure not to cause any long-term damage that you might regret.

crazy hair ideas

Style it creatively

When styling your hair, put your creative hat on and think outside the box. If you opt for pigtails (your hair separated in a parting and a ponytail on either side of the head), add something extra, so make the pigtails high and sticking out lots, do three pig tails (one on either side, plus one in the middle) or add a zig-zag parting.

Add some volume to the pigtails by gently teasing the hair with a backcomb brush (be careful not to knot it).

Finish off by accessorizing with some wild and wacky hair grips and bobbles. The trick is to stand out from the crowd, it is not necessarily supposed to look pretty, demure or neat – so don’t worry if it’s not perfect, messy is good!

If you normally wear your hair in a bun, why not twist the hairstyle by placing the bun right up high on the top of your head, or two buns (one on each side) to look like Princess Leia (Star Wars).

You can put a ‘quirky’ and crazy spin on most standard hairstyles. If you like to plait your hair, go wild and plait the whole lot into small braids with fun hair ties or ribbons.

crazy buns

Color it crazy

The best thing about crazy hair day is that you can add splashes of color and glitter to your hair to finish off the look. Opt for hair sprays that are ‘one wash’ and will wash out after a single shampooing. Some great colors include blue, red, orange, purple, pink (even a combination of all of these)!

Be careful if you have bleached blonde hair, as it can sometimes be more porous and absorb colors (in other words, it may not fully wash out). Go for good quality sprays and preferably ones you have tried out in the past or have had recommended by a friend.

You can achieve that rainbow hair you have always secretly wanted, but know that it will wash off nicely at the end of the day (no permanent dye needed). Go for a very vibrant color, as sprays are often more subtle than you desire.

Check the intensity of the color by spraying it onto light colored paper to give you an idea of the shade first.

Finish off with some glitter spray or gels. You can also get some fun hair gems to dot around the hair. Sometimes, when it comes to hair – less is more. When it comes to crazy hair day – more is more!

crazy hair colors

Don’t forget about the texture

Once you have styled and colored your hair in a crazy way, finish the look with some added textures. Dig out your old heated crimpers or waving appliance, and run them through your fringe or any loose hanging hair. Alternatively, get the curling tongs and opt for tight curls. If you have any ponytails, gently back comb the hair to give it lots of volume. The bigger, the better!

crazy hair day

The finished look

You’re not quite finished. One of the most fun parts of crazy hair day is adding some bold accessories you would never dream of wearing normally – we’re talking big bows, stick-on gems, bold patterned ribbons, childish clips/grips and silly hair ties/bobbles.

Once you think you are finished, add a few more. This is that one time you can be a big kid and enjoy feeling as crazy as your hair looks. Copy a cartoon character or use your imagination.

crazy hair

You don’t necessarily have to leave the house with your hair like this (unless you want to, of course), but just experimenting and having freedom to mess around with your hair from time to time can be really good fun. Add some friends, drinks and nibbles and you have got yourself a pamper party. If you can convince some colleagues to join in and raise some funds for charity, even better.

Have you ever taken part in a crazy hair day? What look did you opt for? We would love to hear your stories in the comments section below.

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