3 Romantic Valentine’s Day Looks to Set Your Heart Alight

Whether you’re catching up with friends or spending the night with that special someone, we’ve got you covered with 3 Romantic Valentine’s Day looks to set your heart alight.

With February 14th just around the corner, it’s time to start planning an extra special look to rock this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re meeting up with a potential beau, your long-term sweetheart or just hitting the town with your gal pals, we’ve put together a list of 3 super romantic looks to get you in the mood for love.

#1 Sultry but Sweet in Soft Pink


When we think of Valentine’s Day, a delicate pink palette immediately springs to mind. For a subtle pink look that effortlessly flatters every eye colour, try this sweet, soft pink eye shadow combo. The beautiful plum colour on the outer v adds a hint of sultriness to this otherwise girly look.

Step 1: Start by priming your eyes with an eye primer to keep your shadows from creasing. Then, apply a soft, shimmery pink colour (think theBalm’s Stubborn) to the inner third of your lid.

Step 2: Select any champagne coloured eye shadow and dab it onto the center of your lid, blending it with the pink colour.

Step 3: Fill in the outer third of your eye with a cherry, brown-plum hue (try Too Faced Cherry Cordial). Blend it until it transitions smoothly into the champagne lid highlight colour.

Step 4: Using a crease brush, work a plum-esque taupe colour (something a touch lighter than Cherry Cordial, like Urban Decay’s Nooner) into your crease. Start at the outer v, so that the density of the colour decreases as you work your way inward. Sweep whatever’s left on the brush under your lower lash line, connecting the line to your outer v.

Step 5: Pick back up your shimmery, champagne coloured eye shadow on a fluffy blending brush. Sweep it back and forth just above your crease until the two colours are seamlessly blended. Add a hint of this colour to your inner corner to brighter up your eyes.

Step 6: Now, highlight your brow bone using a white or very light nude colour. Blend this with your champagne colour above the crease.

Step 7: Using a black (or brown for a softer look) eyeliner pencil, tightline your upper lid and line your waterline.

Step 8: Apply a generous coat of mascara and false lashes if you so desire.

Complete this look with a gorgeous, pearlised cherry brown coloured lip product.

#2 Foxy in Flamingo Pink


If you took one look at our first suggestion and thought ‘booooring’, Foxy in Flamingo Pink is probably right up your alley. This fierce pink look is perfect for gals who are a little more confident with makeup application and aren’t afraid of standing out for all the right reasons. Get this bold Valentine’s Day look by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Prime your eyes with your favourite eye primer to keep your eye shadow from fading and creasing throughout the day. Then, pick up a flamingo pink eye shadow (Like Kat Von D’s Placebo) and pat it all over your lid. Optional: Make the center of your lid shimmer by dabbing it with a shimmery, pastel pink highlight.

Step 2: Apply a matte, dark brown colour ( think Too Faced Triple Fudge) to your outer v. Drag the colour gradually inwards, sweeping it across your crease until it fades out. This should give definition to your lid without overpowering the pink eye shadow. Apply a thin line of this colour just beneath your lower lash line, linking it up with the outer v.

Step 3: Using a matte white or light champagne eye shadow, highlight your brow bone. Switching to a fluffy blending brush, use the same shade to buff out any harsh edges left by the dark brown outer v and crease colour.

Step 4: With your favourite liquid eyeliner or eyeliner pen in black, line your upper lid. Extend the line outwards into a wing or cat eye shape. If you have trouble with this step, you can use a piece of sticky tape to help you create the perfect sharp angle.

Step 5: Switch to an eyeliner pencil and line your waterline. Then, get out a glittery, pink liquid liner ( NYX Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Pink is a good, budget) and use it to highlight your tear duct and the inner corner of your eye for a hint of bling.

Step 6: Apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes. Using a zig-zagging motion will keep your lashes from clumping together. If so desired, you can also apply false lashes.

Finish this beautiful flamingo pink look with a touch of shimmery pink gloss.

#3 Playful in Purple


For a bold and playful Valentine’s Day look that’s perfect for dates after dark, try out this breathtaking purple and plum combo.

Step 1: Prime your lids to ensure you’ll get maximum wear and colour pay off from your eyeshadows. Then, apply a shimmery boysenberry colour (like Urban Decay’s Junkshow) to the inner two thirds of your lid.

Step 2: Apply an intense, dark plum colour (try Fig.1 by MAC) to your outer v and along your lower lashline (skip the inner corner and highlight that with your boysenberry shade).

Step 3: Take the same dark plum colour and work it into your crease. Then, switching to a fluffy blending brush, blend the colour outward to create a winged shape from your outer corner.  Keep blending until you’ve achieved soft edges. If necessary, redarken the outer v to intensify the colour.

Step 4: Highlight your brow bone with a matte white eye shadow and open up your eyes by dabbing just a hint of the same colour onto your inner corner, near your tear ducts.

Step 5: Tightline your eyes and go over your waterline with a black eyeliner pencil.

Step 6: Apply a volumising black mascara and fake lashes if desired.

Complete this sexy look by painting your pout in a shimmery, berry coloured lip gloss.

Armed with your most gorgeous smile and one of these three simple, romantic looks, you’re sure to win some hearts this Valentine’s Day. Good luck!

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