Decide What Color to Dye Your Hair in 4 Easy Steps

Making a decision to change your hair color can be really stressful. To avoid making a mistake, you need to pay attention to several things. If you’re having some troubles to make this decision – here’s how to decide what color to dye your hair in 4 easy steps.

1. Look at Your Skin Tone


If you want your hair to even slightly suit you, you need to pay attention to your skin tone. This is especially important if you’re looking to dye your hair so that it looks like it is your natural color.

You can’t dye your hair blonde if you have a very dark skin tone, you will simply look ridiculous. On the other hand, you can’t dye your hair black if your skin tone is really light, unless you’re into a vampire look.

There is a great web site that can help you see what hair color goes with your skin tone – There you can upload your photo and dye your own hair in a couple of different colors to see which one suits you best. Still, bear in mind that this is just a simulation and that you may end up looking slightly different than in those photos, but it’s a good start.

2. What is Your Natural Hair Color?

This is a very important question, especially if you’re dying your hair for the first time. It’s important both when it comes to choosing the right color and when it comes to damage you might cause to your hair.

The worst thing to do is to dye your hair blond if your natural hair color is really dark. The reason is that you will need to use really strong bleach that will damage your hair a lot. Later on, you will give a lot of money for quality hair products you’ll need to preserve your hair from the damage you caused it.

Your natural hair color can also influence the end result, especially if you’re going for a natural look. Bear in mind that if your hair is dark, you’ll need to buy a dye that is one or two shades lighter from the one you chose in order to achieve the color you want. On the other hand, for those with light hair, you’ll need to choose a darker color to achieve the desired color. All the colors that you see in the color palette are done on white hairs, and they can look a lot different on you depending on your natural color.

3. How Difficult it is to Maintain?

It’s a good idea to think about how hard it would be to maintain your new color once you dye your hair. You don’t really want to end up having to dye your hair every 3 weeks. It’s bad for your hair, your budget and it takes a lot of your time.

Red colors are the hardest to maintain. They are the ones that tend to wash out the most and the ones that tend to look really bad once your natural color roots appear. On the other hand, blonde is the color that will damage your hair the most, because of the strong bleach, but you can survive longer between two times dying. The best idea is to choose a color that is 1-2 shades darker or lighter than your natural color. That way you won’t have to dye your hair as often and it will look more natural.

4. Do You Even Like That Color?

male hairdresser

A lot of women tend to change their hair color just because a particular color is “in” this year. That is a really bad reason to dye your hair.

Before you even decide to dye your hear, make sure that you actually like the color. Don’t go blond if you don’t like blonds. Same goes for every other color. Also, don’t change your color just because someone told you you’ll look better with a different color. The decision to dye your hair should be only yours and well thought out. Only then will you get the result you are looking for.

So, which color are you dying your hair?

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  • not even sure! for about a week now ive been wanting to dye my hair darker. my natural color is dirty blonde-light brown. i am a vanilla blonde right now, it looks amazing! but its the color ive always dyed my hair. id like something new. like auburn. but with my cool-neutral skin tone, and my blue/green/ slightly grey eyes im not sure what color other than blonde that i can actually look good in. HELP!!

    • will what you can do is go to the salon and ask them for there advice and if you like the color they are showing then go for it

    • You could also go brunette. I have a very pale skin tone and bright blue eyes, and I am a brunette. But if you like auburn and want it that colour go for it! Don’t listen to what this article says and all. If you like a colour go with it, do not pass the colour just because “it won’t match you” As it’s very likely that it will match you personality.

  • I really want to dye part of my hair blue, but since I have dark brown/black hair I guess I can’t achieve blue hair? And I have some bleached tips from the previous time I had my hair dyed and my bang

    • i know how you fell i have black hair and blue is the color i want to do but i just don’t know

    • My hair is really dark, but i really wanted a blue color in my hair so i went for it ! i used a bleaching kit and my hair turned a tint lighter.. not what i was supposed to get, but oh well.. I couldn’t get my hand on another bleaching kit so i just went for the blue.. My hair turned awesome !! i used a dark color and my hair turned a nice tone of blue :) really liked it :D I used Manic Panic -After midnight blue xx

  • i still do not know i which color but the thing is that i am not going to a salon i am going to my moms friend and my mom said i need to pick out a color now so the lady can buy it so i am in a tight spot help

  • grls plz help me vit my hair highlight…as m gonna highlight fo d frst tym so m in a grt fix of hair colours….my natural hair colour is black vit alot of hairs at d tips…n hv a neutral skin tone so plz hlp me

  • I want to do an ombre on my hair. But i have dark brown hair and I want the ombre to be a caramel brown. But yet again I am only 14 and i don’t know if it is a great idea to damage my hair when I am so young. Does anyone have any thoughts on what I should do?

  • i have dirty blonde hair. i want to dye it either ombre grey to pink/purple or burgundy… not the whole head though. what do i do

  • I’m pale with black hair. I don’t feel like a vampire, I look like f*cking snow white.

  • Hi Issa, I would not recommend you dying your hair at that age. It damages your hair and the chemicals in most hair dyes (especially the one that lighten it), are usually not good for your health anyway. If you really want to lighten it like in a ombre….why dont you lighten it naturally? I know that there are a few tips and ideas about this on the internet. Like using lemon juice etc.. This will only lighten it a shade or two, but it might be all you want considering your age and the fact that you do not want to damage it?