How to Get a Perfect Self-Tan

The trending topic recently has been getting a tan without the damaging rays of the sun. With so many new ways to build a beautiful glowing skin tone, minus the hassle or holiday, you’ll have plenty of options.

We can’t all go to Bali or sit endlessly by the pool, but that doesn’t mean we have to look that way too. Fool everyone this summer by looking golden and gorgeous, they’ll never know the difference, keep reading to find out how.

Before you start any of the following procedures make sure you prep your skin well. Exfoliate and shave/wax your skin before applying any of the products to ensure they go on evenly and stay longer. Now that you’re ready to allow the formulas to penetrate your skin, here’s how to get yourself bronzed.

1. Gradual Tan

If you have some time before your desired results then going for this option will be great for you. Using a moisturizer that slowly builds your tan will allow you to apply without trouble on a day-to-day basis until you’ve reached the color you are comfortable with. You’ll notice results after just one week, which is a good way to fool your friends!

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2. Spray It On

For those that want a one off tan, here is a good choice for you, a spray tanner. Choose your shade with these healthy looking bronzy colors. Ranging from wash off to semi permanent, you can keep your skin looking sun kissed for up to a week. What you’ll love about these products is the hands free application. Spray away ladies!

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3. Rub It In

Woman hands and cosmetics products

Another instant results option is a self tanner lotion. Leaving skin soft and golden, you can get the results you’re looking for with just one application. Applying more layers will deepen your tan allowing you to self modify the color you want!

Just be sure to rub it in well and allow it to be absorbed into your skin before putting clothes on to avoid staining it. I recommend purchasing a pair of gloves if you choose this method to reduce the color on your palms.

Also stay away from white fabric to reduce staining right after application. A simple method for quick results, this will come on relatively easily and will wash off in the shower, perfect for a quick-fix glow before a night out!

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You’ve read it, now decide whether you want to look like you’ve just arrived from the Bahamas or simply ventured out to the pool-side, find the perfect one for you and you’ll be looking golden before you know it.

There’s no need to worry if you’re trying to shy away from the sun with these tips you will have them all fooled! Why not give us your favorite self-tanning products we would love to try them out too!


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