7 Greatest Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair: Less Is More

One of the easiest ways to make your thick hair more manageable is to cut it short. This article outlines the best short hairstyles for thick hair to opt for.

Many people do everything they can to achieve those healthy, thick locks. But if you have naturally thick hair, it can be a nuisance to tame and condition. When it is heavy, it can look lifeless and dull. One way to ensure that you do not have to keep trying to flatten it down is to chop it off!

With short hair, it is much easier to maintain after washing and drying, as well as styling. You can be out of the house in the morning with limited time and effort and not have to worry about all that hair being out of control.

Here are a few short hairstyles to try if you have thick hair:

1. The edgy asymmetrical cut

The edgy asymmetrical cut

Shorter than a bob, and textured, this style is great for those with thick hair who want minimal fuss. Due to the thickness, the hairstyle will ooze natural texture, whereas those who try to copy this look with fine or thin hair find that they lack this.

The best part is, once it is washed and dried (in just a few minutes), it requires a handful of serum/gel and a fix of hair spray and can hold all day.

2. The pixie look

The pixie look


A daring but trendy look – if you are brave enough to take the scissors that bit closer to your scalp, opting for a short pixie cut can keep thick hair manageable. The shorter, the better with this style and it takes just minutes to style and finish. The trick is to head to the salon for regular trims to keep the shape and short length of this style, particularly around the nape of the neck.

3. The grown out pixie look

The pixie look

If you leave your short cropped pixie hair to grow out a little, it can look really effective and feminine. This look is great for those with thick hair who are not quite keen on super short hair. The grown our length can mean you can add waves or loose curls to the hair.

4. One sided

one sided

Start out with a short hairstyle, then cut one side super short and leave some length on the other side (with a side parting). Some people even choose to shave one side (but this is pretty daring if you are new to short hair).

The side that is extra short will need little to no TLC, whereas the side with the extra hair might need some straightening irons running through it to keep it looking smooth, as well as the occasional trim and layers to thin it out. This look can be an edgy and fashionable twist on a regular short hair style.

5. Layered


One of the best ways to thin out thick hair in a short hairstyle, such as a sleek bob, is to cut layers into it. This takes out some of the heaviness of the hair, making it easy to style and easier to keep looking good once you have left the salon and are left to dry it yourself.

6. Long fringe

long fringe short hair

A short hairstyle looks great with a long and heavy side fringe. The length and heaviness means that it will look thinner than it is. It is a great way to achieve that short hairstyle but still look girly in the process.

7. Shaped bob

shaped bob

The classic bob is great for most hair texture, but thicker hair would benefit from a shaped and structured look (i.e. shorter at the back and longer at the front). This adds weight to the front of the hair around the face, giving the illusion of finer hair.

Long and thick hair can seem wild and untamed, but keeping thick hair short and in control means that you have greater freedom to experiment with finishing the look, as well as colors and accessories. Why not set some tight curls into the hairstyle to look like a 30s pin up? Once your hair is cut short and styled, you can add spikes, waves, curls etc. and experiment.

Even though there is less of it, short hair can be really versatile – you can make it look punky with spikes and gel, or sleek and shiny depending on your mood and the occasion.

Many celebrities decide to take the chop for a change or to keep their hair in good condition (when it has been exposed to lots of hair dye and heat). Look after your short hair with deep conditioning treatments (specially formulated for thick hair types) and always spritz with heat protectant before using curling tongs or straightening irons.

Most people with short hair simply need a comb and a spot of gel and hair spray and can perfect their look in minimal time. Luckily, those with thick hair can achieve the texture and volume to pull off these looks.

Remember that short hair can highlight certain facial features. Have a chat with your stylist about which short cut works best for your face shape and ensure that you book in regularly to keep the hair in its cut style, but also to thin it out.

Do you have thick hair and have decided to go for the chop? Is your hair easier to maintain now? What styling tips do you have for others with thick and short hairstyles? Get to sharing your comments and advice below.

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