Hair Trend: Hot Hipster Haircuts for a Trendy New Look

Are you interested in revamping your style with a trendy new hairdo? Check out these sexy and simple hipster haircuts that are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

One of the hottest trends in hair right now is the hipster haircut. Stars like Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, and Jennifer Lawrence have all been seen recently rocking these bold styles. There are a variety of different cuts that can give you a dramatic look while having you look as hot as one of your favorite stars.

#1 The Modern Mullet


This look is a fun spin on the old-school mullet we love to hate. It is defined by shorter layers of hair in the front and longer layers of hair in the back.

Taraji P. Henson, Mandy Moore, and Rihanna have all been seen sporting this style.  This look offers lots of volume and tends to work best for those with rounder faces.

#2 The Pixie Cut


The pixie cut is a style that originated in the 60s. The term defines a variety of short layered haircuts. The standout feature of the look is close-cropped layers that frame the face and lie close on the side and back of the head. The style can also have wispy bangs or longer hair at the top of the head, depending on the desired look.

Rihanna, Halle Berry, and Michelle Williams are among many starlets who have worn the style previously and have looked great doing so. The style tends to look especially great for individuals with round and oval faces.

#3 Asymmetrical Cut


The asymmetrical cut is achieved by cutting the hair so that one side is longer than the other. This look can offset any unbalanced features and provides a lot of versatility because it can be done with both shorter and longer hair. It can also be paired with other styles such as the bob or the pixie cut.

Kate Goselin, Rihanna, and Victoria Beckham have all sported the look in the past. Those with oval faces tend to benefit most from the look as well as those people looking to camouflage facial flaws or imbalances.

#4 The Classic Bob


The bob is a style that originated in the 1920s. Technically, a bob cut is any cut that ends in a blunt line. It can be angled in any direction and can incorporate bangs, though that does not have to be included. The standout feature of the bob is a clear cut and clean line at the end of the hair.

This look is a personal favorite and the one I am proud to say I currently sport. If you are like me and the idea of cutting your hair freaks you out, you can go with a longer bob style that comes to the neck or shoulders. The bolder bunch can opt for a shorter bob look by going with a cut that reaches the chin.

Katie Holmes, Rihanna, and Jessica Alba have all been seen wearing the style. The cut is classy, chic, and is a great look for those looking for a simple transition from long to short hair.

#5 The Mohawk


When you hear the term Mohawk, I am sure your mind automatically jumps to the image of shaved sides and hair that is spiked in the center. Maybe you see hair dyed in a wild color and perhaps the person sporting the style looks like they just hopped out of a punk rock magazine.

Or perhaps that is just me who sees that, but if I am not alone in that vision I would like to ease your mind by saying that is not the Mohawk I am referencing. No, the Mohawk I have in mind is a much gentler version that is chic and sporty without being so drastic.

The look can be achieved in a variety of ways so long as you stick to the main component of the Mohawk, which are the shaved sides. Some people opt for a total shave on the sides while others just go for a close trim. However, you don’t even have to shave the sides necessarily to get the same effect.  Some people braid or twist the side and leave the hair in the middle out.

There is also a host of ways to style the hair in the middle. Long and short hair looks can include hair that is straightened, curled, or cut in a pixie style.

Rihanna and Pink have rocked this style incredibly well. Ultimately, the Mohawk cut offers the versatility for a bold personality to step out and do something extreme while still looking stylish.

Every now and then we all need to spice up our look. What better way than to start at the top with your hair. One of these sassy cuts will revamp your hair and your confidence for a look you can love for a long time. 

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