Best Way to Color Hair at Home in 12 Simple Steps

Want to save some money on monthly basis? Try coloring your hair at home instead of going to the hair stylist. It may look hard, but it’s really not. Just follow these simple steps.

1. Make Sure Your Hair is Clean

Even though hair stylists usually dye your hair without previously washing it, that’s not really the best idea, especially if you’re using natural hair colors. Your hair needs to be clean in order for the dye to stick on the hair instead of on the dirt on the hair. Wash your hair one day before the coloring. If you’re washing and coloring the same day, make sure that your hair is completely dry before you start coloring.

2. Read the Instructions

Before you even start coloring your hair make sure you carefully read the instructions on the package. Hair dyes can differ between one another and what might have worked for your previous color, might not work for the new one. Read the instructions carefully and try to follow them thoroughly.

3. Prepare the Color

It’s best to take a small plastic bowl and a wide coloring brush. Pour the color and the hydrogen and mix them thoroughly with the brush. Make sure that you get a homogenous mixture and also make sure that you have enough of it. You might need slightly more hair color when coloring your hair on your own, especially if it’s your first time doing it.

4. Brush Your Hair

Woman brushing her hair

Before you start coloring, brush your hair thoroughly. Anything that stays tangled will get even more tangled during the coloring and furthermore, it will not color properly. Do yourself a favor and brush your hair.

5. Protect Your Skin

You know how your hair stylist always colors your forehead or your ears while coloring your hear? Well, you’ll do it too, but you can do something to protect your skin. Apply a small amount of Vaseline or any type of moisturizing cream to your forehead, your ears and along the hair line on your neck. That way, the color will not stick to your skin but to the cream you applied and it will be easier to wash away once you’re done.

6. Put the Protective Gloves on

If you don’t want to color your hands as well, make sure you put the protective gloves on. Those that come with the hair dye can be a bit big and not very user friendly, so it’s better to take surgical disposable plastic gloves.

7. Color Your Hairline First

Hair coloring

Lots of women forget about this step when coloring their hair by themselves and it is very important. If you don’t want people to notice the difference between your original color and the dye, color ½ inch of your hairline before you continue coloring your hair.

8. Color the Hair on Your Head

Before you start sectioning your hair and coloring it, first, color the hair that is on your head. Divide your hear in the middle and color at least one inch on each side. Now take a comb and divide your hair again one inch to the left and repeat. Once you reach the end of the left half of your head, return to the center and repeat everything on the right side.

9. Color The Rest of the Hair

This could be a tricky part, especially if your hair is a bit longer. It’s nice if you can ask a friend to help you with this. Divide your hair into sections and color each section individually. Don’t take too much hair at once, because you’ll only color the outer layer, while the hair that gets stuck inside will not get colored.

10. Heat the Color

Once you’re done with applying the color, you should do something to keep your head warm. The color reacts better with your hair if heated a bit. This doesn’t mean that you should heat it with a hairdryer, but it’s good to put a shower cap or a simple plastic bag on your head. Put all of the hair inside and wait for the amount of time recommended on the package. It usually takes at least 45 minutes.

11. Wash Your Hair

Woman in the shower washing her hair

The next step to coloring your hair at home is of course, to wash the excess color of your hair. Use color protection shampoo and color protection conditioner. Apply conditioner to your whole hair, head as well, even though you’re not usually doing that. The color is damaging your hair and it needs extra care now.

12. Dry Your Hair

The final step – dry your hair. It’s best to leave it to dry on its own or blow dry it on medium heat. Don’t style or flat iron the hair that has just been colored; it had enough torturing for the day. And that’s it – you’re finished. Enjoy your new color.

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  • Don’t wash your hair before the hair dye, that’s the basic of basics and you got it wrong

  • you should not clean the hair before color your hair, that way you protect the skin of your head its always better to colour your hair when your hair is not clean

  • its very easy way to use hair volour nd this is my first expirience of hair colour, thats to my hairs i have used godrej expert burgundy creme hair colour

  • Never ever dye ur hair after u wash itm that’s asking for trouble. That a basoc hair dye rule!!! Ur hair needs it’s natural oils to help protect it during the dyeing process