Prom Hairstyles 2015: When Beauty Met Modern

Looking for a flirty, modern, elegant look for your prom? Check out this list of 5 of the best prom hairstyles 2015 has to offer, ideas and how to's!

For most girls, prom is a big deal; it’s almost the equivalent of getting married! Everything must be perfect as well as beautiful for this big day! First, of course, you need to find your dream dress, have a fitting, get it altered, have nightmares of it not fitting, and then have another fitting to see that it’s, of course, perfect.

Also, there’s finding a date, the right shoes, jewelry, makeup and then the greatest stressor of them all! What hairstyle will go best with this dress that also suits me? For years, girls have been re-creating the same classic prom-styles, I being one of them. Well I’m here to help and show you the top 5 prom hairstyles 2015 has to offer.

1. A half-up bow with crimped curls

A half-up bow with crimped curls

This exotic, modern day twist on ‘Cinderella meets the twenty-first century,’ is absolutely classic, elegant, with a little bit of flair to it. With these sensational curls as well as adorable hair pieced bow, what’s not to love about this look? Recently there have been many videos explaining how to create this timeless piece, and I’m here to break it down for you.

How to copy this look:

You will need a curling iron/curling wand, or aluminum foil and a straightening iron, 6 bobby pins, elastic band, hair spray.

A half-up bow with crimped curls

First step; curling your hair!

Now, curling your hair is easy. If you have a regular sized curling iron, just section off your hair into small sections, curl it and hold it for twenty-thirty seconds depending on how hot your iron heats up. If you have a wand, be sure to section off your hair into larger sections, and hold the iron in place for fifteen to twenty seconds.

If you do not have access to a curling iron, a newly found trick has been spreading around lately! All you need is aluminum foil (tin foil) and a straightening iron. Section your hair again, this time into medium sized sections. Wrap the hair around your fingers, hold it, and place into tin foil. Do this step around your whole head.

Then take the straightening iron, make sure it’s hot, and squeeze the tin foil in between the straightening iron for fifteen to twenty seconds. Be sure to do this to every single section! Wait around five to ten minutes, and once it’s finished, begin pulling the tin foil off your hair. You should have beautiful loose curls by the end of this!

A half-up bow with crimped curls

Second step; creating the bow

First, take a section of your hair from the left and right side, combine them together, and then begin to tie them together with an elastic band. Make sure that the sections you pulled are not too thick; you don’t want to make it harder to recreate.

Second, tie your hair with the holder once, and the second time, only tie your hair half way, almost like a small bun or a loop. Third, take the middle section of that mini bun and begin to pull a little bit.

Once you begin to separate this section, take two thumbs, place them now between the left and right section and begin to spread out the sides with your middle or index finger. Then take a bobby pin and pin the now spread out right side of you hair from the bottom up, then take another bobby and do it from the top down.

Repeat these steps for the left side. Next, take a little more than half of the remaining hair and lift it over the bow. Once you bring the hair to the top of the bow begin to open up a little section in the elastic band and push it through, then, you want to slowly and carefully pull it through the other side of the holder.

Finally, once you pull the hair through the mini-bun, you want to insert a bobby pin through the top half of the mini bun then again through the bottom half, and spray hairspray all around your hair to help keep the curls intact…

How to video:

2. Elsa’s hair:

Elsa’s hair

Although Elsa is popular among children, she has also touched the hearts of the children inside many teens as well as adults. What is it that is so captivating about Elsa? Is it her wit? Her self-awareness? Her beautiful voice? Her taste in fashion? Or is it her to die for locks that we just can’t stop looking at? Either way, her re-created hair will be a shoe in to go with any dress!

How to recreate the look (This is the easiest way possible!):

All that you will need is some elastic bands.

Elsa’s hair

First, you are going to want to curl your hair because this hairstyle is meant for those with curly/wavy hair. Now, what you want to do is take a section from the left and the right side from the top of your head, and tie them together with a small elastic hair band. Then, you want to bring the hair that’s in the elastic band over the band itself twice.

Be sure to tug on the sides of the twist you have now created. Next, take two thicker strands of hair from the two sides again and create another tiny ponytail right under the first section we created. Repeat previous steps.

You want to be sure to have as many sections as possible, one under the other, up until there is only a little bit of remaining hair. You will then have the recreation of Elsa’s fun braided hair.

Youtube tutorial video:

3. A timeless classic

A timeless classic

This beautiful, modern day look is great for any prom or occasion! What makes this piece so timeless is its simplicity and elegance upon looking at it. It’s easy to re-create, and leaves you looking classy every time.

How to recreate this look:

You will need a broach, curling iron/wand/tin foil and straightening iron.

prom hairstyle

To start off this look, what you need to do is part your hair; it’s your decision whether you want it parted to the left or to the right. Now remember, you don’t need to part it all through, only the front half of your head, and you can leave the rest down the middle.

What you want to do is begin to curl your hair, starting with the side that has less hair and won’t be over your face, but pinned back with the broche. Make thick curls, and once you have done this, repeat the steps on the other side of your hair, except this time, curl your hair in thick curls, but all the way up to the top of your head near your part.

Finally, pick out any hair broach you want and clip into the side where the hair is only curled at the bottom. You will have this timeless classic!

4. Waterfall braid with a twist

Waterfall braid with a twist

This teenage favorite has become very popular over the past two years and it continues to be a prom fad! With its detail in the braiding and hair beautifully dropping through this braid, creating the illusion of a waterfall, it leaves us with only one thought; show me how!

How to recreate this look:

You will need bobby pins or elastic bands.

Waterfall braid with a twist

First, part your hair; it’s your pick on which side. You will take the front section (normally where your bangs would be) of your hair, and begin to separate it into three sections. Start with taking the left section, place it over the middle section, then the right section over the middle section.

Then take another strand of hair from the top of the head and combine it with the left section, almost beginning a French braid, and place it over the middle. Then you are going to drop the right section and just let it fall. Once you have dropped that section, replace it with another section next to it with the same amount of hair. Repeat the steps.

You can either go half way around the head or do the entire head. When you decide to stop, however, either pin or use the elastic band to keep it in place. Finally, curl the hair at the bottom.

5. The messy-curly bun

The messy-curly bun

Over the years, many teens have recreated the beauty of the bun. However, what has really been trending lately is the messy bun! With its fun, flirty curls and elegance when tied back, it’s a sight to be remembered at your prom!

How to recreate this look:

You will need a curling iron/wand/tin foil and straightening iron, hair tie, bobby pins.

The messy-curly bun

Start off by curling your hair. Then, put your hair into a tight ponytail on the back of your head, while leaving out two strands at the front of your face. Now, split your ponytail into two sections. Take one section and hold it back, while wrapping the other section around it. Once you wrap that section all the way around the other, take a few bobby pins and pin it down.

Then take the remaining section and split that into another two sections. Wrap one of those sections behind the bun you already created. Repeat the steps. Finally, for the remaining hair that you have, what I would suggest is splitting it into another two sections and wrapping them both around the bun. Pin it. And then you have your messy bun!

These top five looks are excellent for making you look absolutely gorgeous in time for your prom! With the short explanations as well as how to videos to look through, recreating these looks should be fairly easy. Now you should have all of your basic elements covered in time for your special day!

All that’s left for you to do now is get a limo, drive your parents crazy, take pictures, dance all night, and above all, don’t drink the punch.

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