How to Give Hair Volume After Straightening: The Ultimate Guide

There is a huge difference between straight and flat hair. So we collected tested ways to add volume to your hair after straightening.

We all love to have silky smooth, glossy straightened hair. To achieve stunning results without losing volume, our team started experimenting with different techniques. We collected all the ways on how to give hair volume after straightening.

You just can’t go wrong with straight, long hair. This style instantly gives a modern, edgy vibe to any outfit, no wonder why it’s such a popular choice.

Although it seems easier than curling, avoiding the „flat” look can be tricky. Luckily, you don’t have to say goodbye to volume! There are various tricks that you can try, even with chemically straightened hair.

Before straightening…

The Right Products

How to Give Hair Volume After Straightening

Everything starts with good hair care. If you would like to have extra volume, look for the words texturizing, volumizing and high-shine. The texture is key throughout straightening, and it is easier to get the results you are looking for if your hair is ready and full of volume even before grabbing the flat iron.

Thickening and volumizing shampoos are ideal for every hair type, especially if you tend to have thin hair because these products will lift your hair up.

Prepare Your Hair

After washing and towel drying your hair, lift up the roots even more with some mousse. Hair mousse is not only good if you are looking for beachy waves or big curls. It also helps with hair volume after straightening.

Use a small (approx. pea-sized) amount and apply it straight to your wet hair from the roots to the end and brush out the excess. The mousse will leave you with texturized and soft locks, ready for straightening.

During straightening…

Extra Lift

How to Give Hair Volume After Straightening

There are various techniques that can help you maintain your hair’s volume throughout straightening, so you won’t have to struggle with flat locks after.

The first trick is to leave the roots volumized. Select small sections of your hair and start from the upper middle section down to the end of your locks. With this tip, instead of harshly pulling down the hair, you will straighten without flattening your hair too much.

Be Gentle

Don’t try to pull your hair too hard down while straightening…instead, lift from the scalp. Although it can be tempting because it looks the most effective straightening way, you don’t have to fry your hair to get that needle straight result.

Being too harsh can also damage your hair more, and if you are pulling down too hard or hold on to the straightener too hard, no heat-protection spray will be able to save your locks.

Say Goodbye To Oils!

I know, we all want to bath our hair in luxurious, shine and gloss oils (especially after straightening). It can weigh the hair down, though. If you decide to apply a bit, use the tiniest amount to the end of your hair, but leave the roots alone.

As an alternative to shine oils, apply a light texturizing finishing spray to your hair during straightening. Let it do its job. Besides giving your hair the same glossy effect, it will hold the straight locks throughout the day as well. You can also replace hair spray with that.

Hair Volume at Roots- Extra Tips

Use volume powder to dust. While being in a little bottle, volume powders are really powerful. The powder is finely milled and once absorbed, it has a slightly tacky texture which holds the root of the hair up for more volume. The main component of this powder, silica silylate creates more texture and allowing the root to stay lifted when applied.

Foe better results, utilize rollers, use lotion to strengthen your roots and dry your hair upside-down. We’ve got 5 different tricks on how to give hair volume at roots,  All of these tricks are super simple and they’ll boost your hair volume after straightening.

After straightening


 The Ultimate Guide For Volume After Straightening

One of the golden rules are never leaving the house without using hairspray, but it’s time to break the rules a bit. Applying hairspray to flat ironed hair can easily make it look greasy and sticky. It can weigh your hair down, so we recommend using a very light hand with it.

Only spray the smallest amount and make sure to comb it out precisely. Another option is switching it up with a texturizing finishing spray (also mentioned as an alternative to shine oils).

Tease it!

Volume After Straightening

The most popular remedy for flat hair is teasing, but instead of going too overboard with it, rely on a reinvented, gentle teasing technique.

Once you are finished and your hair is straight as can be, turn your head upside down. Separate small sections of hair towards the end of your scalp and start combing from the middle all the way up to the roots.

Chemically Straightened?

hair volume

You decided to go for a permanent straightening to say goodbye to frizzy hair and welcome smooth, silky and straight locks for a longer time. Whether you experimented at home with a DIY 7-day straightening treatment or went to the salon for a permanent chemical treatment, you can still add a voluminous finish to your hair.

It might be a bit more difficult and but don’t worry – the key is to treat your hair (and especially roots) with a lifting spray and try to avoid oils as they will only make your hair flatter. Besides the extra lifting spray, blow drying upside down and extra volume shampoo will also become your hair’s best friends.

Getting straight and voluminous hair isn’t an impossible mission at all! If you take care of your hair before, during and after straightening with a few products and ou super easy tips, you can say goodbye to the flat, oily look that is usually associated with straight hair.

Even if you have generally curly hair, don’t be afraid to experiment with having straight hair, because besides looking super chic, it also frames and emphasizes the face beautifully.

This type of hair is dry by nature, and it’s hard to keep it soft and moisturized. So, if you change your mind and still want to keep it curly, here you go  a few basic tips on maintaining curly hair.

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