How To Grow Luscious Eyelashes Naturally

I’m sure every woman knows all too well that the way to lure in the man you’ve been eyeing from across the room is by batting your eyelashes! The problem comes in when you barely have any eyelashes to bat…

By rubbing your eyes excessively, wearing fake eyelashes, sleeping on your stomach, accentuating your eyes with mascara or even pulling on your lashes without realizing it, you’re damaging those precious little follicles that allow you to grow those fine lashes at a relatively slow pace.

Before you panic and reach for the fake ones that may have caused you to lose a few extra hairs in the first place, rest assure there are natural ways to grow your beautiful eyelashes without breaking the of the next available man. Here’s how.

1. Eyelid massage

girl massaging her eyes

Massaging your eyelids increases circulation, which increases the blood flow to the skin’s surface, nourishing the hair follicles. Massage gently in circular motions.

You can even do the same to your scalp if you’re struggling with thinning hair. Every woman loves a full head of hair!

2. Castor oil

Castor oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which does wonders for your hair and eyebrows. Using a cotton pad, apply castor oil from the roots of your eyelashes to the tips a few times a week.

It’s a really great secret for healthier lashes without having to pay a lot of money for medication that may be harmful to you in ways you’re not even aware of.

3. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is not only an amazing element to take internally, but you can apply vitamin E to your lashes by breaking open a capsule and applying the content directly to the lashes.

Avoid getting it in your eyes though. If you do, rinse thoroughly and try again.

4. Aloe Vera

Apply Aloe Vera gel to your lashes before bed by using a clean mascara wand. Aloe Vera has amazing healing properties for various reasons.

While you’re at it, you can even enjoy a refreshing glass of the same Aloe Vera juice to cleanse excessive toxins you may have internally.

Usually what happens internally is reflected in your exterior.

5. Green tea

young pretty brunette drinking green tea

The caffeine and flavonoids found in green tea encourage new and existing hair growth. Soak the tea bag in hot water, let it cool and rub the tea on your eyelashes using cotton wool.

Green tea is very mild, and can be consumed on a daily basis for a healthier lifestyle.

6. Healthy diet

Ensuring you receive enough nutrients by eating a healthy balanced diet will not only encourage healthy hair growth on your head and eyelashes, but it will also ensure healthy skin, which in turn is the foundation for healthy hair.

Always remember that your diet is the foundation for ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

7. Makeup removal

girl removes makeup

Makeup in general isn’t something that should be worn on a daily basis. Depending on the type of makeup, it tends to block your pores.

The longer your eyelashes are free from makeup, the healthier they’ll be and the faster they’ll grow. Always remove your makeup before bed.

If possible, give your eyelashes a break from mascara for a while and see the amazing effects it has on the hair growth.

8. Stop picking

If you do nothing else, stop touching your eyelashes; it’ll help tremendously! Picking at anything is never good—especially when you’re pulling out your eyelashes.

Ensure healthy lash growth by letting your eyelashes be. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

9. Good DNA

girl with long lashes

Unfortunately, some of us just have fewer eyelashes than others. It may not be anything you’re doing; perhaps you were just given other attributes.

Naturally, it would be amazing to have full eyelashes without having to use any products, but, sometimes creating an illusion is the best option you have, which is where tinting comes in….

10. Eyelash tint

You don’t have to go the chemical route in order to achieve darker, fuller eyelashes. There are natural, vegan, organic and kosher botanical ingredient options available that harm neither you nor the environment.

By adding a little definition to your lashes, you’re creating the illusion of them being fuller—even if you don’t have a single extra hair.

There are so many chemicals and prescription medication available, and we’re often pushed in that direction without the option of trying healthy, natural alternatives.

Don’t expect overnight success though. Often, natural options may take a little longer to see results. I can, however, guarantee that it’ll be a lot healthier for you and the results will last longer.

In my opinion, every woman deserves a full set of beautifully luscious eyelashes to do with whatever she wants, whether it’s for her own flaunting purposes or to attract the guy she’s had her eye on for a while.

So, the next time you see an attractive man, you can rest assured that you’ll have some amazing eyelashes to flaunt by following the above helpful tips!

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